Group 21

In/Between, A Pocket Park Nestled in Stockport. In collaboration with Stockport Council, we have been tasked to design an intervention in between the Merseyway shopping centre and the Redrock entertainment complex, for a space they have described as an ‘In-between Space’. We will transform sketches, doodles and concepts into digital representations that can be pieced together to create a feasible set of proposals! So, you may be asking yourself, why does this all matter? Well, let me tell you! Stockport is currently undergoing extensive regeneration and our site is just a small piece of the wider puzzle! It will form part of a connection between the well-established Redrock complex, and the underused main street of the Merseyway shopping centre! Creating these habitable pedestrian corridors is essential, enabling movement between these two disconnected areas, will inspire travel and increase footfall in areas that are currently struggling. Within this MSA Live group, you will have the opportunity to creatively explore master planning at a variety of scales, work on a live project and develop software skills to create inspiring and developed proposals. During the action weeks, we will split into 2 teams, with one focusing on a permanent intervention, and the other developing a temporary intervention that could be changed and altered by the council. These two areas of exploration will give you plenty of freedom for creativity whilst also being grounded in the real world!

Tze Chean C / Keng Chi M / Matthew H / Pengiran Nur Diyanah Atiqah PAHD / Jing Y

Hi there, I'm Kingsley!
Atelier: &rchitecture

I'm originally from Macau and Hong Kong, but I've been in Manchester for almost five years! During my time here, I've had some fantastic experiences studying at MSA (Atelier FLUX in BA3) and being a Part 1 architectural assistant at SimpsonHaugh.

My focus in studies and practice has been on community and residential design with a colourful and practical approach. I also love making indicative diagrams! I'm excited to invite you to join us in designing an interactive space for people in Stockport. Let's work together to create something great!
Posted 28 Feb 2024 12:52
Hi there, I'm Diyanah!
Atelier: Flux

I am from Brunei and have been working for 6 years before joining MSA, one year in Practice as Architectural Assistant in Brunei and 5 years with the Government of Brunei related to Architecture Role. I studied my Part 1 in Arts University Bournemouth back in 2016.

I am interested in creating something meaningful and a memorable experience to a space. I love traveling and exploring new places. Looking forward to be part of the team and meeting amazing people! Join us for creating an interactive space for people in Stockport.

Posted 28 Feb 2024 14:02
Hi everyone, I’m Jing!
Adaptive Reuse

I come from China and finished my undergraduate study in XJTLU. I have interned at the city Planning Bureau and private architecture studios during the past.

I'm interested in the redesign and reuse of the site, making the abandoned site become revitalized again which is very exciting and changing the use of the site will bring a new experience to people. Our task now is to build a new pocket park on the ruins of the original building, which we hope will make a difference to the residents of Stockport!
Posted 28 Feb 2024 19:40
Hello everyone! My name is Chris and I am from the Flux Atelier.

I'm from Malaysia and this is my first year here in Manchester, I completed my undergraduate in UCSI University Kuala Lumpur and have worked in architecture, landscape and interior studios as a Part 1 Architectural Assistant.

I am interested in residential and small-scale design that has a personal touch and narrative that creates a unique experience. I am excited for the Stockport project which presents a unique opportunity to learn more about creating community spaces!
Posted 4 Mar 2024 15:03
Hey everyone, I’m Matt!
Atelier: Infrastructure Space

I studied my undergraduate at DMU in Leicester, before working as a Part 1 Architectural Assistant in Manchester.

I am interested in residential design, placemaking and masterplan development! Getting the chance to work on a pocket park in the centre of my home town is an exciting opportunity and I look forward to meeting everyone involved soon!
Posted 4 Mar 2024 15:24
On the 7th February 2024, our team members had a site visit at Deanery Way North alongside our collaborators, Stockport Council!

The site visit allowed our team to have a better understanding of the current conditions of the site, and provided a wonderful opportunity to assess possible solutions for the project. It was also a fruitful session with the collaborators as we get to exchange diverse perspective and expertise, fostering a rich exchange of ideas and insight.

We're grateful for this opportunity to learn from our collaborators and understand the site better, and we can't wait to visit in spring again!
Posted 19 Mar 2024 17:25
After the site visit, our team sat down together to brainstorm ideas to ensure our project is aligned to the expectations of the collaborators and to explore the possible proposals. The outcome of the meeting allowed us to come up with a solution which will include a permanent landscape proposal and a temporary one. This team meeting also allowed us to allocate tasks and divide up responsibilities among team members!

We also had meetings with our tutor to make sure our progress timeline is up to date , and to get feedback on our project proposal. This allowed us to fine-tune our proposal and get constructive feedback regarding this project. The team is really happy with our project proposal and we hope to work with you during the action weeks!
Posted 19 Mar 2024 17:47