Hello, I'm Prisha Shinde!

I'm from Pune, Maharashtra, India. I've travelled my entire life, and one thing that has always captivated me is the distinct architecture of the magnificent towns and nations I've visited. I wanted to study architecture and elope in that world.

I received my Part 1 (Bachelor's in Architecture) from Pune, India. I've also taken a couple online courses on Sustainable Design and Bio-Integrated Design. I've also worked with Amit Bhatt Architects, a well-known architecture practice in Pune, and The Design Gesture, an architectural writing firm. I am afifth-year architecture student currently studying in Praxxis Atelier.

I enjoy travelling, cooking, reading, and coffee is the Love of my Life.

Fun fact: I've never stayed in one area for more than two years. ✈
Posted 11 Mar 2024 16:44
On day 3, we continued to explore and refine the ideas from day two. We focused more on understating new ideas each student had individually. They proposed novel approaches to the identity of the North. It was beneficial to have one-on-one engagement while also determining the three key elements that emerged: Skyline/landscape, Nature/rain, Connectivity, and Materiality.
Posted 17 May 2024 15:20
Day 4 was a fun and insightful visit to Lazerian studio, the artist who collaborated with us, Liam Hopkins. We were given a tour of Liam Hopkins' prior works and a glimpse into his artistic process. Over 50+ boxes of glass droplets were delivered to the studio. We divided into three groups, each capturing a unique sense of the North, to create three major concept designs. Liam demonstrated how the mechanism for suspending the glass droplets works and how it could be integrated into the new chandelier designs. We were able to split everyone into groups depending on how similar the concepts were. This allowed us to develop different concepts into one.
Posted 17 May 2024 15:21