Group 39

We will be working with Gorse Hill Studios Creative Community (GHS) to propose a safer, more accessible outdoor space for the young generation. Gorse Hill Studios is a youth arts charity organization located in Stretford, in the south of Manchester. They believe that young people have the right to social, emotional and cultural investment in the future. During COVID-19 lockdown, they saw opportunity in the garden space to contribute to the ongoing project of ‘Lost Safe Spaces’ that offered a safe escape for the young people in need. Our project aims to connect with the people from GHS community, especially the young people, to create the most ideal design for their outdoor space. We will be holding a site visit to engage with them during the action weeks and will be proposing both temporary and permanent options with small scale physical prototypes.

Yuexuan M / Qihao R / Tak L / Magdeline DW / Amelia S

The first meeting between team members and collaborators

The cooperators state the design requirements and sketch the sites.

Project Introduction:
Gorse Hill Studios (GHS) is a Youth & Community arts Charity based in south Manchester, the building and the space is an important part of the organisation, and the collaborator's vision is to make the area more accessible and match the needs of the people they serve, the space for us to design is an open and flexible garden in front of the building. The collaborator seeks an approach to develop a functional outdoor space for artwork exhibitions surrounded by green elements.
Posted 7 Mar 2023 15:07
The first time of the site visit to the Gorse Hill Studio.

The garden in front of the building is small and faces many problems wait to be solved like side street noise and sunlight, etc. The narrow space also requires us to come up with a design approach to maximize the garden space area, try to design a furniture can satisfy the needs of both art exhibitions and feature of flexibility.

Our initial idea is to design a foldable furniture which can transform into a display board during the exhibition time and folded into a small block during the daily used to maximize the space area. At the meantime, we should also give this furniture a movable feature that can used to be a road guide for users.
Posted 7 Mar 2023 15:22
Posted 7 Mar 2023 16:13
Tak Yung Jacqueline Lau
Atelier // Infrastructure Space
Qualification // BA in Architecture at Manchester School of Architecture
Skills // Sketch up, AutoCAD, Adobes
Hobbies // Dance, Photography
Fun Fact // I'm fluent in three languages (kind of)
Posted 12 Mar 2023 18:52
Magdeline De Witt
Atelier // MAKING
Qualification // BDes from The University of Melbourne
Skills // Adobe Suite, Rhino, Grasshopper, Lumion, Enscape, Bluebeam, Autodesk (Revit, Navisworks)
Hobbies // Eating, really.
Fun Fact // I can order food in Korean :D
Posted 12 Mar 2023 19:08
Amelia Sarles
Atelier // Praxxis
Qualification // BA University of Sheffield
Skills // Adobe programmes, Revit
Hobbies // gym, life drawing
Fun fact // I’m left handed
Posted 13 Mar 2023 01:48
Yuexuan Meng
Atelier // CPU
Qualification // BEng from Beijing University of Civil Engineering And Architecture
Skills // Adobe, Rhino, Grasshopper, Python, Lumion, Sketch Up, Autodesk (Revit, CAD)
Hobbies // Model Making, badminton
Posted 13 Mar 2023 10:55
Qihao Ren
Atelier // CPU
Qualification // BA (Hons) from
University of Ningbo Nottingham China
Skills // Adobes, Rhino, Sketch up, AutoCAD, Enscape, Grasshopper
Hobbies // Billiards, Skiing.
Fun Fact // I can touch Mexican black king snake.
Posted 13 Mar 2023 11:51
Action Plan -
To summarise our plan for the action weeks, we will be organising a site visit to engage with the young people from Gorse Hill Studios in the first week. We will be working with them on sketches/ collages to get an idea of what they imagine the garden space to be. Both the temporary and permanent proposals will be further developed after the site visit to adapt to their needs. We will then be working with computer softwares for general arrangement drawings and digital models. A physical model will also be built for the temporary prototype.
Posted 13 Mar 2023 15:41