Name: Mayce Arebi

MArch Atelier: Continuity in Architecture

BArch: Birmingham School of Architecture

Hometown: Manchester

Skills: Rhino, AutoCAD, Adobe Suite, Vectorworks, Hand drawing, Screen printing.

Why I chose In Our Nature: Northern Quarter is one of my favourite places and this is the perfect opportunity to work on a live sustainable project in the area.

Fun Fact: During my free time, I enjoy lion spotting at the Peak District.
Posted 14 Mar 2022 16:06
Name: Yicheng Wu

MArch Atelier´╝Ü&rchitecture

Hometown: Hangzhou, China

Skills: AutoCAD, Adobe ,Sketch up, Enscape, Vray, Hand drawing.

Why I chose In Our Nature: The creation of a green garden on top of the car park is fantastic, balancing the relationship between people and nature and in line with the need for sustainability

Fun Fact: I especially love watching pandas eat bamboo and can often spend a day at the zoo.
Posted 14 Mar 2022 18:13

On day 4 the students focused on-site mapping. Analysing the different restaurants and the ingredients needed allows them to develop the idea of a 'community garden' on the carpark roof.
Posted 19 May 2022 15:17
Collage by one of the students.

Credit: Keisuke Sakamoto
Posted 19 May 2022 15:41

Planters and seating area studies.
The initial sketches show different designs that integrate both functionality and sustainability - including solar panels, water collection tanks and reusing materials.
Posted 23 May 2022 15:30

Development of the events space on the Carpark rooftop. The students have chosen to place the open- air theatre towards the north of the site - allowing the Manchester skyline to become the backdrop.
Posted 25 May 2022 10:52

Development of the skateboard park. The ramps can be constructed and packed away easily.
Posted 26 May 2022 16:52