Heyyy :D

My name is Dakun Wang, a Chinese. Currently, I'm studying Architecture and Adaptive Reuse, which makes me so excited! Actually, this programme is my interdisciplinary learning experience after my bachelor. I graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts with a degree in home product design.

In addition to my extraordinary interest in architecture, I am so good at model-making. I have done some nice LEGO MOCs for rereading the real life. Of course, there are many prototypes for my projects as well. Beyond the study experience, I'm also a big fan of movies and Nintendo. That is why I chose this topic, I know the value of innocence and the endless possibilities it can bring.
Posted 10 Mar 2024 22:16
Visiting Oswald Road Primary School

We had an exciting site visit with Helen, Christian and Laura. The trip started from Oswald Road, as we took a stroll through Longford Road, Manchester Road and back through Nicolas Road. We saw a lot of beautiful buildings around the campus like the Chorlton Library and the school’s new extension which morphed into the old building. It inspired on ideas about the project and how we can take it further. The visit pushed us to explore different ways in which we can deliver the modules to the children. Overall, an eventful day which brought a fresh perspective to our project.
Posted 14 Mar 2024 18:28
Second meeting at Oswald Road Primary School!

We had a lovely conversation with Laura, Helen, and Christian about the activity details that we had finalised. We plan to divide the campus site into 3 parts to let the children design in different ways and stimulate the children's potential as much as possible, which the tutors thought was exciting. Besides, we also talked about the final display and where we could take the exhibition. Some materials and methods were advised as well.

It was a fantastic day with acknowledgement, which also inspired us to make greater efforts.
Posted 18 Mar 2024 22:15