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DAY 1 // Ice breaker

MSA Live '22 is finally here!

After many exchanges of emails, today we had our first official group meeting where we met together and introduced ourselves.

We had a briefing about the project and its expected outcomes, also on the schedule for the entire two weeks.

We then headed over to Station South for our site visit.
Posted 16 May 2022 23:49
DAY 1 // Introduction & Site Visit
Posted 16 May 2022 23:27
Today we had our first meeting with the whole team. We discussed the importance of mapping to design and collaborated on a few pieces of work.
Posted 16 May 2022 23:11
Day One - First meeting of the full design team. The day consisted of an introduction to the project, and an in depth analysis of Hulme Hippodrome. As a group we discussed the key design principles for the project and began to formulate research objectives to develop a more detailed brief
Posted 16 May 2022 23:03
Schedule for week 2 - Week 2 will focus on a physical model and proposal images for the project. The objective of both the model and renders is to communicate the potential that the building has to offer to the local community
Posted 16 May 2022 22:56
Schedule for week 1 - Hulme Hippodrome will work closely with savehulmehippodrome in the restoration of the Hulme Hippodrome. The project looks to restore the building to it's original state, with the addition of disabled access and a new commercial frontage
Posted 16 May 2022 22:53
Day 01 - Ice Break

After our first official group meeting and introducing different mapping approaches, we paired the students up and organised an ice break sketching in the afternoon. Each student presented their interests through the drawings and quickly got familiar with others.
Posted 16 May 2022 21:56
MSA Live has officially started!!

Day 1: Meet Sue from Ellesmere Canal Yard.

We began the day by briefing the BAs on the project and the clients. Sue then joined us to talk about the site and its possibilities.

We moved on to our next activity, Brainstorming, after the team had a good understanding of the project and had interacted with the clients. We had to come up with a variety of ideas to see how we could create interesting programmes and architecture. We sketch some initial site ideas and present each other's proposals.
Posted 16 May 2022 21:54

Here are some initial ideas from the day one conversation, which were made for day-2 site visit and client meeting. Each group developed and pictured one preliminary strategy, as well as discussed it with the others. Three options were made by the end of the day. The sketchings will be taken to the site the next day to confirm with the clients.
Posted 16 May 2022 21:28

A fantastic first day as the team got to know each other and introduced the project brief. The undergraduates started by brainstorming with defining strategies and concepts.
After lunch, we worked in groups to enhance the ideas and illustrate them, which will be brought to the clients for tomorrow’s site visit and meeting.
Posted 16 May 2022 21:28
Posted 16 May 2022 21:28
Posted 16 May 2022 21:27
Day 1 - Parxx and Rec met MSFG through an online call. MSFG introduced their charity as well as the problem issues they aim to address: the lack of inclusion of teenage girls in parks. With their previous research guiding them, they advised Parxx and Rec on the common themes to making that came up when conducting workshops with teenage girls. After their presentation, MSFG and Parxx and Rec had a Q&A on other potential factors that may encourage the inclusion of teenage girls.
Posted 16 May 2022 21:03
MSA Live has officially begun!!

Day 01 - Meet the Client + The Big Draw

We began our day by meeting the BAs and introducing them to the project and the clients. Followed by this, we had a meeting with the client and the occupational therapist.

After the team understood the project and interacted with the clients, we started with our next activity - The Big Draw. We got to brainstorm different ideas in small groups to see how can we design an interesting master plan. We did this by using to-scale cutouts of module homes and placing them on site.

Looking forward to visiting the site tomorrow and the weeks ahead!
Posted 16 May 2022 20:58
Day 1 of MSA Live Dragonscapes begins!
With our project officially kicking off we started the day with a presentation of the site, clients and overview of the project, before setting off with concept sketching and discussions. Working as a group, we had plenty of ideas on ways to use the limited materials and budget available to us to upcycle and create a great garden area and mural. We finished the day by discussing our favourite ideas for how to use the site, ready to begin visualisation and masterplanning tomorrow!
Posted 16 May 2022 20:21
Day 1 - Landmark Pictionary!
Posted 16 May 2022 19:44
Week 2 - Brief plan for the week!
Posted 16 May 2022 19:43
Week 1 - Plan for the week!
Posted 16 May 2022 19:40
On our first day, Green Corridor Gateway met our partners, Vicky and Kate, for an online introduction and leader training talk to ensure our safety on site. In the afternoon we visited the site for a tour from Kate, and then met partners Jen and Cathy and their kids to hear about their aspirations for Bluebell Green. We took photos, drew sketches and discussed their plans for the garden.
Posted 16 May 2022 19:22
DAY_1: Complete
The first day is complete. Today we introduced the site, talked about the goals for the next two weeks, and began discussions about 15-minute neighbourhoods. Due to the bad weather, we did not get to go to the site, but we made up for it with an initial discussion on Chorlton and initial master planning diagrams.
Posted 16 May 2022 18:52
DAY 1: 002 Visit to LIFESHARE/MDC

With so much of daily life now being conducted online (from Doctor's appointments, to job interviews and banking), we learnt just how vital MDC's work is - and how wide-ranging the proposed digital map and non-digital campaign can be.
Posted 16 May 2022 18:29
DAY 1: 001 Visit to LIFESHARE/MDC

Today we listened to LIFESHARE's Zara Bobat share her experience of what the Manchester Digital Collective does for the digitally-excluded. Ranging from SIM-card provision to digital drop-off centres and free WIFI hotspots, the charity provides a vital lifeline to those experiencing digital poverty, or simply wishing to begin their online skill-sets...

Posted 16 May 2022 18:24
During the afternoon, we split into three groups to explore the various spatial, environmental and material qualities of the site. Ideas were presented using a variety of media such as sketching and collage.
Posted 16 May 2022 18:03
Day 1

Hello! We spent the first day getting to know the rest of the team, followed by a brief introduction to the project. The team is then split into groups to brainstorm ideas and research precedents. Some ideas experimented with folding techniques and other ideas incorporated the use of wheels. As a group, we discussed interesting elements from each idea that could be further developed. There were lovely sketches produced from the team. This was a great start to the project!
Posted 16 May 2022 17:20
DAY 1 - The MUD Buddy Brainstorm & Site Visit.

We compiled our individual responses to the brief, gathering relevant site information and research precedents. The brainstorm includes a huge variety of sketches from our BA students who seem very excited about the MUD Buddy project!
Posted 16 May 2022 17:00
Day 1 (Afternoon) - Design Discussions

This afternoon, we had a guest lecture from MSA tutor Joe Dempsey. He shared his own work with Hulme Community Garden, and his ideas and thoughts on material and Degrowth-driven design. After his lecture, we discussed key opportunities and constraints of the site, and important design drivers around permaculture.
Posted 16 May 2022 16:46
Day 1 (Morning) - Site Visit

A site visit to Hulme Community Garden this morning. We met the team, viewed the site, and learned about the social and ecological values of the garden to the wider community.
Posted 16 May 2022 16:44
Day 1 of the action weeks has officially begun!

This morning we met our BA1 and BA2 students on site at the Platt Fields Market Garden. We introduced the team to our project and had a little brief meeting with the team at MUD.

After having a tour around the garden we got straight to work and measured the existing space set for regeneration. We reconvened in our studio space after lunch and did a group ice-breaker activity to get to know each other better!

We then shared our individual responses to each other and collected these on a large collage to make more sense of the project. We then debriefed for the day, with information on what to bring/ prepare for Day 2!
Posted 16 May 2022 16:44

MSA Live is underway and today we met our design team! Unfortunately, due to typical Manchester weather we had to postpone our site visit to the Tib Street car park until tomorrow when the sun is (hopefully) shining again. Nevertheless, we cracked on in the comfort of the warmth and dry and got to introducing ourselves.

After some explanation of the project to our team, we got to brainstorming different ideas in small groups to see what fun things we could design on the rooftop of the car park. Here are some sketch ideas from our team, as well as us all working hard together.
Posted 16 May 2022 16:42

MSA Live is underway and today we met our design team! Unfortunately, due to typical Manchester weather we had to postpone our site visit to the Tib Street car park until tomorrow when the sun is (hopefully) shining again. Nevertheless, we cracked on in the comfort of the warmth and dry and got to introducing ourselves.


Beautiful drawing by a member of our team of our site with some different programme ideas.
Posted 16 May 2022 16:33

Introduction to The Green Gateway Project!

Ice breaker activities to bring the group together and communicate better during introduction stages.

Year 5’s introduced the brief, the client, and the final outputs. We also provided an overview of the next 2 week schedule, which described how the group will be split up into different teams to create the brochure, VR model and physical model.
Posted 16 May 2022 16:27
Day 1
Meet the team
Activities: Students and Side by Side
What Side by Side means?
What do we expect from the 2 weeks
Understanding child perspective, discussing the weeks plans,
Gathering precedents and design preferences.
Ready to collaborate!
Posted 16 May 2022 16:24
We visited the site to take some photos and measurements. It was great to see the children playing outdoors and in the classrooms. It was lovely to see our poster in the reception too!

We had some useful discussions about the 'vision' for the project, as well as ways in which to provide connections to the wider community.
Posted 16 May 2022 16:23
We chose three spots to focus on for our mapping study: ‘The Triangle’ (intersection between Duke Street and Beaufort Street), ‘The Bowl’ (Castlefield Bowl) and ‘The Street’ (Spinners Way). Their locations on opposite sides of the A57 offer opportunity to link together the community across the divide which the road causes. Each area has a very different feeling, so hopefully our interventions will all be contrasting too!
Posted 16 May 2022 16:13
Day 01 - Model Making

In the afternoon, the students worked together to make a 1:200 site model.
Posted 16 May 2022 16:07
The main stops on our tour were St John’s Gardens, the intersection between Duke Street and Beaufort Street, Castlefield Bowl, and Spinners Way. These areas all have their own unique characters – each with different advantages and disadvantages too! By visiting these places one after the other, we began to think about the opportunities each one has…
Posted 16 May 2022 16:03
Today, the team came together for the first time! We began our week with a tour of Castlefield, exploring the landmarks and getting to know more about the area. Along the way, the tour stopped at our favourite spots (which we learned about from Castlefield Forum) so we could begin to think about how we might improve these areas and enrich them for local residents.
Posted 16 May 2022 16:03
Christina MacRae talked to us about her relationship with Martenscroft and her research into listening to children and investigating sensory-motor learning. She also introduced us to the German pedagogue Froebel and his 'gifts', which were created to support children's learning and development in his kindergarten in Germany.

The talk was very insightful, and gave a useful introduction into the ways in which children learn through interaction and curiosity. Thank you Christina!
Posted 16 May 2022 15:30
Meet the team!

After introducing ourselves to each other, we headed over to Martenscroft to meet up with our collaborators.
Posted 16 May 2022 15:09
Day 01 - Ice Breaker

Today we had our first official group meeting where we met together and did introductions. As an ice breaker, we paired the students up and asked them to draw a portrait of one another. Each student presented their drawing and explained their interests in architecture.
Posted 16 May 2022 14:29

The first day included a digital introduction from our collaborators in Homebaked alongside social activities to break the ice and get to know the team better. Precedents was gathered to progress the brief and continue the development.
Posted 16 May 2022 13:35

Today we also introduced the concept of Collective Memory.

Collective memory can be used as a theoretical framework to help with the proposals and outputs.
Posted 16 May 2022 12:26
Today we introduce ourselves to each other, give a brief introduction of the Baguley Hall and our output.

Day 1 task:
Site analysis of the Baguley Hall, find precedents that are useful to develop future proposal.
Posted 16 May 2022 12:20
Site Visit!
Posted 15 May 2022 21:00
WEEK 2! : Activities Plan for the Week
Posted 15 May 2022 20:59
WEEK 1! : Activities Plan for the Week
Posted 15 May 2022 20:58
The schedule for Week 1 will be focusing on the designing and preparation phases of this project.
Posted 15 May 2022 20:43

We are really excited to get started with the Hidden Threads Project...
We will be meeting Monday at 10am at Geoffrey Manton GM223 so be ready to have some creative discussions and uncover some hidden histories of Islington Mill!

Photo: A throwback from our site visit in March, a taste of things to come!

Posted 15 May 2022 17:59
Site Visit: Some Important Areas!
Posted 15 May 2022 15:32
Schedule for Week 2: Compile & Model
Posted 15 May 2022 15:31
Schedule for Week 1: Analyse & Distill
Posted 15 May 2022 15:31
WEEK 2 // Activities Plan for the Week
Posted 15 May 2022 02:44
WEEK 1 // Activities Plan for the Week
Posted 15 May 2022 02:43
See the schedule for day 1 attached. This post includes the activities, timings and equipment you will need for the day. Please read this carefully so you can be well prepared for the day and if you have any questions or concerns you can contact the MArch 1 students prior to the project beginning on Monday. Looking forward to meeting you all soon.
Posted 14 May 2022 20:13
So you might be wondering… what is a 15-minute neighbourhood?

The key concept of a 15-minute neighbourhood is that residents can access all of their needs within a short walk or cycle from their homes. The concept is built from four pillars;





The aim is to create self-sufficient neighbourhoods that are well connected without relying on car usage.

The result of this will be to make life more livable for residents by making neighbourhoods safer, inclusive, diverse, quiet, less polluted and economically vibrant.

This is just a short introduction to the concept of 15-minute neighbourhoods. Please feel free to read around the subject and we will be researching the concept in more detail at the start of the two week project.
Posted 14 May 2022 20:11
Join our Teams Group! We have sent you a link to join the Neighbourhood Swatch teams collaboration group. This will allow us communicate quickly and efficiently throughout the two week project. Also, we will have students joining by video link throughout the project which will allow us to keep everyone involved as much as possible. Please go to your emails and click on the link to join the group. If you have any issues please email one of the March 1 students.
Posted 14 May 2022 20:03
Welcome to Neighbourhood Swatch, Group 21 collaborating with the Chorlton Traders Association. We are looking forward to meeting you all on Monday. Keep an eye out for more posts with information about the project, timings and equipment. If you have any questions please feel free to email any of the March 1 students...
Posted 14 May 2022 19:58
Our first meeting with the team and the client took place out on the water! We were given the opportunity to join the Dragoneers on their dragonboats on Saturday morning. It was a lovely sunny day out on the lake, and we were able to see species like Canada geese and their goslings, coots and mallards up close from the boats. There was even a dragonboat race at the end! This was a great chance for the team to get to know the client over tea and cakes, and to see the site in person and learn about the brief.
Posted 14 May 2022 11:14
Our Site: Bluebell Green in Chapel Street Park
Posted 12 May 2022 22:33
Our Site: Bluebell Green in Chapel Street Park
Posted 12 May 2022 22:33
Week 2 Activities
Posted 12 May 2022 17:25
Week 1 Activities
Posted 12 May 2022 17:25
Site Three: Chorlton Park

The empty shipping containers sit on the edge of Chorlton Park. Rather than removing these containers, how can they be reused for the Bike Hub? Reflecting on precedent studies around Manchester the shipping containers show great potential, however, they raise questions about their functional and structural integrity. Whilst addressing these concerns, this site is also key to integrating with the existing communities that also operate in the Park.
Posted 12 May 2022 15:29
Site Two: The Old Police Precinct

Offset from the vibrant road of Barlow Moor Road is the old Police Precinct - another derelict space ideal for Chorlton Bike Deliveries’ Bike Hub. This site also challenges you to design and include the space needed within an existing structure, all whilst integrating with the wider community along Barlow Moor Road.
Posted 12 May 2022 15:16
Site One: Chorlton Precinct

Whilst Chorlton Precinct awaits its redevelopment, many shops remain vacant in the meantime, giving rise to an opportunity for a pop shop! Located in the heart of the Precinct, this vacant shop provides Chorlton Bike Deliveries with a temporary space to host their Bike Hub, offering a wider and more interesting discussion on ownership in a public space. This site challenges you on how to create an engaging space in the community, all whilst using the existing space provided.
Posted 12 May 2022 15:15
Sustainability is also core to the brief, therefore this project seeks sites that enable recycling and reuse, raising wider discussions about premise and ownership, which is currently a major challenge in Chorlton.

Through meetings and emails, our team collaborated with Glynis and Dan to search for potential sites around Chorlton that respond to the sustainable aspect of the brief. The following posts present 3 sites that initiate reuse projects. The BA students will work in groups to create a design proposal for each site. During our first meeting on Monday, each group will visit their site with a member of our team and with Glynis or Dan for site discussions before commencing the design process over the 2 intensive weeks.
Posted 12 May 2022 14:25
Week Two: Present
Posted 12 May 2022 14:14
Week One: Design
Posted 12 May 2022 14:13
The Brief

Glynis came to the first meeting with a clear vision for the Bike Hub. As CBD grows across Chorlton and beyond, their existing infrastructure to store their bikes is becoming too small! Therefore, a safe storage place for their delivery bikes and trikes is at the centre of this brief, with a larger vision of a Bike Hub – a place that encompasses a bike library (bike rental), recycling bike project (workshop), refrigeration for food and a social space to promote and support cycling and walking.
Posted 12 May 2022 14:12
Our first collaboration with Glynis from Chorlton Bike Deliveries and Dan from Architecture Unknown in February!

It was a great opportunity for Glynis to explain all that Chorlton Bike Deliveries (CBD) do for the community. It was insightful for our team to learn how CBD operate daily – appreciating the logistics involved for CBD to support small local businesses and help the people of the community. This insight aided our understanding of Glynis’ detailed programme of the Bike Hub. Together with Glynis and Dan, we discussed precedents and potential sites that can house this programme that engages with the wider community. This first collaboration was a great opportunity to see how involved Glynis, Dan and our team were, providing the means to ensure the two intensive weeks are a collaborative process for us all.
Posted 12 May 2022 11:54
The plan of activities for week 2!

At the start of the week we will finalise the plan for our 1:1 installation, as well as create final visuals for the publication. We will have 2 teams - a modelmaking team and a publication team - working simultaneously throughout the week to reach the desired outputs. There will be an opportunity for the modelmaking team to work at Martenscroft on some of the days, to allow for the children to observe the building process.

On the final day, we will return to Martenscroft and observe how the children interact with our installation. We will also curate a pin-up display board in Martenscroft which summarises our design process of the project. Our concept will be handed over to Martenscroft, which they can then choose to take further and make a reality in the future if desired!
Posted 11 May 2022 15:55
The plan of activities for week 1!

After introducing ourselves to each other, we will be visiting Martenscroft on the first day to see our site. We also have guest speakers from MMU and Caukin Studio who will introduce us to ways to design for and work with children.

Introductory workshops into Photoshop, SketchUp and physical modelmaking taking place throughout the week will guide the brainstorming process.

During the week, mini design competitions will take place in groups, with the senses taking turns to be the main focus. These aim to help determine the site strategy and what we might choose to build at 1:1 scale.
Posted 11 May 2022 15:33
Posted 10 May 2022 11:35
Posted 10 May 2022 11:35
Posted 10 May 2022 11:33

Do you have a bicycle that needs some TLC, and are living in Levenshulme? Good news, the Bike Station workshop at Station South is now open!

It is open for repairs, servicing, parts and accessories, so pop in and say hello! :)

Opening times are as stated in the post. To book an appointment, drop an email at
Posted 26 Apr 2022 09:05

We were honoured to be the guests of their launching event on 25th March. Seeing how the space has been transformed and watching the community getting together and supporting each other for the launch fueled our excitement to get our collaboration, Upcycle up and going!

Our excitement also led us to leave some messages in their time capsule :D

Don't forget to check out their social media for updates and events!
Instagram: @stationsouth
Twitter: @stationsouth
Posted 26 Apr 2022 09:05

Hello everyone, it's been a while. We're sorry for the hiatus, but we are here with exciting news: Station South, the destination cycle café, bar, urban garden, and community hangout is now open for everyone!

As we were informed, this has been our collaborator's passion project for many years, and they are all excited to share this fresh new look with you.

Looking for a place to chill on your Easter break? Head onto Station South for drinks, meals, or even bike repairs!

Location as below,
975-977 Stockport Rd, M19 3NP

Pro-tip: if you're heading there by bus, bus 192 stops directly in front of the place ;)
Posted 26 Apr 2022 09:04
This project will be an opportunity to expand on skills such as site surveying, sketching/ collaging, model making, 3D modelling/ rendering, and work with external collaborators and consultants.
Posted 16 Mar 2022 00:38
This project aims to engage in an essential issue experienced in today’s world, especially in Manchester, - Homelessness. With the view that it is our social responsibility to contribute solutions to this problem through architecture, we are proposing an innovative design to shelter homeless and differently-abled youth, which we believe would serve as the foundation for many more solutions in the near future. This project, through a scheme of community led design, would provide a space for skill development, leisure and communal gatherings for the residents to help improve their mental health and generate livelihood.
Posted 16 Mar 2022 00:11