Group 31

Embracing the ethos of modernity and comfort, we embark on a visionary endeavor to reintroduce the iconic Manchester Airport chandeliers to Terminal 2. Originally gracing the halls of Terminal 1, these majestic fixtures were a beacon of elegance until their removal in 2002 during a period of refurbishment. Their return ignites a wave of nostalgia among travelers, evoking cherished memories of journeys past. In our pursuit to create an environment that is both contemporary and welcoming, the chandeliers will reclaim their status as a focal point within the terminal. Symbolizing the airport's reverence for its history and its unwavering commitment to a sustainable future, this restoration project embodies a harmonious blend of tradition and progress. At the heart of our endeavor lies a deep-rooted connection with the local community, a bond that has flourished over the years. Through channels of engagement, ranging from gathering design inspiration to offering educational programs on history, science, and sustainability, we endeavor to ensure that the community remains an integral part of this transformative journey. This initiative not only offers an opportunity for students to partake in a real-world project but also presents a canvas for creativity and collaboration. By contributing to the restoration of these iconic chandeliers, students will not only enrich their portfolios but also hone their design acumen through meaningful engagement and shared vision.

Lydia E / Prisha S / Manuela O / Xilong S / Rajan Anilkumar R

Hii! I'm Manuela!

I am a fifth-year architecture student currently studying in Flux Atelier. I completed my undergraduate at De Montfort University and worked for a year as a Part 1 assistant at Maber Architects in Nottingham.

I am interested in how we can combine the cinematic world with architecture and especially all things stage/set design. I love working on small installations and designs that require some thought and theory! I am imaginative and always look for unconventional mediums to inspire how I work within this field.

I am a big traveler, love reading (at least a book a week!), and being active through the gym and runs!

I am looking forward to bringing this project alive and working with you to create a meaningful piece of art that will be displayed for thousands to see as they jet off! ✈️
Posted 11 Mar 2024 12:34
Greetings, I am Rajan.

A native of Mumbai, India, and currently pursuing my studies in M.Arch-1 at CPU [Ai]. My academic journey began at KRVIA, Mumbai, where I immersed myself in architecture, art, and fashion, igniting a fervent passion for creative expression.

With an ardent love for gastronomy, architecture, and art I seamlessly meld my pursuits with my artistic endeavors, crafting a canvas that reflects my imagination. Following my undergraduate studies, I ventured into professional practice and freelance design, driven by an unwavering dedication to the transformative power of art.

Enthralled by the prospect of this collaborative venture, I am particularly drawn to the interplay of chandeliers and installations, viewing them as vessels for the exploration of diverse narratives and interpretations. As an extroverted individual, I find joy in traversing the rich tapestry of global cultures, indulging in pop culture, fashion events, astrology, and culinary experimentation.

Empowered by my proficiency in architectural representation and mixed media, I eagerly anticipate the fruition of this project—a culmination of all that I hold dear. With excitement coursing through my veins, I envision an endeavor brimming with timeless elegance and expressive potential.
Posted 11 Mar 2024 15:51
Hiya, my name is Lydia.

I am an architecture master's student [SKN atelier] who studied their undergraduate course at the University of Bath.

During my two years out and university placement year I have accumulated experience on projects of various scales. Most recently, I have been a Part 1 Architectural Assistant at Leslie Jones in London. This included working on the Birmingham HS2 project and Pittsburgh Airport.

I have also had experience as a Junior Interior Designer at Perkins&Will, as well as mixed-used architecture work here and there for care homes, commercial and residential projects.

My hobbies include painting, reading, gaming, and eating ramen with friends. 🍜
Posted 11 Mar 2024 16:20
Hello, I'm Prisha Shinde!

I'm from Pune, Maharashtra, India. I've travelled my entire life, and one thing that has always captivated me is the distinct architecture of the magnificent towns and nations I've visited. I wanted to study architecture and elope in that world.

I received my Part 1 (Bachelor's in Architecture) from Pune, India. I've also taken a couple online courses on Sustainable Design and Bio-Integrated Design. I've also worked with Amit Bhatt Architects, a well-known architecture practice in Pune, and The Design Gesture, an architectural writing firm. I am afifth-year architecture student currently studying in Praxxis Atelier.

I enjoy travelling, cooking, reading, and coffee is the Love of my Life.

Fun fact: I've never stayed in one area for more than two years. ✈
Posted 11 Mar 2024 16:44
Hihi, I am Xilong Shi.

I am a year-5 Architecture student studying in CPU Atelier. I earned my Bachelor’s degree in 2021 and completed my Part 1 qualification in 2023. With two years in a specialised sports and leisure architecture practice, I have honed my skills in merging creativity with functionality. I am also a globetrotter who has explored over twenty countries around the world, it makes me draw inspiration from diverse cultures and landscapes.
Posted 11 Mar 2024 18:00