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Meeting after the break!

Hi, It is nice to see you again. There is a blog about our work during the Easter holidays, I'm Keming. We are going to discuss what we should do and prepare before we meet our collaborator, Chris.

As discussed yesterday, we planned to design a flat with three types of rooms. And we also need to prepare the schedule of accomodation.

We can't wait to share our plans with Chris!

I'm happy to show our work! Come on MSA!
Posted 18 Apr 2024 02:15
Posted 22 Mar 2024 20:26
We are excited to kick off our collaboration with Emporium M33! Meet our team alongside Scott Lyon (Owner), Claire Hines and Carolyn Jackson (small business owners).

The Site:
Our project centres around Emporium M33, a three-story Victorian building within the town of Sale. This unique space houses a mix of approximately 50 local, independent businesses. From artisan crafters to a café and everything in between, Emporium M33 serves as a shared space for creativity and community in Sale.

The Brief:
Emporium M33, though brimming with character and offerings, often goes unnoticed by the foot traffic of Sale's town centre. Our mission is to change that. As a collective of makers, crafters, and retailers within Emporium M33, we're embarking on a campaign to raise awareness both locally and online. Our aim? To showcase the value, creativity, and uniqueness of Emporium M33, transforming it into a thriving hub that supports local businesses and charities alike.

About the Collaborators:
Joining forces with us are Scott Lyon, the passionate owner of Emporium M33, Claire Hines and Carolyn Jackson, dedicated small business owners within the space. Together with Scott, Claire, and Carolyn, we're excited to reimagine Emporium M33 and strengthen its ties to the Sale community.
Posted 21 Mar 2024 12:35
Posted 20 Mar 2024 16:29
As a part of exploring the future of 'the library', we are hosting a competition for students between the ages of 8 and 16 to express their thoughts on how they see the future of the library to be. 


Reimagine the future of the Levenshume Old Library. Unleash your creativity and envision what libraries of the future might look like. Libraries have always been pillars of knowledge, community, and exploration, and now it's time to dream up their next chapter. Whether it's through art, writing, or innovative ideas, we want to hear your vision for how libraries will evolve to inspire future generations. 

We allow the participants to choose their own medium of expression. 
Posted 19 Mar 2024 23:15
Second Meeting with Lisa @ MTC

28/02/24. Just finished another meeting with Lisa on the latest updates on BAM! In it we debriefed on a range of topics including the portfolios of intervention, poster developments and budget allocation. Lisa was very helpful and helping us coordinate with BBL, a grassroots community initiative and finding ways of collaborating to achieve the best results. We also learned due to the nature of the project there was a need for a risk assessment and filling the appropriate ethics matrices to protect the data the community is entrusting us with.

Posted 19 Mar 2024 23:02
Our first visit to Sabden Church!

It was quite fascinating (and a little scary) to find the church surrounded by a graveyard. Some of the oldest graves here date back to the 1860s.
This graveyard has earned the title for being the second best maintained graveyard.
Posted 19 Mar 2024 20:08
Action Plan Week Two
Posted 19 Mar 2024 18:38
After the site visit, our team sat down together to brainstorm ideas to ensure our project is aligned to the expectations of the collaborators and to explore the possible proposals. The outcome of the meeting allowed us to come up with a solution which will include a permanent landscape proposal and a temporary one. This team meeting also allowed us to allocate tasks and divide up responsibilities among team members!

We also had meetings with our tutor to make sure our progress timeline is up to date , and to get feedback on our project proposal. This allowed us to fine-tune our proposal and get constructive feedback regarding this project. The team is really happy with our project proposal and we hope to work with you during the action weeks!
Posted 19 Mar 2024 17:47
Second meeting at Oswald Road Primary School!

We had a lovely conversation with Laura, Helen, and Christian about the activity details that we had finalised. We plan to divide the campus site into 3 parts to let the children design in different ways and stimulate the children's potential as much as possible, which the tutors thought was exciting. Besides, we also talked about the final display and where we could take the exhibition. Some materials and methods were advised as well.

It was a fantastic day with acknowledgement, which also inspired us to make greater efforts.
Posted 18 Mar 2024 22:15
We have explored the various green spaces of the park and you can too!
Heaton Mersey Park features a park and bowling green, nature park with an orchard, and the Heaton Mersey Common. Join us as we look to map these different areas of the park and link them together, improving visitor awareness of what the park has to offer and where different areas are located.
Posted 18 Mar 2024 13:51
Name: Olli Sharp

Atelier: Flux

Undergrad: University of Lincoln

Skills: Adobe Creative Suite, AutoCAD, Sketch-up, VRay

About: Hi, my name is Olli Sharp and I am a fifth year currently in the Flux atelier. I am interested in the social impacts of architecture and the adaptation of established and historical space for modern use.

I studied for undergrad in Lincoln and had two years out working at a residential practice in St Neots, Cambridgeshire. Outside of architecture my hobbies are mainly rowing and music, which I play drums.
Posted 18 Mar 2024 00:51
Meeting 3

Our first meeting ~ 14/03/24

In this meeting, we first summarized the work we have completed, posters and blogs, and then we focused on the follow-up schedule and plans. We listed the things that the project will do, and estimated the deadline for each thing, as well as the possible costs of each thing. To ensure that our project can proceed smoothly. At the same time, we contacted the project leader DAWN and made an appointment for the next meeting.

Our next meeting is next week (19/03/24)
Posted 17 Mar 2024 11:34
Moving forward as a team, we've implemented a strategic division of tasks to ensure a comprehensive scheme while avoiding overwhelming any team members. To maintain organisation, we've used Microsoft Teams, keeping our lines of communication clear. Through regular team meetings, we ensure alignment on our shared vision while allowing individual focus on distinct elements of our project.
Posted 17 Mar 2024 10:09
The Powerhouse provides arts, mental health, physical and educational services to hundreds of young people each year.

For this project, we will be enhancing the Powerhouse's performance and sustainability in order to promote its usage and help to keep its services running at the quality the community deserves and at a long-term cost they can manage. We will also be looking at how the internal spaces and layout of the Powerhouse can be improved in order to further improve community life, foster cohesion and empower the youth of Moss Side.
Posted 14 Mar 2024 11:15
Visit to Bradford Site and Day proceedings
21 February 2024

Arrive again at Council Chamber: Project planning – reflection and next steps!
Discuss proposed interventions, limitations, and possibilities with Jade and exchange ideas.

End of Day back to base MCR

[Rain stops. Sun is Out]

An eventful day indeed!

Look out for our next posts for further updates!
Posted 13 Mar 2024 14:59
Our first site visit to Chadwick Dam!

13/12/23 – Our team collectively attended the site for a full walk around with representatives of the council, talking us through the history of the site and showing us what the project needs

Discussions included previous works, community awareness and how to make the park for everyone. Hayley, who we introduced In our previous blog post, has been so cooperative and keen to get started with this project and as we formulate and configure this plan for site, we find ourselves equally sharing the same growing passion! We have a bunch of activities planned and cannot wait to start them with you all!

We hope you join us to fully explore what is possible with the natural green landscape of Chadwick Dam and those that use it.
Posted 13 Mar 2024 13:36
Hey there, I'm Wei Jie!

Originally hailing from Malaysia, I embarked on my academic journey at Bristol University, earning my degree before diving into the professional realm back home and in Singapore. For a while now, I've been honing my craft in various architectural settings, soaking up experiences along the way. Currently, I'm thrilled to be part of the MArch 1 Infra team, eagerly awaiting our next project.

Looking ahead, I'm pumped to meet everyone and dive into this exciting community-based project together!
Posted 12 Mar 2024 21:49
Hi! I’m Kyungho. You can also call me Peter.

I’m from Korea. Before starting my master’s course at the Manchester School of Architecture, I achieved my bachelor’s and master’s degree in architecture at University of Seoul. I worked as an assistant researcher at University of Seoul Institute of Urban Science during my master’s course in Korea.

I am currently studying MA Architecture and Adaptive Reuse. I'm interested in giving new opportunities to abandoned or neglected buildings through reuse strategies, providing people with new experiences. Such reuse is also an architectural challenge crucial in addressing the climate crisis we face today.

Our group's project aims to revitalize the long-standing theater, Hulme Hippodrome, through our fresh imagination!
Posted 12 Mar 2024 19:44
1:20 Site Model

To help with the design process and understand how the space can be used, we've created a simple 1:20 model using measurements taken from our site visit earlier in the year.

As part of the action weeks, this model, along with its digital twin, will be used to iteratively test the multifunctional furniture we create before scaling up to a 1:1 prototype.
Posted 12 Mar 2024 15:59
Name: Pranali Pawar
Atelier: CPU (ai)
About me: Originally from India. I completed my undergraduate degree from India and practiced for 2years before joining MSA.
I thrive on the intersection of creativity and sustainability in the realm of architecture. My passion lies in crafting spaces that not only captivate the eye but also embody a commitment to environmental consciousness.
As an avid enthusiast of sustainable building design, I find joy in unraveling the innovative possibilities that arise when harmonizing modern aesthetics with eco-friendly principles.

Apart from architecture, I’ve always loved spending my time indulging in Sketching and music.

Undergrad study: BNCA, PUNE INDIA

Skills: InDesign, Illustrator, Sketchup, Rhino, Enscape
Posted 12 Mar 2024 12:00
I'm Min Jing from Malaysia, and I'm part of the SKN atelier. I'm interested in sustainable architecture and public architecture. My main software skills include Revit, Adobe Suite, Enscape, and AutoCAD. Beyond architecture, I enjoy traveling, orchestral music, water sports, and photography. I'm looking forward to collaborating on exciting designs!
Posted 12 Mar 2024 11:31
Action Week: Preparation

After laying the groundwork with our Action Plan, we've now embarked on crafting the essential components for Action Plan week in May!

We're excited to share a sneak peek into our progress: a digital model showcasing the remarkable three-quarter turn staircase element at Carlton Club.
Posted 11 Mar 2024 21:03
Action Planning for May

Across the two weeks in May, we plan to coordinate members into two key groups: a Design Team and a Research Team. Whether a particular team approach takes your fancy or you want to develop new skills alongside us, the creation of teams provides a structure to fall back against for the upcoming weeks and a focus on achieving main goals.

In Week 1 the whole group will visit Crewe to undertake some important activities regarding site visits or community engagement. We will revisit the site at the end of Week 2 for the final exhibition of our proposal to the public!

Posted 11 Mar 2024 20:56
Second Site Visit

On the 6th of March 2024, Peter and Osian from the group traveled to Stockport for the second time.
They met with the collaborators at the Stockport MDC office to discuss the progress so far and potential outputs for the project. The priority of the meeting was to discuss the project name “ELEV8 STOCKPORT” and to get feedback on the proposed site uses.
The final output of the project was also discussed and visuals with a physical model were chosen.
Posted 11 Mar 2024 20:43
Hey everyone, it's Meng!

I come from China, and before coming to Manchester for my studies, I lived and studied in China. After completing my five-year undergraduate studies, I took a gap year. Currently, I am pursuing a master's degree in MSA.

I have a great passion for watercolor painting and handmade model making. Additionally, I am proficient in using various modeling software to assist in my designs. Therefore, my architectural skills include AutoCAD, Rhino, Grasshopper, Sketchup, Model Making, Vary, and Indesign.

I am very excited to see how our Merseyway car park project will ultimately surprise Stockport. Moreover, I consider myself extremely fortunate to have encountered the perfect team. Each member has their own strengths, and collaborating with them made me learn a lot of skills!

Posted 11 Mar 2024 20:31
Site Visit

Our team had the opportunity to visit the project site situated in the bustling city center of Manchester, right at the Manchester Town Hall. The architectural marvel of the town hall captivated our entire group. As we explored the area allocated for our live project, Anthony, along with another member of the city council, guided us through the space. Their insights not only enhanced our understanding of the location but also enriched our experience with a comprehensive tour of the entire town hall. It was truly a remarkable opportunity for us to explore the historic Town Hall and delve into its detailed history.
Posted 11 Mar 2024 18:44
Hi there! My name is Andreea, I’m in PRAXXIS Atelier at the Manchester School of Architecture where I’ve been studying Architecture since 2019. I did my RIBA Part 1 year out in practice at Stockport Council, where I got a lot of hands-on experience. I’m a lover of all things creative, including photography, drawing and creative writing. I am particularly interested in the social aspects of architecture, as I believe the spaces we design have, at the very least, the potential to tell stories, raise awareness and improve important aspects of people’s lives.
Posted 11 Mar 2024 18:14
Hihi, I am Xilong Shi.

I am a year-5 Architecture student studying in CPU Atelier. I earned my Bachelor’s degree in 2021 and completed my Part 1 qualification in 2023. With two years in a specialised sports and leisure architecture practice, I have honed my skills in merging creativity with functionality. I am also a globetrotter who has explored over twenty countries around the world, it makes me draw inspiration from diverse cultures and landscapes.
Posted 11 Mar 2024 18:00
What's Next for Our Project:

After our informing meeting with Sue Mackay, we're all exited for the next steps in our journey. We are planning to visit the centre very soon. This visit isn't just a chance to see the space; it's an opportunity to dive deeper into our project. We plan to capture every moment, from videos and photos to sketches, ensuring we have a rich collection of materials to share during the action weeks.

We’re also fine-tuning the schedule for our action weeks. We're putting together a lineup of activities, workshops, and brainstorming sessions designed to maximize our productivity and creativity. And, of course, we're buzzing with excitement at the thought of meeting our full group in person. The chance to collaborate, share ideas, and embark on this creative journey together is what we've been looking forward to.

We can't wait to start this creative adventure with everyone, bringing our ideas to life and making a meaningful contribution to the Florence Arts Centre. Let's make these two weeks unforgettable!
Posted 11 Mar 2024 17:23
Our small team is working hard to organise things for the time we will be joined by the rest of our members from different years here at MSA. We are very excited to have a full team working with us soon! Please follow our blog to see our progress and to the MLA, Adaptive Reuse and Undergraduate students that will join us: we can't wait to meet you!
Posted 11 Mar 2024 17:19
Our Pop-Up Wednesday Meetings - where we engage in brainstorming sessions focused on revitalizing Stockport town through our design proposals for the exhibitions. We're a hands-on group, passionate about sketching and sharing ideas to drive our vision forward!
Posted 11 Mar 2024 14:04
Hi Guys, I’m Jemy from the CPU Atelier!

After graduating B.Arch. from India, I worked as an architectural assistant in a construction firm in Saudi for more than two years. The world has seemed strikingly different since I fell in love with architecture. I believe, admiring architecture is indisputably divergent from being enamoured of it. When building an aesthetically and functionally significant design, one is transforming an individual's visualization into reality, which is enormous. Being part of this community project, I believe that users are the principal elements, and implementing efficient variations in their lives is substantial. I am excited to contribute to the development of ‘The Height Public Hall’, so that it becomes a place to call Home for the local community.
Posted 11 Mar 2024 13:30
Second Client Meeting

Our team met with our collaborators last week to update them on where we've got to with planning our action weeks. We sent them our proposed poster to get some feedback, discussed the project name, then walked them through what we are hoping to produce. We discussed what outcomes they were hoping to achieve, how we might meet those goals, and the content we were anticipating for our publication.

Our collaborators are keen to drive up interest in the project, and we discussed some strategies from their system that we could be using, such as a public noticeboard style site, and presenting to a wider reach in Tameside Borough Council.
Posted 11 Mar 2024 09:22
Hi, I'm Siheng Lyu :)

Atelier: CPU

Skills: CAD/Rhino/sketchup/Grasshopper

Undergraduate: Shandongjianzhu University

Personality: INTP, forever cooool, forever young!

Fact: Be the wind. Be the free and unfettered wind.
Posted 10 Mar 2024 23:22
Our site, Marple, is located close to the Peak District and surrounded by beautiful views to the countryside and canals. Located in the Stockport Council district, it has a rich industrial history and a strong community spirit, with a huge variety of community groups who are committed to enhancing the town and its surroundings.

The project provides an exciting opportunity to reimagine the future of Marple, enhancing the existing vibrancy and community spirit of the town whilst embracing ‘big ideas’ and creative thinking.

The core brief is a public realm enhancement scheme, designing a series of interactive installations throughout varied and exciting sites in Marple, which will establish a new route through the town, creating new incentives for increased use of the public realm and strengthening the social fabric. The proposals will additionally enhance and celebrating the existing assets in the town, including the beautiful park overlooking the Peak District, pedestrianised shopping streets and picturesque canals. The project may involve street furniture, sculpture and planting proposals, but the collaborators are keen to embrace any inventive ideas regarding alternative proposals. Our collaborators are hoping that the ideas generated from our project will fire up the imaginations of the residents of Marple, to encourage them to think outside the box about the potential of their town.

As the project is primarily about communicating big ideas which will generate enthusiasm within the community, it will encourage full creative freedom to push the limits of architectural thinking and presentation skills. The project will also facilitate development of software, visualisation, presentation and model-making skills.

Marple Civic Society was formed in 1961 with a vision of ensuring that Marple would be a ‘good place to live, work and visit’. The organisation takes an active role in shaping the future of the town and ensuring that Marple will be an increasingly vibrant and sustainable place in which to lead fulfilling lives, through projects such as consultations involving the Marple Leisure and Community Hub, and tree planting initiatives. As residents of Marple, our enthusiastic and inspiring collaborators - Joe, Andrew, Greg and Phil - are invested in the potential of our project to spark new conversations about future possibilities for Marple.
Posted 10 Mar 2024 17:55
3. Upon this visit we were fortunate enough to engage with the users of the centre and really immerse ourselves within the Seedly community! After a morning of measuring our site and sketching our initial ideas, we had a masterclass in croquet from members of the Seedly Croquet team.

4. It was a lovely opportunity to play a series of matches with them and improve our croquet games. We learned how people tended to visit the pavilion 1-3 times a week, and regularly enjoyed it as their social space. The pavilion really caters to all, from croquet to musical evenings and bingo too.

It was lovely to meet everyone and we are excited for our next visit back, particularly all looking forward to another game of croquet in the summer time.
Posted 10 Mar 2024 15:44
First Team Meeting

On February 6th, our group convened for our initial team meeting. Each of us had prepared ideas for the designs related to the specific functions required for the site. These ideas were presented on a screen to ensure that everyone in the group was informed. Towards the conclusion of the meeting, we assigned distinct roles to each team member. Simultaneously, we initiated the planning process for our action week, specifying the time required for each activity and identifying the deliverables due by the week's end.

Once all the details were settled and our plans were in place, we progressed to our subsequent meeting with our tutor. During this session, our tutor provided valuable suggestions for us to incorporate in our upcoming weeks of work.

Posted 10 Mar 2024 15:05
Who is the client?

Our client is Stockport City Council.

What is the Project brief?

Our task as designers is to come up with an intervention for the Merseyway Shopping Centre’s façade as a part of an ambitious, larger strategy to improve Stockport. The aim is to increase footfall in a shopping centre which has become dispensable and unnecessary for a community which has opted for the ease of online shopping. Our mission here as architects is to come up with a strategy not only for the façade but what goes on behind it; to re-think new purposes for the shopping centre and what kind of businesses would attract people to the space.

The second part of the brief is to provide our client with ideas for an underused balcony, part of the shopping centre, which overlooks a main shopping street.

We will be picturing all different characters and scenarios of people and designing for them. For example, an 80-year-old person who wishes to purchase a CD. Where do they fit in to the scheme? Do they? What else could be placed along their journey so they spend time and money at the centre? A bakery? A grocery store? These are some of the questions we will be asking.

What are the outputs?

In terms of outputs, expect a lot of freedom, mostly collages, expressive, colourful, artistic showing people interacting with the building. Views from the city, i.e. from the train, in motion, rhythm.
Posted 9 Mar 2024 08:59