Yaqi Guo
Adaptive Reuse

I initially pursued a major in Graphic Design during college but later switched to Environmental Design. Eventually, I decided to study Architecture in graduate school. Throughout my academic journey, I found great pleasure in creating physical models using various materials. And I am good at spatial narrative, digital modelling, planar collage and morphogenesis. I often collaborate with other majors to do interdisciplinary research, and have studied the use of fabrics and machinery in architecture. I’m looking forward to working on the Friends of Victoria Park project and how we can come up with creative ways of providing a safe and fun space for children in Stretford. 
Skills: Rhino, Grasshopper, AutoCAD, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and Enscape.  
Posted 5 Mar 2024 15:46
Day 1

On May 7, the Action Week began. In the morning, we had a team meeting to introduce the programme and explain the purpose of the site. Each team member introduced themselves individually. Later in the afternoon, we took a tour of the venue together to gain a practical understanding of the site.
Posted 10 May 2024 15:02
Day 2

On the morning of May 8th, the group collaborated on site analysis. Then we separated into three groups, with each group responsible for a different area. Later in the day, each group analysed their respective area and reviewed some cases to learn and discuss the design.
Posted 10 May 2024 15:28
Day 3

On May 9, each group gathered their area's concepts to make a collage, followed by learning Rhino software skills.
Posted 10 May 2024 15:39
Day 4

On May 10th, we discussed how to creat the physical model, especially focusing on material use. We modelled the digital model using Rhino and Sketchup software.
Posted 10 May 2024 16:01
Day 5

On May 13, members from all three groups collaborated to merge designs and add more specifics about feasibility. We made some sketches together and built the digital model.
Posted 13 May 2024 22:44
Day 6

On May 14th, we got started on preparing CAD files and models for our physical model. After that, some of us went to B15 for laser cutting, while others stayed at the MTC to discuss the layout and content of the A2 presentation board in a big group. In the afternoon, when the laser cutting team returned, some groups began building the model.
Posted 16 May 2024 11:12
Day 7

On the morning of May 15th, we are putting the finishing touches on the physical models created by each group. Following that, we all began working on the illustrations, diagrams, and sketches required for the booklets and presentation board.
Posted 16 May 2024 11:22
Day 8

On the 16th of May, we discussed the final layout and what we need to present with the client tomorrow. We made an A1 board for the prasentation and printed it out.
Posted 17 May 2024 14:15
Day 9

On the 17th of May, we went to Victoria Park to do a presentation with our client Sarah, she loved our design and left a solid model of what we had done.
Posted 17 May 2024 14:17