Group 14

Our student-led team will work in collaboration with the client and the architect to propose sustainable interventions to improve the Moss Side Millenium Powerhouse, a youth hub in the heart of Moss Side. Our key focus areas include exploring how the thermal performance of the building envelope can be improved through engaging a fabric-first approach alongside addressing how the internal spaces can be improved through creative problem solving. Through this project, students will be able to hone their technical and design development skills, where the Masters’ students will also support students in developing their skills in Adobe Creative Suite, both digital and physical modelling and CAD software in smaller focus groups and workshops. We will be working collaboratively to produce a set of illustrative visualisations, technical bay sections and a physical model of a bay elevation/section, which will then be presented to the client and architect at the end of the two action weeks.

Hana Wajihah AB / Gehao Y / Isaac J / Constantin-Alexandru V / Megan MM

Our site is the Moss Side Millenium Powerhouse, a multi-service youth hub located in the heart of Moss Side.

Through their large variety of spaces, ranging from a recording studio, a youth zone and more, the mission of the Powerhouse is to empower young people to reach their full potential.

During this site visit, Lisa gave us a tour of the building, while also highlighting the key spaces of the building and where the interventions could be useful to improve either the thermal performance or internal layout of the building. This particular discussion and site visit helped form the foundation of our project!
Posted 5 Mar 2024 16:29
Hello there! I'm Alex, a currently MArch 1 student from Romania, from the CPU atelier. Before joining this course I did my Architecture undergraduate course also at MSA, followed by one year of practice in London.

As a CPU student, my architectural approach consists of multiple iterations based on holistic analysis of the brief requirements and the client needs.

During the past years I gained a set of skills in 3D modeling (SketchUp, Revit & some Rhino) and rendering software (Lumion) as well as Adobe Suite (InDesign & Photoshop). I thrive on solving problems in our current society through client engagement and creative design solutions. Also, my organization skills gained during practice will be beneficial to this group as this project.

Outside architecture, I enjoy my free time travelling and swimming as well as occasionally mountain biking and hiking when I visit my home country.

I am looking forward to meeting the entire team in May in order to have a productive and amazing time.
Posted 10 Mar 2024 23:21
Hello, my name is Meg!

I studied my Ba(Hons) in Architecture at the University of Liverpool, before working for a small practice in North Wales for just over a year, and am currently in the FLUX atelier at the Manchester School of Architecture.
My architectural interests include innovative and creative design that benefits communities, which I enjoy exploring through sketches, model-making and photoshop collage work.

Outside of architecture, my interests include making art and visiting galleries, hiking, cooking and both playing and listening to music.

I am excited to work on a project which serves to revive an important asset to the community, and I look forward to meeting you!
Posted 11 Mar 2024 00:05
Hi , I'm Gehao Ye

I graduated from Wenzhou university. My undergraduate degree was in environment and art design.But my current major is architecture and adaptive reuse because I really like buildings with historical flavour.Many of today's buildings are in need of maintenance, preservation, remodelling, etc. That's another reason I'm interested in this.

Outside of architecture, I also really enjoy traveling, and I will record the interesting things that happen during my journeys.

Thank you very much for meeting each other in this field.Hoping that our future collaboration will continue to be wonderful.
Posted 11 Mar 2024 09:23
Hello! I'm Hana.

I'm from Brunei, but I completed my Part 1 here at the Manchester School of Architecture. I took a little under 2 years out to work in practice before coming back to Manchester to start my Master's in the PRAXXIS atelier.

My interests in architecture revolve around creating meaningful community and user-centric architecture with a social agenda alongside participatory design. My architecture skills mainly lie in Revit, Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign) and AutoCAD though I have some experience with Lumion.

Outside of architecture, I also love to travel, eat, binge watch series and read.

I'm looking forward to being able to work with both the community and collaborators in order to come up with creative ways to improve the fabric performance and internal spaces of the Powerhouse. I'm excited to meet everyone and see what we come up with!
Posted 11 Mar 2024 09:34
Hello, my name is Isaac.

I’m from Nigeria, I completed my Part 1 in Canterbury at the university for the creative arts. Then I moved to Birmingham to work for GNA for just over a year. I am currently in FLUX atelier at MSA. My architectural interests are mainly inspired by community development as well as housing and sports focused projects.

During my year out and undergrad, I have picked up 3D model making on various softwares, as well at sketching out ideas and creative realistic visuals. I am also a big fan of adobe creative suites as I love producing diagrams that can communicate ideas graphically.

Outside of architecture, I love watching sports and being involved in sports and activities like taking long walks and exploring the outdoors. I am also I big gamer when I have free time.

I look forward to meeting you all to work on this exciting project for the community.
Posted 11 Mar 2024 09:58
Here are some of the design and software skills you will develop and learn over the 2 action weeks!

Apart from teamwork and working collaboratively with each other and the clients, we will focus on SWOT analysis, design development, technical resolution and graphic presentation skills - all which are valuable in both architecture school and in a professional context. We will also be providing different workshops for different softwares in order to support you in creating the outputs that will be presented to the collaborators at the end of the project.
Posted 14 Mar 2024 11:09
The Powerhouse provides arts, mental health, physical and educational services to hundreds of young people each year.

For this project, we will be enhancing the Powerhouse's performance and sustainability in order to promote its usage and help to keep its services running at the quality the community deserves and at a long-term cost they can manage. We will also be looking at how the internal spaces and layout of the Powerhouse can be improved in order to further improve community life, foster cohesion and empower the youth of Moss Side.
Posted 14 Mar 2024 11:15