Group 19

This project is an investigation into the possibilities for the expansion and renovation of facilities for Kingdom Life, a church and youth club, a diverse and thriving community in Old Trafford, Manchester. This community is looking for a multi-use facility to include; a fit-for-purpose music studio, gym and wellbeing facilities, spaces for learning, offices, eating space, student housing, communal gardens and a space for congregation. During week 1 we will be designing a site strategy, focusing on Kingdom Life’s core values of user wellbeing, through spatial experience and a functional/sociable layout. Then, in week 2, we will be developing key moments throughout the site, exploring and presenting through both traditional/physical methods, and digital methods.

Rosemary C / Alexandra RR

Meet our collaborators!

This was our initial meeting with Aaron, Sam and Nigel where we discussed who are Kingdom Life, who are we as students, and our collective goals for this MSA Live project. After meeting the group, we all found that our collaborators’ enthusiasm and energy was infectious, and we are super excited to work on this project together!
Posted 13 Mar 2023 15:49
Welcome to Site!

Kingdom Life currently resides in this church and community centre, in Old Trafford. In our initial visit here we toured the building and grounds, and could quickly see the care and effort that the community have put into the site so far, and the ambition for the masterplan we will be developing in the 2 action weeks.

Site Address: Kingdom Life, Chorlton Rd, Old Trafford, Stretford, Manchester M16 7WQ
Posted 13 Mar 2023 15:52
Fancy joining us?

During our 2 action weeks we will be producing a design response to the site and brief, but we would also like to use this time to help you develop skills you wish to learn. This could be general design/ site planning principles, digital or physical modeling, sketching, collaging, or rendering, or preparing presentations. We will use our individual strengths to help you develop your skills, and hopefully in group working, we will learn some skills from you as well!

Our next posts are a series of introductions to the 5th years individually. If anything here sparks your interest, or you have any questions, please get in touch!
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Meet Rosie!

Hometown: Leeds, England

Recent project themes:
BA3 study on “Anthropology of the home”, where I considered specifically how food (and food events) make an impact on how we use our homes.
MArch RM1 study on “Design informed by nature” using digital design tools (Grasshopper) to harness evolutionary intelligence from the physical form of fungi, particularly mushrooms, to inform architectural design.
MArch dissertation study on “: Is IKEA the realization of the Bauhaus dream?”, considering how previously, the Bauhaus (and other designers such as the Eameses) used the architectural concept of gesamtkunstwerk to shape their design process and artifacts, and now, how IKEA uses similar principles to achieve similar outcomes.

Interests outside of architecture: 3d printing, Gardening, Live music, Hip-hop dancing, Formula 1

Contact email:
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Meet Izzy!

Hometown: Preston, England

Recent project themes:
BA3 project on ‘Smart Voids’ looking at the impact of smart cities and technologies on the freedom of communal space and right to protest.
MArch 1 RM04 ‘Decolonising the toilet’ exploring the different cultural attitudes to human excretement and treatment of waste. How these processes are impacted by western colonisation in countries like India.
MArch 1 Dissertation - How can inclusive public toilets be achieved in age-friendly city schemes? Looking at how inclusive toilets help reduce social segregation for older people in cities such as Manchester and what strategies can be introduced to ensure these amenities are provided in the regeneration of Northern Gateway.

Interests outside of architecture: Listening to NTS radio, Portrait drawing , Walks in the Lake District, Taking pictures on my film cameras, Assembling music playlists, Watching films

Contact email:
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Meet Yiqun!

Hometown: Jilin, China

Recent project themes:
BA3 project on ‘public building renovation’, where I remodelled a cinema in Mayfair of Liverpool to cater for the new street planning and to breathe life into the venue.
MArch RM12 ‘Invent and Discover: Literary imagination in design research’ Based on guided writing exercises and academic texts, I explored architecture through different perspectives and sought further possibilities. A future architecture was then revealed in text and drawings with the help of AI.
MArch dissertation study on: ‘How modernism influenced construction and design of social housing in London’, It is a comprehensive review of modernism and the development history of social housing in London, and tries to find the intersection.

Interests outside of architecture: Travelling, Taking pictures of anything beautiful and interesting, Football, Red panda! Otter! Dogs! all kinds of!

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Meet Eric!

Hometown: Guangzhou, China

Recent project themes: BA3 Project ‘3 degree Shanghai’, In this project, we mainly study the changes of urban environment caused by three degrees of warming in the context of global warming. Using Shanghai as the site, we explored Adaptive Reuse of structures and materials, as well as wood and mixed structures
MA Project “Sport in Community- TRANS CAMPS”. In this project, we explore the links between sport, and football in particular, and communities in south Manchester. The aim of the project is to promote the unity of residents and communities and enhance their vitality through community movements. In the project, we studied the design of community football field, community center and social housing.

Interests outside of architecture: Illustration, Football, Table tennis, Video shooting, Gaming

Contact email:
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Meet Lex!

Hometown: Harrogate, England

Recent project themes:
BA3 study on “Social & Political Architectures in South America”, Where i explored how different levels of participation were used within social housing projects in South America to understand the overall affect.
MArch RM13 ‘It starts with a Kiss” A study that used modelmaking as method to understand how old and new junctions were designed within re-use buildings. This led to the creation of a 1:20 sectional model of Astley castle that explored these connections.
MArch dissertation study on: “ How has Urban policy affected the regeeration of Ancoats, Manchester & Holbeck, Leeds?”, Looking at how urban policy has evolved post-world war to see how it has affected and influenced the regeneration of each case study to then determine which project has been more successful and which urban policies may have attributed to this.

Interests outside of architecture: Travelling, Cooking, Searching for the best restaurants in Manchester, Sewing, Cocktails

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