Group 35

Have you ever sat in an empty car park with your friends or family? With the music blasting out of the car speakers, or sat in silence bonding over the little moments of life, having long lasting conversations? Well, ‘Park & Play’ aims to do just that! Join us to create a space where activities of the arts, music and culture overtake the Merseyway Carpark. We’re hoping to design a multifunctional venue where the community of Stockport can create the reminiscing memories that an empty car park does! In the past, the Stockport Council has organised an art battle in use of the car park. Due to that being deemed a success by both the council, the community and surrounding societies; we now aim to triple the effect by flexing the boundaries of what a car park is. During the two action weeks we will be creating design drawings, and illustrations to captivate the playful and versatile form that the car park can take! Thus, if you’re interested in adaptable, creative and community driven cultural projects, then this group is for you! All skills are at most valuable and we us a group, alongside the Stockport Council, would be delighted to have you!

Gaia DL / Riza I / Militsa C / Olayinka Abdulmalik F / Meng F

Hi, i'm Malik.

&rchitecture atelier MArch1

I completed my undergraduate at UWE Bristol and went on to work as a Part 1 Architectural Asssistant in London working on hospitality projects before moving to Manchester.

My Arch skills include Sketching, AutoCAD, Revit, Sketchup, Enscape, Illustrator, Indesign & Photoshop

I have a very strong interest in designing spaces which are a direct reflection of the people and context of the places they are designed in.

I am very excited to be working on developing this car park space into a vibrant event space that will be exciting to visit for Stockport residents and visitors

When i'm not working on architecture, I'm a massive sports fan who is interested in Man Utd and Formula 1. I am also a member of the MSSA Arch football society and have a love for photography.
Posted 10 Mar 2024 15:38
Hello, I'm Riza!

Originally from India, I hold a bachelor's degree in Architecture from Srinivas School of Architecture, India. Currently, I am pursuing my Master of Architecture at MSA as a part of Continuity Atelier.

The Merseyway car park project is an exciting opportunity for me to engage with the creative challenges of transforming a historically important building. I'm excited to discover how this structure, filled with history, can smoothly become a versatile event space, blending seamlessly into, and enhancing the community.

I'm excited to see how the project turns out, and I'm super excited for the unforgettable experience it's going to bring!

Skills : AutoCAD, SketchUP, Lumion, Photoshop, Revit, Model Making
Posted 10 Mar 2024 15:41
Hi, I'm Gaia!

I am from Italy and I completed my architecture undergraduate studies at Politecnico di Milano.
Afterwards, I started my master degree in building architecture and I am currently studying here at Manchester School of Architecture as an exchange student. I am in Continuity atelier, and I'm really excited to spend this semester here!

Skills: sketching, model making, AutoCAD, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Revit, Rhino, Sketchup, Qgis, Twinmotion
Posted 10 Mar 2024 16:02
Hi, I’m Mili!

Originally from Cyprus, I’ve spent the past four years in London to complete my Part I. I’ve studied for my BA in the University of the Arts London, and worked for a year in an architectural practice specialising in hotels, renovations and golf clubs.

Having just moved to Manchester for my masters, I’ve joined the CPU Atelier in aims to enhance my computational skills. My architectural skills include sketching, AutoCAD, Rhino, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and PremierePro.
Posted 10 Mar 2024 16:13

First group meeting on February 20th!
We met before the first tutorial to talk about our initials project ideas.
Posted 10 Mar 2024 16:21

Our site is the Merseway Car park, in Stockport and the client is the Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council.
The client's idea is to make the parking lot a flexible space for organizing different events for the community of Stockport and beyond.
Posted 10 Mar 2024 16:23

On February 21st we went to Stockport to meet the client and visit the project area.
Posted 10 Mar 2024 16:31

Second tutorial!
On the 6th of March, we met for the second tutorial.
We collected the information from the site visit and from the discussion with the client, and started to think about project ideas.
Posted 10 Mar 2024 16:34
Hey everyone, it's Meng!

I come from China, and before coming to Manchester for my studies, I lived and studied in China. After completing my five-year undergraduate studies, I took a gap year. Currently, I am pursuing a master's degree in MSA.

I have a great passion for watercolor painting and handmade model making. Additionally, I am proficient in using various modeling software to assist in my designs. Therefore, my architectural skills include AutoCAD, Rhino, Grasshopper, Sketchup, Model Making, Vary, and Indesign.

I am very excited to see how our Merseyway car park project will ultimately surprise Stockport. Moreover, I consider myself extremely fortunate to have encountered the perfect team. Each member has their own strengths, and collaborating with them made me learn a lot of skills!

Posted 11 Mar 2024 20:31