Jayakody Arachchige Anjani Pasanka P

Group 36

Day 2: We started the day by introducing the big draw exercise. Then individually made collages to analyse ideas about materials, colours, modular shapes and connections. Finally, a workshop was held on Grasshopper to calculate sound around the skatepark model.
Throughout day 2, we analysed information and shared ideas regarding the design.
Posted 11 May 2023 10:52
Day 7!
Finally, we rendered an image to see how the skatepark work with the sound insulation panel.
Posted 17 May 2023 22:39
Day 8!!
Today 5th year students worked on the publication, graphics, presentations and compiling work.
Posted 18 May 2023 19:14
Day 8!!
Today undergraduates worked on the final 1:2 model.
Posted 18 May 2023 19:14
Day 9!!
Final day and we are excited to see our 1:2 model. Undergraduates and Year 5 students collaboratively worked on assembling the model and making it a reality.
Posted 19 May 2023 12:05