Pengiran Nur Diyanah Atiqah PAHD

Group 21

Hi there, I'm Diyanah!
Atelier: Flux

I am from Brunei and have been working for 6 years before joining MSA, one year in Practice as Architectural Assistant in Brunei and 5 years with the Government of Brunei related to Architecture Role. I studied my Part 1 in Arts University Bournemouth back in 2016.

I am interested in creating something meaningful and a memorable experience to a space. I love traveling and exploring new places. Looking forward to be part of the team and meeting amazing people! Join us for creating an interactive space for people in Stockport.

Posted 28 Feb 2024 14:02
The second day began by sharing ideas, precedents and concepts. The team split off and began to develop ideas collaboratively! With creativity flowing, the design process moved quickly from a narrative, to zoning and then some sketch concepts for both of the teams! For the remainder of the morning before breaking for lunch we continued to create and shape what Stockport could be!

Lots of trace, scribbles and teamwork are a recipe for an intriguing design, who could have guessed! See you this afternoon!
Posted 9 May 2024 14:05
This afternoon marked the start of the process to develop the concept set out in the morning session. Ideas bouncing within groups before an afternoon presentation to each other! Utilising feedback from each of the presentations, both groups ventured onwards to create a working sketch proposal for our in person meeting with the collaborator!

To finish off a successful day, both teams combined for one final task to determine some questions for our collaborator. Many of these surrounded building regulations and site constraints with a challenging topography on the site and a fire escape intersecting the space! Very interesting stuff happening so keep your eyes peeled for more updates!
Posted 9 May 2024 14:06
Wednesday began with models being finalised for a complete set of drawings to be produced. Both teams were working in separate spaces today, with the permanent team taking residence in the CAD Lab in MTC and the temporary team working in the studio space. The teams are both working hard to iron out the creases before the afternoon's session, where we will be receiving a visit from Gemma Porter who works in the Design Department at MMU.

The team began to collate images in to a presentation for the afternoon, to highlight and showcase the design intentions for both schemes with work well underway to creating the booklet! The morning session has certainly been action packed but it will be amazing to see all the hard work pay off in the afternoon!

See you after lunch! :)
Posted 15 May 2024 16:14
The afternoon session began with our visit from Gemma, she is involved with coordinating the university-wide Arts Council Cultural Development, which is a funded project for the Stockport Creative Campus. Matt introduced the project and talked through the brief from Stockport Council, explaining some of the intricacies of the site and the finer details required for the project!

The temporary team began the presentation explaining the narrative and how the initial ideas had been developed over the course of the past week. The presentation then moved on to a visual walkthrough of the site utilising Enscape as a design tool to emerge Gemma within the proposal and highlight the use cases for the modules! The permanent team followed on from that with an amazing presentation walking through the design stages and the latest iterations, with draft plans and elevations being showcased to help 'sell' the project.

Before the teams finished for the day, some initial cost estimates were completed for both the proposals to ensure that they are feasible within a local authority budget. By doing these cost estimates, it gives the collaborator an idea of what each scheme will cost and an idea of how elements from each design can be taken forward and combined to create a workable solution for them!

A massive thank you to Gemma for coming along and giving some insight in to creative brands located in Stockport to further strengthen the team's narrative. Can't wait to showcase what both teams have been cooking up later in the week!
Posted 15 May 2024 16:14