Group 36

We will be collaborating with ProjektsMCR alongside Arca Architects to look at preventing sound leakage from events held at the venue, ProjektsMCR to the surrounding areas while maintaining the quality of sound for the event attendees. We will design the installation of sound barriers and sound-absorbing materials in the venue. The project will also involve the identification of key sound sources and areas where sound leakage is most likely to occur. So keep an eye out on this blog for exciting updates!

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Nazifah Binti MA / Ellie W / Jayakody Arachchige Anjani Pasanka P / Beatrice T / Muhammad Hazazi Bin MH / Ardavan S

Name: Jayakody Arachchige Anjani Pasanka Perera
March atelier: Infrastructure
Hometown: Colombo, Sri Lanka
Skills: Crafting, Model making
Hobbies: Sketching, Painting
Posted 12 Mar 2023 22:24
Name: Ardavan Shirzadi
March atelier: Making
Hometown: Shiraz, Iran
Skills: Revit,Rhino,Grasshopper,Lumion
Hobbies: Tea addicted
Posted 12 Mar 2023 22:25
Name: Beatrice Tartaglini
March atelier: Some Kind of Nature
Hometown: Rome, Italy
Skills: autocad, sketchup, photoshop, photography
Hobbies: like to play tennis and swimming
Posted 12 Mar 2023 22:26
Name: Ellie Watson
March atelier: PRAXXIS
Hometown: Rochdale
Skills: AutoCad, Photoshop, Collage, Revit
Hobbies: Swimming
Posted 12 Mar 2023 22:27
Name: Muhammad Hazazi Bin Mohd Hanafi
March atelier: MAKINGAtelier
Hometown: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Skills: I love doing digital arts using Photoshop
Hobbies: I love Photography. Capturing beautiful images can be a fun and rewarding hobby for me
Posted 12 Mar 2023 22:28
Name: Nazifah Binti Muhammad Abdullah
March atelier: PRAXXIS
Hometown: Kuching, Malaysia
Skills:Photoshop, Indesign, Sketchup
Hobbies: I collect and customize keyboards
Posted 12 Mar 2023 22:29
Action week 1 involves ice breaking, site visit and getting the group to churn ideas and visualize what the sound module would be like
Posted 9 May 2023 12:32
Action week 2 gets the group making a single module prototype along with the construction sequence and instruction manual for the installation.
Posted 9 May 2023 12:34
today the 5th years explained the outcomes for the next 2 weeks. Splitting into 3 teams, the BA students will create models, instruction manuals, a construction sequence and present our work back to projekts mcr
Posted 9 May 2023 14:20
Rolling into Day 1: Making Connections and Breaking Ice with the 5th Years and BAs.

We began by briefing the BAs on the project's objectives and scope. After the briefing, we organized an ice-breaking session to build camaraderie among the participants. It was a game of charades and draw your neighbour.

Overall, day 1 was a great success as the team was able to break down barriers and build bonds among the participants. The team looks forward to the next stages of the project with renewed energy and enthusiasm.
Posted 9 May 2023 18:27
On the first day of our new project, the whole group went on a site visit at the ProjektMCR!
The students had the chance to see and experience the unique environment of the skatepark and meeting for the first time their client. They were able to interact with the client and propose initial ideas right on site!
Posted 9 May 2023 18:55
meet our collaborator!! john haines @projektsMCR

who is....

"passionate and enthusiastic about passing on their love for all things wheeled to anyone who’s interested!"

we will be working alongside john and projekts to create a sound barrier, so music events can be held in the evenings
Posted 9 May 2023 19:20
workshop 1 - big draw

for todays first workshop the BA1+ BA2 students were asked to create collages based on their initial thoughts/ideas of the project. using selected precedents studies and the site plan, section and elevations. this workshop allowed quick and sketchy ideas to be created as a starting point for our design process
Posted 10 May 2023 17:51
The BA1+ BA2 students were asked to create collages over the section drawings of the skatepark based on their initial thoughts and ideas for the project, using selected precedent studies
Posted 10 May 2023 18:57
The group had initial discussions about the concept of a modular approach for designing a noise barrier for the skatepark, and these ideas were divided into four components: materials, location, fixings, and shapes. The group brainstormed questions and issues related to each of these components to develop a clearer vision for the final design.
Posted 10 May 2023 19:00
For the second part of the day, two workshops were held for BA1 and BA2 students. In the first one, they got familiar with Grasshopper’s workspace and Pachyderm plugin which is used for sound simulation and acoustic analysis. In the other workshop, digital variations of the initial collages , based on the mindmap’s keywords were generated by Midjourney.
Posted 10 May 2023 23:14
Day 2: We started the day by introducing the big draw exercise. Then individually made collages to analyse ideas about materials, colours, modular shapes and connections. Finally, a workshop was held on Grasshopper to calculate sound around the skatepark model.
Throughout day 2, we analysed information and shared ideas regarding the design.
Posted 11 May 2023 10:52
day 3! starting the day with site modelling

today the students were asked to make a model of the skatepark at scale 1:100...

once completed the model will be used as a tool to help guide our design process
Posted 11 May 2023 16:51
just after lunch we talked all things acoustics!

our sound barrier requires some technical thinking in terms of sound acoustics, frequency, sound absorption + reflection, as well as a careful consideration of materials. this presentation was a way of talking through some of the fundamental principles of sound/acoustics which then can help inform our design decision

Posted 11 May 2023 16:57
Next, armed with their learnings from The Big Draw, each student embarked on the creation of a 1:100 scale sketch model of their unique sound module. Drawing from their collages and the discussions that followed, the students manifested their visions into physical representations. These sketch models captured the essence of their module designs and contextual integration.
Posted 11 May 2023 21:45
Day 3 marked a significant milestone in the AcouSkate project, as the students brought their ideas one step closer to reality. The site models and sketch models laid the groundwork for the subsequent stages of the project, igniting anticipation for the transformative sound treatments that will soon grace ProjektsMCR skatepark.The acoustic talk fostered an environment of shared learning, ensuring that each student's module design benefited from the collective expertise and insights of their peers.
Posted 11 May 2023 21:47
DAY 4!! - the day started with a presentation rounding up our thoughts and ideas from the first 3 days...

our group discussion allowed us to talk through different ideas/iterations and answer any questions about the project so far
Posted 12 May 2023 23:08
following the group discussion the students engaged in another design workshop: sketching, model making, prototyping various iterations of our modular shape all whilst considering our requirements! the students were able to use the site model made on DAY 3! as a tool for their thinking
Posted 12 May 2023 23:11
TEAMS for WEEK 2!!

next week we are splitting into 3 teams: model making, instruction manual and construction sequence
Posted 12 May 2023 23:12
The finalized module design embodies the project's objectives of enhancing sound quality and preventing sound leakage while seamlessly integrating with the skatepark's architecture and layout. The size and shape of the modules were chosen to strike the perfect balance between functionality, visual appeal, and practicality. Fixings were carefully selected to ensure secure and durable installation, while the chosen materials were optimized for both acoustic performance and environmental sustainability.
Posted 13 May 2023 00:40
Day 4 marked an important milestone in the AcouSkate project, as the team successfully concluded the design phase . With the design now locked down, the project is primed to move forward to the next stages of manual making, model making, and construction sequence.
Posted 13 May 2023 00:42
DAY 5!!

today we started the morning with a quick briefing, going over our final design . splitting into our 3 teams to start model making, 3d modelling, the instruction manual and construction sequence
Posted 15 May 2023 16:57
output DAY 5!!

our individual team outputs are underway!!

team 1 - have started working on their 1:20 scale model, including the site model, individual modular shapes, as well as starting a laser cutting file for our 1:2 model

team 2 - have started working on the instruction manual, with a line drawing of our modular shape, as well as deciding on tools and materials needed for each piece

team 3 - the construction sequence team have spent the day 3d modelling the whole project, piecing each modular shape together and putting it on site
Posted 15 May 2023 17:02
DAY 6!!!

5th years brought in everyone a hearty breakfast consisting of ham + cheese croissants and chocolate...

to entice the undergrads ahead of a fun packed day of 1:20 model making
Posted 16 May 2023 17:54
1:20 model making day!!

the morning continued with half of the group cutting, gluing and painting together our modular forms. Once we had a row of our modular forms stuck together we tested them on site
Posted 16 May 2023 17:57
Once the 1:20 scale site model was complete, it served as the canvas for the placement of the 1:20 scale sound modules. The team strategically positioned each module within the model, paying close attention to factors such as line of sight, proximity to skating areas, and optimal sound distribution.

This exercise allowed the team to visualize the spatial relationship between the sound modules and the skatepark, ensuring that the placement would not only enhance sound quality but also seamlessly integrate with the overall aesthetics of the site.
Posted 17 May 2023 09:29
The completion of these essential documents set the stage for the next steps in theAcouSkate project, bringing the vision of enhanced sound treatments at ProjektsMCR skatepark one step closer to reality. We are now ready to move forward in constructing the 1:2 model of the module.
Posted 17 May 2023 09:41
What a success!
On our 7th day, we had the chance to present our work to both our client and collaborator.
During the presentation, we explained all the design development and process that led us to our final design and we gave our client and collaborator 2 booklets, one instruction manual and one construction sequence document for better understanding the project.
We answered all the questions asked after the presentation and our project was approved!
Posted 17 May 2023 17:20
Day 7!
Finally, we rendered an image to see how the skatepark work with the sound insulation panel.
Posted 17 May 2023 22:39
Day 8!!
Today 5th year students worked on the publication, graphics, presentations and compiling work.
Posted 18 May 2023 19:14
Day 8!!
Today undergraduates worked on the final 1:2 model.
Posted 18 May 2023 19:14
Day 9!!
Final day and we are excited to see our 1:2 model. Undergraduates and Year 5 students collaboratively worked on assembling the model and making it a reality.
Posted 19 May 2023 12:05