Group 39

Flag Lane Bath, located at a prominent spot in Crewe, was closed down a few years ago despite its rich historical significance and longstanding service to the community. The proposed project aims to breathe new life into this iconic building, by adapting it for reuse, envisioning a public space with area for a gallery of the history of the Crewe baths. The primary objective is to generate initial concepts for the gallery and provide the client with immersive 3D visualizations. Diving into the building’s history and engaging with the local community will be integral to the process. This ensures a thoughtful and community-centric repurposing of this valuable asset for the benefit of Crewe’s residents in the coming years.

Rebecca W / Luke W / Alima Inès V / Shreya Reddy K / Mallika P

Our Site!

The Flag Lane Baths project is situated in the heart of Crewe town. Our site visit consisted of an investigation into the current site conditions and scale as well as a general tour of Crewe so we could better understand the community feel of the place.

A trip to the local library to kickstart some initial research highlighted the historical impact the Crewe swimming baths once had for many living there, and made apparent to us the strong sense of camaraderie behind the project and from our collaborators.

Site Address: Crewe Swimming Baths, Flag Ln, Crewe, CW2 7QX
Posted 16 Feb 2024 15:07
Hello, I'm Mallika!

I am from Hong Kong and have done my BArch at the University of Nottingham. I have also worked at Batterham Smith Architects and Stonewood Design prior to joining the MArch course at the Manchester School of Architecture, where I am in the FLUX Aterlier.

My interests include sketching, bouldering, and tattooing. I am excited to be working on Flag Lane Baths and am looking forward to seeing where this journey takes us!
Posted 16 Feb 2024 21:07
Hello, I'm Rebecca!

I am from Cardiff and have recently completed my BArch at Loughborough University. During my placement year, I worked at HCL Architects in Paddington and I am now part of FLUX Atelier at the Manchester School of Architecture.

My architectural interests include working with community spaces and developing a project narrative from historical investigation. I enjoy sketching and diagramming to communicate proposal ideas and work mostly in Photoshop and Rhino for 3D visualisations.

My interests include playing badminton, cooking and baking. I am excited to be working on Flag Lane Baths as I feel the project demonstrates what a good use of community input can achieve in the world of design.
Posted 18 Feb 2024 17:02
Hello, I'm Luke!

I am from Bristol. I completed my BA (Hons) in Architecture at Leeds Beckett University, which later led me to work at the landscape firm 'Churchman Thornhill Finch', where I focused on urban design and sustainability. At MSA, I am currently in the CPU Atelier. This has allowed me to showcase my work through models, sketches, and digital visuals, particularly on Procreate, which I enjoy doing in my spare time.

I'm eager to contribute to the Flag Lane Baths project with my group, aiming to rejuvenate this historic site into a dynamic community asset with a strong emphasis on innovative solutions and engaging the community.
Posted 19 Feb 2024 17:45
Hello, I'm Alima!

I was born in France and have lived in Switzerland for over 10 years, where I completed my BSc. in Architecture at EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology). I spent my 3rd year in Stuttgart studying the Weißenhof before working as an intern in a small bureau in Lausanne. Now at MSA, I am part of the Continuity Atelier, which allows me to use my interest for drawing, scenography and writing as tools for my designs.

Added to that, my hobbies involve boxing, cinema, reading, and visiting museums/galleries. I am thus thrilled to take part in this project asking us to design an exhibition through research and community engagement, and I am excited to see how it will contribute to the neighborhood.
Posted 20 Feb 2024 06:07
Hello, I'm Shreya!

I am from India. I hold a bachelor's degree in Architecture from CMR University School of Architecture, where I explored architecture through physical model making. Following my undergraduate studies, I gained valuable experience by working for a year at Design Front Architects, contributing to the execution of five residential projects. Currently, I am pursuing my Master of Architecture at MSA as a part of CPU Atelier. This has been an enriching experience, allowing me to explore innovative computational design methods and acquire proficiency in new modelling software like Rhino and Revit.

The Flag Lane Baths project is an exciting opportunity for me to immerse myself in the challenges and creativity of repurposing a historically significant building. I am eager to explore how this structure, with its rich history, can seamlessly integrate into and contribute to the community.

I am enthusiastic about the prospects of this project and eagerly anticipate the unique learning experiences it will offer.

Posted 1 Mar 2024 18:20
Deep Dives and Design: Reflecting on Our Poster Progress

Our team journeyed through the narratives and colours shaping Flag Lane Baths this week. In our meeting on 20/02, we aimed to encapsulate this essence in our poster's palette—selecting shades that speak of the past with a modern twist.

Our brainstorming brought various ideas, seen through the poster iterations we designed before deciding on a final design. A slogan and a design strategy intertwine our project's rich history with the community at its core.

"DEEP DIVE: into the Flag Lane Baths" isn't just a catchphrase; our story's title underscores our dive into the archives and engagement with the locals.

We refined our visuals with these elements to ensure they were seen and felt. You will see them around MTC as soon as action week approaches.

We are excited about the start of a chapter we can't wait to unfold with you.
Posted 11 Mar 2024 20:17
Action Planning for May

Across the two weeks in May, we plan to coordinate members into two key groups: a Design Team and a Research Team. Whether a particular team approach takes your fancy or you want to develop new skills alongside us, the creation of teams provides a structure to fall back against for the upcoming weeks and a focus on achieving main goals.

In Week 1 the whole group will visit Crewe to undertake some important activities regarding site visits or community engagement. We will revisit the site at the end of Week 2 for the final exhibition of our proposal to the public!

Posted 11 Mar 2024 20:56