Group 30

Chorlton: The Green Gateway The core values of this project focus on rejuvenating Chorlton High Street to transform it into a GREENER place to be. Chorlton is the Gateway to Manchester City Centre; improving the public realm for shop keepers, residents, and visitors our proposals will be pivotal in creating a more welcoming entrance to Manchester. We will be working together to determine an overall zoning masterplan strategy and breaking off into specialised teams to create a brochure, a physical model and virtual reality model. The variety of this content will showcase the scheme to its best potential as well as equip you with a plethora of skills in which to aid you in your future studies.

Froilan John P / Samuel M

Name: Olivia Walton

MArch Atelier: Infrastructure Space

From: Worcestershire (Not. Birmingham.)

Undergraduate: Nottingham Trent University

Skills: Drawing, Indesign, Sketchup, Photoshop & Cross Country Swimming

About : This project is a great opportunity as master planning is something that really interests me.
Within this project I will be running the InDesign & Photoshop workshop to:
- Establish a foundation level of understanding
- Offer you some tips and tricks
- General advice for putting together a professional portfolio.
These skills will aid my sub-team in creating the brochure for the project.
Posted 14 Mar 2022 16:52
Name: Deenesh Gungaphul (DEEEE)

MArch Atelier: CPU [Ai]

From: Mauritius

Undergraduate: Nottingham Trent University

Skills: InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, SketchUp, Rhino, Lumion, Model-Making & Professional Speed Eater

About: During my year out, I worked for a multidisciplinary firm in Kent at Rayner Davies Architects. I was a part of the residential team, and worked on projects on various scales, with different clients and contractors. My time was spent on different stages of projects, whether it was meeting clients, surveying the site, designing or modelling.

I have a passion for modelmaking, which stemmed from my product design years in school. I continued to develop my skills throughout my undergrad, with models being places in degree shows. This is why I am proud to be a part of the modelmaking team on this project, with hopes to share my skills.
Posted 14 Mar 2022 16:53
Name: Froilan Palacio (Froy)

MArch Atelier: CPU Ai

From: Philippines

Undergraduate: Nottingham Trent University

Skills: Model-Making, Hand-Sketching, InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Revit, Sketchup, Body Building

About: I have previously worked as a Part 1 Architectural Assistant at a firm that specialises in master-planning and architectural design advice. During this time, I saw first-hand, projects that centres the importance of sustainable and green infrastructure. I hope to utilise and develop my skills in this exciting project with the Chorlton Community Land Trust. I am looking forward to be part of the Model making team that will aid the visualisation of the design overall, the success of the project.
Posted 14 Mar 2022 16:53
Name: Ryan Ehlers

MArch Atelier: CPU Ai

From: South Africa

Undergraduate: University of Bath

Skills: Revit, Lumion, InDesign, Photoshop & Figure Skating

About: This project appealed to me as it seems to have a lot of potential. The opportunity to breathe life into such a lovely area, whilst also getting an opportunity to engage in master planning is very existing. I’m looking forward to developing concepts as a group and giving Chorlton a second life. My role in the team will be co-managing the virtual model making and VR element of the project alongside Sam.
Posted 14 Mar 2022 16:54
Name: Sam Mason

Atelier: Some Kind of Nature

From: Oxford

Undergraduate: Leicester School of Architecture, De Montfort University

Skills: Photoshop, Indesign, Rhino, Revit, Autocad, Model Making, Pub Golf

About: I was attracted to the Chorlton land trust project as it closely aligns with my atelier and looks at bringing nature back into urban areas around greater Manchester. I believe there is great potential to develop a green masterplan as well as a focused concept of greening store frontages which can positively give back to not only the people of Chorlton but also the environment. My role within the team will be working alongside Ryan to help you create a virtual model and implement the VR experience.
Posted 14 Mar 2022 16:54
We will be offering the opportunity to learn and try a variety of types of skills and software's across the project . Graphics and document preparation through Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. Hand drawing and model making in the workshops along with digital modelling and VR using Revit and Lumion.
Posted 14 Mar 2022 18:09
Meet The Collaborator:

We our working alongside Steve Goslyn of "Chorlton Community Land Trust" to transform Chorlton into a GREENER town. Community Land Trusts or CLT's are a group of people within the community that run to develop and manage homes as well as other assets important to that community. CLT's are formed to allow the people of the community to make their town's or area's a better place to live in and have more control over how this happens.

Chorlton Community Land Trust's aims and social impacts:

Provide a variety of housing types and tenures to meet local need.

Prioritise affordable housing, primarily for local people affected by rising house prices.

Create shared community spaces to foster neighbourliness, wellbeing and environmental awareness.

Invest in low/zero carbon technologies and building efficiency.

Protect and enhance the natural environment through habitat diversity, wildlife corridors and sustainable drainage.

Promote the use of car free areas, car sharing initiatives, electric vehicle charging points and cycle infrastructure.

Seek opportunities to engage with other community organisations and the wider community for mutual benefit.

Employ age-friendly design and management principles.

Retain land and property in permanent community ownership through a Community Land Trust (CLT).

Operate as a not-for-profit CLT accountable to its members.
Posted 14 Mar 2022 20:36

Introduction to The Green Gateway Project!

Ice breaker activities to bring the group together and communicate better during introduction stages.

Year 5’s introduced the brief, the client, and the final outputs. We also provided an overview of the next 2 week schedule, which described how the group will be split up into different teams to create the brochure, VR model and physical model.
Posted 16 May 2022 16:27

Started off with a run down on the activities for the day and what to expect
Presented precedents and talked thought the thought process behind how and why we model make.
Started the model making activity with sketching and design concepts, then moved onto developing sketch models as concept design for the street rejuvenation.
This created the output to then start the photoshop tutorials.
Photoshop tutorial covered the basics, the tools we wish we’d known as undergraduates and general tips and tricks.
This led to the output of edited images of the model outputs created by the undergrads
Lunch Break
InDesign tutorial, covering the same basics and tools that we wish we’d known to create a good base level of understanding before more we create more sophisticated outputs later in the project.
Following this we ran a crash course in Revit to introduce its functionality and demonstrate the skills we’ll be developing further over the course of this project.
Posted 17 May 2022 17:21