Group 11

Our project aims to transform Withington Baths into a more comprehensive community facility that caters to the diverse needs of our community. We plan to repurpose the basement are to provide the community with unlimited potential for meeting rooms and a separate café/meeting area. We believe that this would provide a common gathering space for community members, promoting social interaction and communication for the local estate, students, children, the elderly, and every age group. Our goal is to create an inclusive, friendly, and vibrant community centre that reflects the needs and aspirations of our community. We are committed to working with residents to ensure that our plans are practical and sustainable. Join us in making Withington Baths a special place in everyone’s hearts and build a better future together!

Gizem A / Israel Chika C / Yixiang C / Omar A / Alina M

Name: Gizem Atalik
Current Atelier: MA Architecture and Adaptive Reuse
Skills: Rhino/ Illustrator/ Photoshop/ Indesign/ Physical Model making
Undergraduate: Istanbul Bilgi University
Personality: Preoccupied but Focused
Random Fact: I can put you on the emotional Rollercoaster
Posted 13 Mar 2023 18:21
Name: Alina Maniukhina
Current Atelier: MA Architecture and Adaptive Reuse
Skills: Revit/ Enscape/ Photoshop/ Indesign/ Physical Model making
Undergraduate: Moscow Architectural Institute
Personality: Imperfect Perfectionist
Random Fact: visited more than 20 countries
Posted 13 Mar 2023 18:30
Name:Yixiang Cheng
Current Atelier:PRAXXIS
Skills: Rhino / SketchUp / Enscape / Photoshop / Illustrator / AutoCAD/ InDesign/
Undergraduate: Nanchang University, Nanchang, China
Personality: Easy-going, exceptionally so.
Random Fact: Passionate about photography, but always forgets to bring a tripod while traveling.
Posted 13 Mar 2023 18:31
Name: Chesa Israel
Current Atelier: Making
Skills: Revit/ 3ds Max + Corona/ Illustrator/ Rhino Photoshop
Undergraduate: Federal University of Technology, Akure, Nigeria
Personality: Introvert, calm
Random Fact: Dexterous in a little bit too many things and master at most
Posted 13 Mar 2023 18:37
Our project is located at the Withington Baths in Manchester and aims to transform it into a more comprehensive community facility to meet various needs. We plan to repurpose the basement to provide a shared gathering space for community members of all ages, promoting social interaction and communication.
Our design is capable of meeting the diverse needs and aspirations of the community by providing engaging spaces that offer unique visual and spatial experiences. Through promoting social interaction, communication, and a sense of belonging, our design enhances community cohesion, fosters personal growth and development of community members, and ultimately creates a better future for community members.
The basement of the Withington Baths is filled with a complex network of irregular passages or pathways, where it is difficult to find paths to existing walls and partitions, which inspired us. We plan to view the basement as a group of maze-like alleys and further design the space prototype based on it to provide a unique spatial experience for the community.
Posted 13 Mar 2023 18:41
Join our project and you will learn various representation and experimentation techniques, including sketching, physical and digital model making, as well as post-production and presentation, and apply them to create a welcoming, friendly, and vibrant community center. Let's work together to create a brighter future and a special place for Witton Baths in everyone's heart.
We aim to involve and teach in the process, various representation and experimentation techniques ranging from sketching, physical & digital model making as well as postproduction and representation.
Posted 13 Mar 2023 18:42
Name: Omar Arif
Current Atelier: MArch Architecture – Flux
Skills: Rhino + VRay/ Photoshop/ Illustrator/ Indesign/ Premiere Pro/ Blender
Undergraduate: Jamia University, New Delhi, India
Personality: Paradoxical
Random Fact: Jack of all trades, better than a master of one.
Posted 15 Mar 2023 13:37