Group 23

Discover Sale's hidden gem with Group 23! Be a part of something meaningful as we collaborate with Emporium M33, a unique gathering place for local artisans and businesses in Sale. Our project aims to elevate Emporium M33's visibility, promoting its diverse offerings and strengthening its role as a hub of creativity. Project Focus: We're on a mission to create a buzz around Emporium M33! From a modern website highlighting traders to captivating signage that guides visitors through the space, our project aims to enhance the Emporium's identity and appeal. During Action Week, get ready to implement our plans for Emporium M33 with tasks like signage design and community outreach. This week is all about making a difference and gaining hands-on experience.

James K / Amber R / Yuji H / Amira AN

Hi there, I'm Amber

Course/Studio: Infrastructure Space, MArch
Skills: Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Revit, Sketch Up, AutoCAD, Vectorworks

I studied at De Montfort for my undergrad and worked at MDA during my year out, working in depth on technical design for a residential renovation and extension. Outside of Architectural work, I love to spend time in nature, climbing, and generally pushing my limits. I love experiencing new things - one which this project will definitely achieve!
Posted 11 Mar 2024 13:40
Hi guys! I'm Yuji Hirota

Course: Architecture & Adaptive Reuse
Skills: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, Rhinoceros, SketchUp, AutoCAD, Qgis

I'm studying the possibility of adapting historic buildings to contemporary design to fulfill prospective demands and trends. Indeed, this programme is relevant to my interest in how existing buildings and living environments can be redesigned on a different scale, rooted in my previous master's course, Architecture and Urban Design, at Meiji University in Japan.

Apart from my academics, I've always liked indulging myself in travelling, sketching, and watching anime. Traveling allows me to discover new things and inspires me, which enhances my creativity. Also, I love to meet new people and experience new fashion, food and smells at local retail shops and markets.

I am incredibly excited about the prospect of this project and eager to explore the limitless possibilities of design.
Posted 11 Mar 2024 13:54
Hi there, I'm James

Course/Studio: Flux, MArch

Skills: Adobe Creative Suite, Revit, Sketch Up, AutoCAD, Enscape

I graduated from Sheffield Hallam University, specialising in sustainability within the built environment. During my year out at Scott Brownrigg in Guildford, I focused on mixed-use office and laboratory new builds, I refined my skills in technical design, project management, and the integration of sustainable principles into architectural projects. Outside of architecture, you'll find me scaling cliffs, hiking remote trails, and attempting to snowboard (though I'll admit, I'm not the best!)

I'm excited to work on this project with Emporium M33 and collaborate with the students who will be joining us. Let's create something amazing together!
Posted 11 Mar 2024 14:18
Hi, I’m Amira.
Course/Studio: MArch, Continuity.
Skills: Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Revit, Sketch Up, AutoCAD, Enscape

I’m originally from London but did my undergraduate at the University of Liverpool and stayed there to complete my Part 1 with Ryder Architecture where I still work part-time in Manchester.

Outside of architecture, I play netball and enjoy running, hiking, drawing and cycling.
Posted 11 Mar 2024 19:05
We are excited to kick off our collaboration with Emporium M33! Meet our team alongside Scott Lyon (Owner), Claire Hines and Carolyn Jackson (small business owners).

The Site:
Our project centres around Emporium M33, a three-story Victorian building within the town of Sale. This unique space houses a mix of approximately 50 local, independent businesses. From artisan crafters to a café and everything in between, Emporium M33 serves as a shared space for creativity and community in Sale.

The Brief:
Emporium M33, though brimming with character and offerings, often goes unnoticed by the foot traffic of Sale's town centre. Our mission is to change that. As a collective of makers, crafters, and retailers within Emporium M33, we're embarking on a campaign to raise awareness both locally and online. Our aim? To showcase the value, creativity, and uniqueness of Emporium M33, transforming it into a thriving hub that supports local businesses and charities alike.

About the Collaborators:
Joining forces with us are Scott Lyon, the passionate owner of Emporium M33, Claire Hines and Carolyn Jackson, dedicated small business owners within the space. Together with Scott, Claire, and Carolyn, we're excited to reimagine Emporium M33 and strengthen its ties to the Sale community.
Posted 21 Mar 2024 12:35