Site Visit

Our project aims to connect the heart of the city - the city center - with its main transport hubs: the main railway station and bus station. Through site visits, we've identified the challenges that residents and visitors face when navigating between these key points. Our aim is not only to streamline these pathways but also to enliven the city through innovative planning and design, enhancing urban vitality and accessibility.

Our approach is to create an intuitive and engaging route that makes the journey from the city center to the train and bus stations a pleasant experience. We plan to incorporate a variety of amenities along these routes, such as comfortable seating, fun children's play areas, and multi-purpose activity spaces. These features will cater to the daily commuter as well as offer tourists the opportunity to explore Hyde's unique charm.

In particular, we will focus on revitalizing the town center square by introducing outdoor shops and activity spaces to reactivate the area's commercial and social potential. Our design philosophy emphasizes sustainability and community engagement, ensuring that the project not only meets current needs but is also adaptable for future developments.

Throughout the delivery process, we will work closely with community members and government agencies to ensure that our planning reflects the needs and aspirations of all stakeholders. Through this project, we aim to add a vibrant touch to Hyde's cityscape while improving the quality of life for residents and visitors alike.
Posted 11 Mar 2024 00:54

With the sign and the modifications on the ground we hope to improve the difficulty of wayfinding in Hyde. The signage uses the standard blue color of the area as a base, with different patterns to provide directions and information. The signage also echoes the town hall, using Hyde's heritage as a starting point. As for the road, we wanted to make the site more interesting by using a ground mural with a bold pattern. The pattern is inspired by the town hall in Hyde, giving it a more local identity in relation to the site.
Posted 17 May 2024 15:06

Inspired by the mural in the town centre shopping centre we thought that producing a graphic map could be a more interesting way of improving wayfinding. In order to direct visitors of Hyde in the direction of local points of interest, we are proposing a ‘treasure hunt’ through the installation of murals and posters around the town centre. In crucial locations such as public transport hubs, artwork will showcase the locations of landmarks through graphically engaging maps. In addition, we used the story of the twins in local history as a start, hoping to use the twins' mural as a theme to get more children and residents involved in the renovation process, and to make the design have more local identity.
Posted 17 May 2024 15:12