Big Progress On Paper!

Day 03 - Masterplanning and Spatial Arrangements

Day 03 kicked off with a continuation of the 'Big Draw' exercise, exploring different possible massing options on site through collage of scaled Shipping Containers on the car park.

Once two clear options had been whittled down, we split off into 2 groups, each developing one of the options in preparation for the clients review on Friday!

The proposals each consist of two elements, a ground floor communal social space inclusive of community cafe and food bank, while the upper floors look to provide low cost affordable housing for the young homeless community of Manchester.

Two very exciting proposals are coming together, looking forward to seeing where they develop over the coming days...
Posted 18 May 2022 18:32
The Final Push!

Day 09 - In preparation for tomorrows presentation with our clients, we've been finalising all the drawings and presentation documents to show off the exciting proposals we've been working on. Today also saw the group explore a range of landscaping opportunities to bring the exterior spaces within the project to life. The bio of the Youth House Co-Op is complete with sketches, info and motivations of those working for the cooperative, looking to provide an informative guide to the group to raise their awareness and profile.

Looking forward to our presentation tomorrow, excited to hear what they have to say!
Posted 26 May 2022 17:31