Hello, I’m Sarah!

I am in Praxxis atelier, MArch year 1. I finished my undergraduate studies at the Oxford School of Architecture and I am particularly interested in disaster relief designing.

I am super excited to be working on this project for Growing Togetherness, with an opportunity to create something needed for the community, and put our creative spin on it!

Outside of architecture, I enjoy knitting and making my own clothes, and I am currently training for a marathon this year.
Posted 5 Mar 2024 11:10
1. Our site is the Seedly Pavilion community cafe and gardens Buile Hill Park. It is the oldest park in Salford and has a busy community hub for local residents. The community consists of a true mixture from the affluent houses to the north of the site, to the social housing and affordable housing schemes to the south. The area of Seedly has featured high on the deprivation index for many years.

We are all eager to contribute to this community, and help the facilities which cater for the locals who use and love this community centre.

2. Upon our first site visit we walked the grounds and met with our main contact and lovely guide, Mark. We scoped the site and were able to have a look at the existing facilities and understand the desired improvements. Finally, we wrapped up with a lunch which Co-op kindly gifted the Growing Togetherness CIC for us!
Posted 10 Mar 2024 15:37
3. Upon this visit we were fortunate enough to engage with the users of the centre and really immerse ourselves within the Seedly community! After a morning of measuring our site and sketching our initial ideas, we had a masterclass in croquet from members of the Seedly Croquet team.

4. It was a lovely opportunity to play a series of matches with them and improve our croquet games. We learned how people tended to visit the pavilion 1-3 times a week, and regularly enjoyed it as their social space. The pavilion really caters to all, from croquet to musical evenings and bingo too.

It was lovely to meet everyone and we are excited for our next visit back, particularly all looking forward to another game of croquet in the summer time.
Posted 10 Mar 2024 15:44