Hi, I’m Lucy!

I’m originally from Brighton and completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Bath. During my placement year, I worked for Buckley Gray Yeoman Architects in their Bristol office, and I am now a member of the FLUX atelier at the MSA.

My hobbies include travelling, festivals, snowboarding and climbing. I think that this project in Marple offers a really fun opportunity for testing imaginative, fun ideas and pushing the limits - I’m excited to see what we come up with!

A fun fact about me is that I am training for a 1000km cycle from the UK to Spain in the summer.
Posted 5 Mar 2024 22:48
Our site, Marple, is located close to the Peak District and surrounded by beautiful views to the countryside and canals. Located in the Stockport Council district, it has a rich industrial history and a strong community spirit, with a huge variety of community groups who are committed to enhancing the town and its surroundings.

The project provides an exciting opportunity to reimagine the future of Marple, enhancing the existing vibrancy and community spirit of the town whilst embracing ‘big ideas’ and creative thinking.

The core brief is a public realm enhancement scheme, designing a series of interactive installations throughout varied and exciting sites in Marple, which will establish a new route through the town, creating new incentives for increased use of the public realm and strengthening the social fabric. The proposals will additionally enhance and celebrating the existing assets in the town, including the beautiful park overlooking the Peak District, pedestrianised shopping streets and picturesque canals. The project may involve street furniture, sculpture and planting proposals, but the collaborators are keen to embrace any inventive ideas regarding alternative proposals. Our collaborators are hoping that the ideas generated from our project will fire up the imaginations of the residents of Marple, to encourage them to think outside the box about the potential of their town.

As the project is primarily about communicating big ideas which will generate enthusiasm within the community, it will encourage full creative freedom to push the limits of architectural thinking and presentation skills. The project will also facilitate development of software, visualisation, presentation and model-making skills.

Marple Civic Society was formed in 1961 with a vision of ensuring that Marple would be a ‘good place to live, work and visit’. The organisation takes an active role in shaping the future of the town and ensuring that Marple will be an increasingly vibrant and sustainable place in which to lead fulfilling lives, through projects such as consultations involving the Marple Leisure and Community Hub, and tree planting initiatives. As residents of Marple, our enthusiastic and inspiring collaborators - Joe, Andrew, Greg and Phil - are invested in the potential of our project to spark new conversations about future possibilities for Marple.
Posted 10 Mar 2024 17:55