Group 17

Heaton Mersey Village Conservation Group (HMVCG) is powered by the energy of dedicated volunteers, tending to greens and orchestrating events that ignite community spirit. With the introduction of their whimsical dog-themed sculpture trail, they are set to transform the pavilion into a lively hub! We're rallying for your support to craft a dynamic space, where innovation and enthusiasm converge. Join our student-led team as we reimagine spaces and breathe life into the park and its pavilion. Together, let's fashion a flexible design that meet their needs and create a graphic map for the Mersey greens!

Mustafa Cem T / Pak Ling W / Wenjie Z / Maiwenn Louise Felicitee LB / Rodrigo UG

Hello, I am in March 1, Infrastructure Space.
I am originally from Leeds.
I am passionate about reuse, sustainability and creating architecture that can positively impact peoples lives. I am particularly interested in how we can form more harmonious and united communities through the use of architecture.
Posted 6 Mar 2024 18:27
Hello, I am Maiwenn, originally from France. I am a March 1 in Infra. Skills: Sketch Up, AutoCAD, Adobe suite, Escape, Rhino & grasshopper. I like painting, urban sketching and going on small adventures.
Posted 6 Mar 2024 19:32
Hello, I'm Rodrigo, originally from Mexico. I am a March 1 in SKN.
Skills: Adobe Suite, CAD, Rhino, and hand drawing.
I really enjoy drawing maps and morning coffee. Nice to meet you!

Posted 9 Mar 2024 16:27
Hello, I am a March 1 student studying in the atelier - CPU(ai).
I came from Hong Kong and also did my Part 1 in MSA.
I am fascinated by architecture's blend of art and functionality and find joy in exploring diverse designs and historical influences, appreciating how structures shape our surroundings and experiences.
Posted 9 Mar 2024 16:30
Wenjie Zeng
MA Adaptive reuse
Skill: Rhino, Sketch up, Auto CAD, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign
I have studied landscape, interior design and graphic design, and I am very interested in sketching and discovering the relationship between the new and old buildings. Nice to meet you.
Posted 9 Mar 2024 19:39
Meet the Collaborators!
Today, we met on site with our collaborators from the Heaton Mersey Village Conservation Group. Our collaborators are passionate about conserving and promoting Heaton Mersey's greenspaces and heritage assets. They are keen to work with us to create fresh design concepts for their existing pavilion buildings to be transformed into multi-use community spaces which positively impact social interaction in the community. They would also like to see how we can work together to map and better connect the park to improve community interaction with the various attractions of the park.
Posted 11 Mar 2024 20:32
Site Measuring.
We have visited the site to conduct our initial measuring of the existing pavilion structures. Join our team to gain further experience in site measuring and gathering information from existing structures. This data will be used to produce our design concepts during the action weeks, using various CAD tools and rendering software.
Posted 11 Mar 2024 21:29
Explore Heaton Mersey Park!
Our collaborators provided us with a full tour of the park. We discussed how various areas can be better linked and how we can build on the existing events hosted in the park to further improve community interaction. The activities currently provided aim to tackle issues such as loneliness and anti-social behavior.
Join our group to explore everything Heaton Mersey Park has to offer and sketch your ideas for how to promote the park and generate new ideas to improve community interaction.
Posted 11 Mar 2024 21:49
Walk around Heaton Mersey Park's dog sculpture trail!
HMVCG have placed a trail of dog sculptures around the park to encourage visitors to move around the various areas of the park. Dog walkers often use the green spaces of the park and these sculptures are representative of them. We as a team have explored this trail and you can too! Join us as we look to map the dog sculptures and different areas of the park to improve navigation of the park and make people more aware of everything the park has to offer.
Posted 13 Mar 2024 14:47
We have explored the various green spaces of the park and you can too!
Heaton Mersey Park features a park and bowling green, nature park with an orchard, and the Heaton Mersey Common. Join us as we look to map these different areas of the park and link them together, improving visitor awareness of what the park has to offer and where different areas are located.
Posted 18 Mar 2024 13:51