Group 13

Save Heights with Group 13! Join us in helping Salford City Council and the local community surrounding King Street to re-design the Height Public Hall building. Our project aim is to produce a design package that is visually receptive and could potentially be used to draw charitable funding towards the renovation of the building. Working with our collaborators, we’ve established a set of design criteria that the work should cover, such as a miniature café, a mixed-use hall space for different activities and confidential spaces for people in need for professional advice. During action week, get ready for a hands-on experience in our design orientated workshop that’ll have us producing a range of architectural material, from floor plans and 3D interiors to collages and physical models!

Luke F

Hey everyone, I’m Luke from the Infrastructure Space atelier!

Before starting my masters at MSA I was a Part 1 for Mace Ltd in their London office for a year where I was attached to a team providing design solutions for central government projects. I graduated from my bachelors at the University of Greenwich in 2021 and I’ve recently become a lover of travelling, ask me about my volunteering experience in Guatemala and I won’t shut up! I’m really exited to be working on the Saving Heights project, it’s a real opportunity for us to think critically about what it means to design for a community and I hope you’ll join us on this journey!
Posted 11 Mar 2024 11:51
Hi! I’m Taisiia from Infrastructure Space atelier.

Before coming to Manchester for my masters I studied in Ukraine, Lithuania and Italy, after graduation I also worked in Switzerland. I find it fascinating how many different approaches exist in architecture, and how it can transform spaces and life of people by itself. Being an architect to me means having this ability to change and shape lives in the material world which we build. Working with our collaborators in the Height Public Hall is a great opportunity to see how the space can unite people, create new ties and transform the community.
Posted 11 Mar 2024 12:06
Hi, my name is Yan Gao!

My areas of expertise cover spatial design, landscape design and urban planning, which enables me to look at and shape our living environment from a macro perspective. At the same time, I am also passionate about exploring more personal and detailed creative expressions through illustration and collage art. In addition to my deep interest in visual arts, I am also a travel enthusiast. These experiences not only enrich my life, but also enable me to find new inspiration and direction in design and art creation.
Posted 11 Mar 2024 12:08
Hi Guys, I’m Jemy from the CPU Atelier!

After graduating B.Arch. from India, I worked as an architectural assistant in a construction firm in Saudi for more than two years. The world has seemed strikingly different since I fell in love with architecture. I believe, admiring architecture is indisputably divergent from being enamoured of it. When building an aesthetically and functionally significant design, one is transforming an individual's visualization into reality, which is enormous. Being part of this community project, I believe that users are the principal elements, and implementing efficient variations in their lives is substantial. I am excited to contribute to the development of ‘The Height Public Hall’, so that it becomes a place to call Home for the local community.
Posted 11 Mar 2024 13:30