Hi there, I'm Jason !

My academic path started with a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Huddersfield, followed by nearly two years of immersive work experience at ALNBM Architects. There, my focus was primarily on residential development projects and mid-scale refurbishment and reuse projects.

Outside of my professional life, I'm passionate about exploration, photography, and playing badminton. Currently, I'm embarking on an exciting project to explore and understand Stockport better. I'm eager to see where this new adventure leads us!
Posted 12 Mar 2024 16:57
Journey to wayfinding: Action Plan Unveiled!
We are absolutely thrilled to share the beginning of the action plan we've passionately crafted to chart our journey and celebrate each step of our wayfinding project. It's not just a roadmap; it's the heartbeat of our team and the adventure ahead!

Our action-packed journey begins with a dynamic first day filled with exciting interactions. We’ll be welcoming our innovative new team members from Landscape Design, BA1, and BA2. The day is set to spark connections with an ice-breaking session, followed by an engaging project introduction, a hands-on site visit, and a session of interactive sketching to capture fresh impressions from the site. It's essential that we all align perfectly with our shared visions and goals right from the start.

Moving forward, we'll dive into the brainstorming phase, where we'll break into small, focused groups of three to explore various facets of wayfinding. Each group will tackle dedicated tasks, honing our initial concepts into something tangible. We're all buzzing with anticipation for the next step—rolling up our sleeves for hands-on 3D concept modelling and production, all set to unfold over the next six days. And we can’t wait to showcase our progress to Peter, our esteemed client from Stockport.
Posted 7 May 2024 20:20
Our day began at Rhode Island Coffee in Stockport, where we carried hard copies of the interactive surveys we've developed over the last few weeks. These surveys are crucial for gathering detailed feedback directly from the community, enhancing our understanding of their needs and perceptions. Today, we started visiting local communities and neighbourhoods around the proposed Wayfind Path, fully prepared to engage deeply with residents and collect their valuable insights.

During our visits, we also had a meaningful conversation with a part-time artist who commutes from the Lake District to work in Stockport. He emphasised how a wayfinding strategy could significantly benefit the area, especially in revitalising the often isolated and overlooked Underbanks. Our interactive surveys are central to this effort, ensuring that the community's voices are heard and guide our actions. This initiative is quickly becoming an exciting exploration into the heart of Stockport's neighbourhoods, filled with discovery and opportunities for meaningful change.
Posted 8 May 2024 00:47
Day 5

The day began with a productive group discussion, ensuring everyone was on the same page with their tasks and objectives. Each team member is fully engaged, working diligently to reach their respective milestones.

The proposal for Gap Site 1 was refined and reconfigured into attachable pieces which can be assembled and disassembled to create a flexible space, also matching the low budget requirement demanded by the client.

Meanwhile, Gap Site 2 teams collaborated closely to develop adaptable spaces capable of accommodating bin storage and a community playground. Simultaneously, the wayfinding groups strategized using portable street furniture to guide more people into Underbank and to create an interactive street experience.

Everyone is very collaborative and energetic about bringing the ideas to life for Underbank wayfinding. We have also sent out emails to our client Peter to confirm the final meeting on the upcoming Friday and to present our fascinating ideas for wayfinding and the gap sites.
Posted 14 May 2024 17:34
The Gantt chart was created and shared with everyone to illustrate how tasks are broken down into smaller components, ensuring that everyone understands our project and milestones.

We are working closely to meet our milestones as originally planned. Despite taking longer to propose concept ideas during the action week, we have successfully managed to follow the Gantt chart we created. The Gantt chart has had a significant impact on the project's success, guiding us through each phase and helping us stay on track, culminating in the successful presentation of our final proposal to the client.
Posted 17 May 2024 12:36