Hello, my name is Isaac.

I’m from Nigeria, I completed my Part 1 in Canterbury at the university for the creative arts. Then I moved to Birmingham to work for GNA for just over a year. I am currently in FLUX atelier at MSA. My architectural interests are mainly inspired by community development as well as housing and sports focused projects.

During my year out and undergrad, I have picked up 3D model making on various softwares, as well at sketching out ideas and creative realistic visuals. I am also a big fan of adobe creative suites as I love producing diagrams that can communicate ideas graphically.

Outside of architecture, I love watching sports and being involved in sports and activities like taking long walks and exploring the outdoors. I am also I big gamer when I have free time.

I look forward to meeting you all to work on this exciting project for the community.
Posted 11 Mar 2024 09:58
Day 5 - Group B

Today we have spent the morning looking and researching precedents to help improve the existing fabric of the Moss Side Powerhouse. Looking into new ways to be creative and express what the community of Moss Side means.
Later, we will look to start to create the new proposed details in CAD then move it to illustrator.
Posted 13 May 2024 12:01