Banuchichak I

Group 30



ARCHITECTURAL INTERESTS: At the moment most of my interests join forces with my university projects, for my studio project I'm exploring the intersection of feminism and architecture, aiming to design spaces that meet community needs through an inclusive lens. I am also writing my dissertation, which delves into the influence of freedom and media on architecture in my country, Azerbaijan.

PART 1 EXPERIENCE: Between my Bachelor's and Master's, I snagged an amazing chance to work at one of the biggest architectural firms in my hometown Baku, Azerbaijan. I got to work on some important projects, including designing the headquarters for a major government organization in my country. Besides the big projects, I also got my hands on smaller ones, which was great for picking up a mix of skills.

SPARE TIME: In my spare time, I'm all about exploring new places, experimenting in cooking up some new recipes, and capturing moments through photography. I'm a big movie fan, always up for a good film, and nothing beats quality time with my loved ones.
Posted 11 Mar 2024 14:24
Client and Site Overview:

Located in the heart of West Cumbria, the Florence Arts Centre is a keystone of cultural and artistic effort, standing nearby to the historic Florence Mine. As a Grade II Listed site recognized by Historic England, the mine is celebrated as one of the nation’s most whole examples of an iron mining pit head, capturing a valuable history of England's industrial past. The closure of Florence Mine echoes extensive historical changes in mining and steel production, marking an evolution from industrial powerhouse to cultural space.

Today, the Arts Centre blossoms as a radiant hub for creativity and community engagement, housing a gallery, performance spaces, and artist studios. The Centre not only supports local artists through its commitment to sustainable creative practices but also actively involves the community through workshops and educational programs. Unique to this site, two full-time paint makers utilize the historically mined iron ore to create paints, pastels, and inks, intertwining the legacy of the mine with contemporary artistic practice.
Posted 11 Mar 2024 15:53
Meeting 1:

It was great to kick off our project with the first meeting where we all got to introduce ourselves and dive into our aspirations and plans for the Florence Arts Centre project.

We all shared a bit about why we’re drawn to this project, and it was inspiring to hear the range of interests across the group. We discussed how we’ll share the workload, seeking to support tasks with our individual skills and interests for maximum efficiency and enjoyment.

Our immediate next step is to start exploring ideas we discussed further and looking for ways of possible site visit, as the location of our site is a bit far from Manchester. Each of us delved into our assigned areas, gathering information and inspiration to share at our next meeting, to help us refine our concepts.
Posted 11 Mar 2024 16:11
Meeting 2:

One of the highlights of our second meeting was the brainstorming session for our project poster. We discussed various concepts that could capture the essence of our project, aiming to communicate our vision clearly and attractively. Ideas ranged from incorporating elements of the mine’s industrial heritage to showcasing the potential transformations we envision for the entrance space.

Each of us came back supplied with new information and ideas sparked by our individual explorations and reflections since our first meeting. Whether it was sustainable material options, or community engagement strategies, it was helpful to share these findings with each other.

Given the delay in our site visit, we chose to move forward, by using the information already at our disposal. We worked on how to structure our action weeks to truly reflect the spirit of the art gallery, ensuring maximal creative freedom for everyone involved.
Posted 11 Mar 2024 16:22
Ideas and sketches:

We came up with some cool ideas and sketches during our talks. We wanted our poster to show what our project is about in a fun and creative way. We're also planning cool stuff for the action weeks and to get things ready before they start, so we can have a great two weeks full of fun.
Posted 11 Mar 2024 16:59
Meeting 3:

In our third meeting, we had the wonderful opportunity to meet with Sue Mackay, the director of the centre, in person for the first time. This meeting was a significant milestone for our project, as it allowed us to connect directly with the heart of the gallery. Sue presented an insightful overview of the gallery, introducing its core values, history, and the impact she hopes our project will have. Her presentation was not only informative but also truly inspiring, setting a clear vision for what we are working towards.

Following Sue's introduction, we had the chance to share our ideas and the progress we've made so far. This exchange was incredibly beneficial, as it provided us with direct feedback from the very person who knows the gallery inside and out.

Posted 11 Mar 2024 17:07
What's Next for Our Project:

After our informing meeting with Sue Mackay, we're all exited for the next steps in our journey. We are planning to visit the centre very soon. This visit isn't just a chance to see the space; it's an opportunity to dive deeper into our project. We plan to capture every moment, from videos and photos to sketches, ensuring we have a rich collection of materials to share during the action weeks.

We’re also fine-tuning the schedule for our action weeks. We're putting together a lineup of activities, workshops, and brainstorming sessions designed to maximize our productivity and creativity. And, of course, we're buzzing with excitement at the thought of meeting our full group in person. The chance to collaborate, share ideas, and embark on this creative journey together is what we've been looking forward to.

We can't wait to start this creative adventure with everyone, bringing our ideas to life and making a meaningful contribution to the Florence Arts Centre. Let's make these two weeks unforgettable!
Posted 11 Mar 2024 17:23