Sourabh Rajshekhar S

Group 29

Hello, I'm Sourabh!

I am from India. I hold a bachelor's degree in Architecture from the University of Pune. Following my undergraduate studies, I gained valuable experience as an architecture design intern and later as a self-practicing architect, completing several residential projects. I am pursuing an MA in Architecture + Adaptive Reuse as my master's course. This enriching experience has allowed me to investigate strategies for adaptive reuse - strategies that are not applied as a reaction to current conditions but in anticipation of future changes. My interests are exploring and documenting architectural heritage and precedents.
I'm eager to contribute to the Bradford Culture Connection project with my group. We aim to rejuvenate the road, a missing link to the city centre and the university campus site, into a dynamic community asset with a strong emphasis on innovative solutions and engaging the community.
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Intro. to MSA LIVE*
6th December 2023,
Our first meeting and introduction of 2 LIVE projects for
Bradford 2025

Introduction to our live project:
Culture Connection: To re-design a main side street of Great Horton Road that links the city centre to the university. This street could be re-imagined as one where the stunning architecture from the city centre mixes with an explosion of culture, colour, and excitement that leads you from the city centre up to Bradford University. The ‘Cultural Connection’ design must reflect Bradford's diverse student population and cultural heritage and support the day/night economy.
Great Horton Road, Bradford
[From the point of Odeon Cinema to the University of Bradford campus]
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30 January 2024,
We had our first team meeting, followed by a catch-up meeting online with our collaborator, Jade.

A quick meeting to get to know each other, a brainstorming session about ideas and objectives and a brief system of work were put forth.
Team Meetings every Wednesday morning from 10:00 to 11:00
Jake led our meetings. Organising our action plan early was vital, as was setting out tasks, deadlines, and checkpoints to ensure the project stayed on track.
Every Meeting had a summary outline to be followed for the next. A banter between Jake and Oliver was a must. :P
Meanwhile, a date for a site visit to Bradford was organised.
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Our Collaborator, Jade Ibeguna
21 February 2024
Jade is part of Bradford Council's Culture Department. She is our primary source of contact in Bradford and has been helping build the project's framework thus far. Jade will also allow us to communicate with stakeholders in the Bradford redevelopments and other important people involved.

As seen standing in the middle of the group photo in the Council Chamber room, Bradford City Hall.

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Visit to Bradford Site and Day proceedings
21 February 2024,

This is how our day went...

[Rains are expected whole day]
Arrive at Bradford Interchange – meet Jade

Arrive at City Hall, where we collect our Visitor badges and proceed to the Council Chamber – Rachel Firth + Len Palmer (Bradford Council City of Culture,2025)

We have an introductory session to Heritage Action Zone by –
Saira Alia, Richard Middleton and Phil Hargreaves (Bradford Council City of Culture,2025)

CHECK OUR NEXT POST for further Updates on this day's visit
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Visit to Bradford Site and Day proceedings
21 February 2024,

[Heavy rains and wind are expected to continue]

Tour 1 Walk through the Heritage Action Zone

Tour 2 Culture Connection, our site location
Walk along the Great Horton Road, stretching from Odeon Cinema to Bradford University Campus.
We had an insightful conversation with a Bradford University students and staff focus group.

Lunch at Bradford 2025 office, informal chat with Executive Director Dan Bates

We got *FREE PIZZA* for lunch : P

CHECK OUR NEXT POST for the final update on this day's visit
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Visit to Bradford Site and Day proceedings
21 February 2024

Arrive again at Council Chamber: Project planning – reflection and next steps!
Discuss proposed interventions, limitations, and possibilities with Jade and exchange ideas.

End of Day back to base MCR

[Rain stops. Sun is Out]

An eventful day indeed!

Look out for our next posts for further updates!
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