The first meeting with our enthusiastic cooperators at the Hulme Hippodrome !

Visiting our MSA LIVE site, the Hulme Hippodrome', we were able to explore a historic and magnificent theater following the guidance of the collaborators. It was a time to imagine how beautifully this place could be reborn as we looked around both the interior and exterior of the building.
Posted 27 Feb 2024 22:22
Our second meeting at the Central Library Manchester, and the Hulme Hippodrome again !

We visited the Central Library to gather data on the Hulme Hippodrome. With the assistance of the Special Collections' staff at the Central Library, we reviewed and scanned old architectural drawings and official documents. After completing our data collection, we revisited the Hulme Hippodrome to reexamine the details we may have missed during our first visit and engage in discussions about what imaginative additions could be made to the facade of this magnificent theater building.

After completing all the meeting schedules, some members of the group visited the Hulme High Street Library to explore the physical building model created during last year's MSA LIVE project.
Posted 27 Feb 2024 22:44
Second meeting with our great tutor!

We got our second meeting with our kind tutor Mr Edward Fox at the MSA building. He gave us lots of inspiration. We discussed about our further outputs which include the budget plan, the action plan, and the poster.
Posted 1 Mar 2024 16:15
Hi! I’m Kyungho. You can also call me Peter.

I’m from Korea. Before starting my master’s course at the Manchester School of Architecture, I achieved my bachelor’s and master’s degree in architecture at University of Seoul. I worked as an assistant researcher at University of Seoul Institute of Urban Science during my master’s course in Korea.

I am currently studying MA Architecture and Adaptive Reuse. I'm interested in giving new opportunities to abandoned or neglected buildings through reuse strategies, providing people with new experiences. Such reuse is also an architectural challenge crucial in addressing the climate crisis we face today.

Our group's project aims to revitalize the long-standing theater, Hulme Hippodrome, through our fresh imagination!
Posted 12 Mar 2024 19:44