Group 04

Embark on Thermal Oasis, a transformative community endeavour, crafting a bespoke temporary sauna facility, providing restorative experiences for individuals who want to recharge, restore, and reconnect. We will make sauna use available to groups that would not usually have access due to income or understanding of the benefits. Hot and cold treatment builds mental resilience and gives people the skills to manage stressful situations in a less reactive way. Dive headfirst into research and design skills, where you will work in groups to develop a sauna before presenting your design ideas, models, and sketches to the client. We will encourage model-making, quick iterative design ideas, as well as creative Adobe skills to create collages and technical drawings.

Maisie M / Yuxin M / Ding L


Hi, I’m Yuxin Ma from Flux Ateliar and you can call me Candice. My hometown is China and I graduated from University of Nottingham Ningbo China. I have had 3 months full-time experience as Part I Architectural Assistant in Foster+Partners in Shanghai. And my hobbies are Latin dancing and painting.
Posted 10 Mar 2024 21:07

Hi, my name is Ding Lu, but you can call me Ding. I come from China, and completed my undergraduate study there. I have three years of working experience, from scheme design to the construction phase. I love photography and collecting fountain pens (which took up most of my income). No one says you can't own pens without learning calligraphy
Posted 10 Mar 2024 21:09

Hello I’m Joe, you’ll see me around the SKN MArch 1 studio. I’m originally from Leicester, but have spent a year travelling around Australia backpacking. Prior to studying, I worked for a surveying practice, drawing and design small shops and extensions then moved on to study my Undergrad at De Montfort University, before gaining a year’s experience at a Leicester based practice. Favourite music genre is Techno / Tech House.
Posted 10 Mar 2024 21:10

Hi I'm Maisie from the PRAXXIS atelier. I'm from Cheshire and studied my undergrad at Manchester. I have a years experience working for the Manchester office of Ellis Williams Architects where I worked primarily on education projects as well as a pair of new archive buildings. I like to travel a lot for concerts (I recently saw Blink-182 in Berlin) and my friends like to describe my music as 'dad rock'.
Posted 10 Mar 2024 21:16

Hi I’m Tom, originally from Manchester. I did my undergrad at the University of Nottingham and took several years out in between to work and travel. I have 2 years experience at Manchester-based Jon Matthews Architects and after this went on to travel Asia and live in Sydney Australia. Favourite music genres are chilled rnb/soul and European house/minimal
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