Amelia Sarles
Atelier // Praxxis
Qualification // BA University of Sheffield
Skills // Adobe programmes, Revit
Hobbies // gym, life drawing
Fun fact // I’m left handed
Posted 13 Mar 2023 01:48
Monday, day 5, felt like the first day of summer, the weather was sunny and we were all ready and raring to go on the final push for our MSA live outputs. After a brief chat about how we all spent our weekends, studio work for the unfortunate BA2s, we began with a Rhino and Grasshopper tutorial. Yuexuan showed everyone how to do an environmental site analysis, including sun paths.

Then landscaping design began. We split off into smaller groups, designing different parts of the outdoor space. We used different software or hand-sketched depending on our individual abilities. For example, one pair were working on the playground area by handsketching, while others created quick models or used Autocad.

We also began to laser cut a site model which is to be used for further site explorations and sketch models. While also continuing to populate the indesign document with the work we have completed so far.

Feeling positive for the week ahead!
Posted 15 May 2023 16:33
Day 6 saw our group model making in B15. After laser cutting the model, we spray painted Gorse Hill Studios then assembled the pieces. The finished 1:200 scale model will serve as a base for the BA students to create their individual sections of the garden.

After spending the morning assembling the model, we made our way back to the studio spaces to further develop the sketch plan design for the outside space. Great development was made on the playground, as depicted in the blog image. Students were then asked to develop these sketch plans into 1:200 models to place on the laser cut model.

We also began to develop the digital model in Rhino which will be used for the 3D visuals for the final outputs. A plan in photoshop was also commenced which will help to depict the overall final landscape plan.
Posted 16 May 2023 15:53
Day 7 saw us wrapping up the design of the outdoor space. The photoshop masterplan was worked on by BA2 students, depicting the landscaping plan visually. Simultaneously, the 3D eye level renders were finalised. These communicate the spaces, such as the sound insulating performance and art hubs, on a more personable level. A presentation was developed which is to be presented to the collaborators at Gorse Hill Studios tomorrow. This will help them understand the process we have undergone and why we have come to our conclusions.

We ran a photoshop tutorial for BA1 students who had never used the programme before. This helped them to understand the basics of the programme, setting them up to create collages which feed into the process of our project.
Posted 17 May 2023 16:52
We spent day 8 making final changes to the photoshop plan and renders. We also prepared a document to present our findings and final outputs to the collaborators at Gorse Hill Studios.

In the afternoon, we had a zoom call with Lizzie, creative director at the youth centre. We showed her the work we have undertaken during the last few days. Her feedback was positive, with only a few small queries. Following the meeting, we made some changes to our publication and presentation, such as adding shade to the sound-insulating hubs at the front of the site.
Posted 19 May 2023 10:47
Day 9, the final day of the intensive weeks, was deadline day! Following the meeting with collaborators yesterday, we decided to get the physical model over to Gorse Hill Studios with a physical copy of the presentation so they could share with all the young people there. Another group were going to Gorse Hill Studios so agreed to take our model with them. We also emailed a recording of the zoom meeting along with the presentation to Lizzie as she wanted to present it to the staff and young people the next week.

After this we spent the day finalising and checking the publication and 10 image submission, ready to be uploaded before the deadline at 9pm. As well as this, the MArch students completed the 60 words max review on the BAs individual engagement and contribution.
Posted 19 May 2023 15:49