Taisiia-Lukiia S

Group 13

Great start to the MSA Live 24! We began with the presentation in the morning and got to know our new team members. Followed up with the site visit and met our collaborator, Christine, to get more insights for the projects. And finally the sketching session in the afternoon. 
Posted 7 May 2024 20:38
The second day started with the site analysis and brainstorming. Got many ideas for the landscape design. Ended up with a creative collage session. Thanks to the team for a productive day!
Posted 8 May 2024 20:06
Day 3 in MSA Live! We started with precedent analysis and group discussion to find an identity for the community center. Many great ideas, more plan sketching and brainstorming today. Good job!
Posted 9 May 2024 22:54
The fourth day we dedicated to Autocad tutorials and development of the building plans. Hope our younger colleagues obtained some new skills today.
Posted 17 May 2024 09:50
The working week started with the SketchUp tutorial, practicing to create a 3d site model. In the second part of the day we worked in smaller groups to develop materiality concept for the hall.
Posted 17 May 2024 09:58
Day 6 - moving towards presentation. Started working on a physical model to show our spatial design. Finalized our design and produced more drawings in cad.
Posted 17 May 2024 10:08
Just finished our phisical model. Moving on to produce 3D models and more for the submission this week.
Posted 17 May 2024 10:11
Day 8 - Spoiler for our presentation tomorrow..
Can`t wait to show our project to our collaborators.
Posted 17 May 2024 10:17
The final day in MSA live - presentation for the collaborators and community in Height Library!
Many thanks to our collaborators and the team. Great job!
Posted 17 May 2024 20:40