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Hello, I'm Shreya!

I am from India. I hold a bachelor's degree in Architecture from CMR University School of Architecture, where I explored architecture through physical model making. Following my undergraduate studies, I gained valuable experience by working for a year at Design Front Architects, contributing to the execution of five residential projects. Currently, I am pursuing my Master of Architecture at MSA as a part of CPU Atelier. This has been an enriching experience, allowing me to explore innovative computational design methods and acquire proficiency in new modelling software like Rhino and Revit.

The Flag Lane Baths project is an exciting opportunity for me to immerse myself in the challenges and creativity of repurposing a historically significant building. I am eager to explore how this structure, with its rich history, can seamlessly integrate into and contribute to the community.

I am enthusiastic about the prospects of this project and eagerly anticipate the unique learning experiences it will offer.

Posted 1 Mar 2024 18:20
Second meeting with our great tutor!

We got our second meeting with our kind tutor Mr Edward Fox at the MSA building. He gave us lots of inspiration. We discussed about our further outputs which include the budget plan, the action plan, and the poster.
Posted 1 Mar 2024 16:15
Hi everyone, I’m Jing!
Adaptive Reuse

I come from China and finished my undergraduate study in XJTLU. I have interned at the city Planning Bureau and private architecture studios during the past.

I'm interested in the redesign and reuse of the site, making the abandoned site become revitalized again which is very exciting and changing the use of the site will bring a new experience to people. Our task now is to build a new pocket park on the ruins of the original building, which we hope will make a difference to the residents of Stockport!
Posted 28 Feb 2024 19:40
Name: Yu Jiajing
Studio: Architecture adaptive and reuse
Skills: Rhino, Grasshopper, Sketch UP, AutoCAD, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, V-ray
Interests: Parametric Architecture, Metaverse, Brutalism
Posted 28 Feb 2024 17:35
Hongxi Yu
MArch Year 1
Atelier: Infrastructure Space

I completed my undergraduate at Shenyang Jianzhu University (SJZU) and had a Bachelor of Architecture degree after practicing in China. I am interested in community architecture and multi-functional space design. I am looking forward to working with the Carlton Club.

Skills: AutoCAD, SketchUp, Photoshop, Indesign, Lumion, Enscape

Posted 27 Feb 2024 18:39
Exciting Developments & Next Steps..

After a productive first meeting with our supervisor, we are excited to share our next steps and the new roles for this week.

Action Plan Development:
This week Elaine & Wenjingyu are at the helm, drafting up the action plan for success!

Blog Catchup/Updates:
Maria will introduce and provide a project overview, as well as reflecting on our lessons learnt from the first tutorial. So stay tuned!

Treasurer & Ethics Application:
Being appointed budget holder, I will ensure our resources are managed wisely. Additionally, i'm starting on the Ethics Application, focusing on the Risk Assessment, Participant Information Sheet, & Consent Forms to uphold our commitment to ethical research.

There is some uncertainty around the Risk Assessment so we anticipate some guidance in our next tutorial later this week to clarify and strengthen our approach.

Although we have crit's approaching at the end of the week, we are still motivated to tackle these tasks head on! So, we invite you to follow our blog for detailed, updates, reflections, & progress we make!
Posted 26 Feb 2024 11:11
Meeting day!

Hello, I'm Keming and you can also call me Komin! I come form Guangdong province which is located in the southern China.

Actully it is not the first meeting for us but we attach particular importance to this meeting because it is the first time that we have all the people here with our collaborator Chris.

Our project is Kingdom life church. It is located in the Old trafford. We have made two times site visit before and have investigated the current site conditions and scale as well as the internal structre of the church and youth centre.

We felt very motivated because at this meeting we explored a lot of what we were going to do afterwards and how we needed to do it. Now we’ve come up with a plan, and we’ll get down to producing the work. Everyone got their own tasks. I will add blog posts each week about the work we’ve done.
Posted 22 Feb 2024 23:28
First meeeting in Stockport!

On 01/31/24, we meet our collaborator Jonathan on our site, Stockport.

Stockport is an industial town, and popular for its market now. Recently they want to develop a new city centre and attract people through cultural exhibition events, which is one of the purpose of our project.

We were guided round the town by Jonathan from new area to the old town with a culture route to learn the history of the town, visit existing culture centres and compare the atmosphere between different area. A more detail discussion about the requirement, theme of the project took place at a local cafe. Then the precedent research and initial idea were collected in the following weeks. We are all excited and looking forward to working on this project, hope there is a fantastic journey :)
Posted 19 Feb 2024 23:09
Hi! I'm Andrine.

I was originally born in Malaysia but grew up in North Wales! I completed my undergraduate degree in the University of Liverpool and worked as a Part 1 Architectural Assistant for Oxford Architects LLP in Bristol before starting my Masters at MSA as a member of PRAXXIS.

I have a passion for digital illustration and particularly love sketching people on-the-go in my small sketchbook while having coffee in cafes. Alongside art and architecture, I also love watching movies, travelling and going on long hikes with friends.

I'm thrilled to be able to contribute to the exciting project of enhancing the streetscape of Marple! Looking forward to see what we can bring to the small but charming canal town.
Posted 19 Feb 2024 22:09
Meeting with collaborators from In-Situ in Nelson town centre on 05/02/24.

Calum Bayne, programme and practice co-ordinator at In-Situ educated the group on the history of the town centre and it's challenges facing it's vitality and economic success.

Zehra Aziz, previous practicing architect and current artist in residence at In-Situ, also accompanied the group on this site visit and provided insight for potential ways of development and thinking.

Together with Calum and Zehra in a local cafe, the group discussed personal positionings within the theme of regeneration, initial ideas and reference projects for the next steps of re-activating the Nelson viaduct.
Posted 17 Feb 2024 12:32