Group 05

Constructed in the 14th century for the de Baguley family, Baguley Hall is one of England's oldest surviving timber great halls. The oversized plank construction is believed to be connected to Danish Viking boathouse construction. Gifted to Manchester Corporation and used a council workshop and store between 1927 and 1968 the building was eventually passed into state ownership. The Grade I listed building now remains disused but is maintained by English Heritage. This project aims to help our external partner seek the future possibilities of the Baguley Hall to make it a community centre for the locals. Baguley Hall, an important memory that grows up with almost everyone in this area, needs our help to bring it back to the neighbourhood’s daily life. We are going to propose a café, a museum, or a gallery that could gather everyone together in this amazing historic building, passing it through more and more generations.

Fangfei L

Name: Fangfei Li

BA: Jilin Jianzhu University

Atelier: Flux

Skills: Sketchup / Photoshop / Vray / Illustrator/ AutoCAD

About: I like drawing illustrations for my projects and thinking about some unpractical ideas. During my internship in China, I gained some experience of rendering digital models. An architectural journal would help a lot with your design process.

Interest: Petting cats / Food
Posted 15 Mar 2022 00:50
Name: Xii Don Lim

BA: Manchester School of Architecture (CPU)

Atelier: Infrastructure Space

Skills: Lumion / Grasshopper / Rhino / Sketchup / Photoshop / Sketching

About: Easy going, I'd like to see imaginative projects and proposals that are driven by critical thinking and expression. I believe in achieving the greatest translation of ideas, and I believe in creators and gamechangers. Truth guides me, and faith leads me onwards.

Interest: I enjoy photography and highly recommend you get in touch with our mssaphotography club.
Posted 15 Mar 2022 00:51
Name: Liangru Chen

BA: Beijing University of Technology

Atelier: MAKING

Skills: SketchUp / Photoshop / Vray / Illustrator/ AutoCAD/ InDesign/ Lumion

About: I like buildings that have long history and memories, which make the building as a medium to create a rich visiting experience for people, and make the building more special. I had an internship in China for a year, and I am good at research, making and rendering models.

Interest: Sketching/ Traveling/ Watching/ Game
Posted 15 Mar 2022 00:53
Name: Yucheng Deng

BA: University of Liverpool

Atelier: CPU

Skills: Rhino / Adobe / Vary for Rhino /Climate studio/ AutoCAD/ Lumion/ Enscape

About: I study architecture at Liverpool when my bachelor’s degree. I have deep interesting in software which can be easy for my architecture project. In the daily life, I am a easy going person. I like to go for museum and gallery. I also enjoy nature which include all kinds of landscape and timing for the season.

Interest: Pedestrianism/ Landscape/ Arts/ Fashion/ Sample life.
Posted 15 Mar 2022 00:54
Today we introduce ourselves to each other, give a brief introduction of the Baguley Hall and our output.

Day 1 task:
Site analysis of the Baguley Hall, find precedents that are useful to develop future proposal.
Posted 16 May 2022 12:20

Today we also introduced the concept of Collective Memory.

Collective memory can be used as a theoretical framework to help with the proposals and outputs.
Posted 16 May 2022 12:26