Group 12

Young Ma(r)kers is a collaborative project with The Architecture School for Children (TASC), who are aiming to create a mobile gallery, in addition to a workshop space, for young people of Manchester. The goal of the project is to help young artists make a mark in the city by creating an art gallery that is transportable, adaptable and flexible to be placed anywhere in Manchester. As a creative space for young people designed by young people, the space will encourage young creatives to collaborate, express their creativity and showcase their artwork.

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Kaiyan X / Zhiyuan X / Nuoya L

NAME: Kayla Dabu
MArch Year 5
BArch: University of Kent
SKILL: Autocad, Revit, Photoshops, Indesign, Sketch Up.

Favourite Childhood Memory:

When I was little me and friends would always play out in the street after school, it was the best time as we had no worries in the world. We simply played for hours whilst we waited for the ice cream van to come around the corner.
Posted 14 Mar 2022 15:03
NAME: Lauren Fung
MArch Year 5
BArch: University of Kent
SKILL: Autocad, Photoshop, Indesign, Sketch Up, Rhino

Favourite Childhood Memory:
Having my grandmother’s homemade rice cakes with my whole family during Chinese New Year
Posted 14 Mar 2022 15:04
NAME: Zhiyuan Xie
MArch Year 5
ATELIER: Continuity in Architecture
BArch: Shandong University of Architecture, Jinan, China
SKILL: Spatial Design, Graphics design (Rhino, Photoshops, Illustrator, InDesign, Auto CAD, Sketch Up)

Favourite Childhood Memory:
Play LEGO games with my childhood playmates and assemble the amusing castles by myself.
Posted 14 Mar 2022 15:06
NAME: Kaiyan Xu
MArch Year 5
ATELIER: Infrastructure Space
BArch: University of Nottingham, Ningbo, China
SKILL: Illustrator, Photoshops, Auto CAD, Sketch Up

Favourite Childhood Memory:
Playing computer games with friends and eating fried chicken after school. It is very interesting.
Posted 14 Mar 2022 15:08
NAME: Nuoya Li
MArch Year 5
BArch: University of Nottingham, Ningbo, China
SKILL: Graphics design, Model making, (Auto CAD, Sketch Up, Rhino, Photoshops, Illustrator, …)

Favourite Childhood Memory:
When I was 6 years old, I went to an outdoor classes, the teacher played games with me. He threw me up and catched me, I was sure that he could catch me, that is very interesting.

Posted 14 Mar 2022 15:09

The Architecture School for Children (TASC) are working with students from MSA’s annual programme of student-led live projects, along with Year 8 students from Didsbury High School. We, as young people, will co-design a mobile gallery, in addition to a workshop space, to form a creative space for young people.

Over the past 18 years, TASC has worked with children and communities to bring together people and the wider community to view their environment in a creative persepctive. They aim to develop people’s creative talents from a young age, help children to form lifelong relationships with the community and the city, and raise aspirations of young people to create healthy and happy communities. They have also partnered with organisations (MMU, UoM, RIBA etc.) to engage with architecture students to achieve their aims.

Didsbury High School has a cohort of talented Year 8 students who are eager to learn about architecture. The students are keen to learn and develop new skills about drawing, designing and model making.

For more information, check out
Posted 14 Mar 2022 15:12

Workshops are held to develop drawing and modelling skills digitally and physically. Software used consist of AutoCAD, Sketchup, Photoshop and Indesign. Working with students from Didsbury High School will also allow young people at different stages to learn from each other and to work with each other. Presentations will enable students to share ideas and take inspiration from different backgrounds.
Posted 14 Mar 2022 15:25
Social Values:

2022 is OUR YEAR.

In conjunction with our collaborators, we believe that young people should be able to live, learn, play, and grow in a space that inspires them. It is important for young people to develop a deep connection with the city from an early stage, therefore we, with other young creatives, are designing a creative space that will act as a platform for young people to have a visible presence in the city. The workshop facilitates a variety of artistic practices, so young people can experiment with different media in response to their experience of the city. The art produced will be displayed in a flexible exhibition space that is the mobile gallery. The art forms part of a showcase for the Manchester City Council initiative, ‘Our Year 2022’, to celebrate Manchester’s children and young people.
Posted 14 Mar 2022 20:21
Day 1

Hello! We spent the first day getting to know the rest of the team, followed by a brief introduction to the project. The team is then split into groups to brainstorm ideas and research precedents. Some ideas experimented with folding techniques and other ideas incorporated the use of wheels. As a group, we discussed interesting elements from each idea that could be further developed. There were lovely sketches produced from the team. This was a great start to the project!
Posted 16 May 2022 17:20
Day 2

Both Team 1 and Team 2 focused on further developing their ideas from the previous session. The idea from Team 1 consisted of a gallery space made up of timber frames with a colourful canopy roof. There were physical and digital models made to demonstrate the undulating form.
Posted 17 May 2022 18:15
Day 2

The idea from Team 2 stemmed from a caravan. Developed from a simple ‘box on wheels’, the team experimented with ways to manipulate the rectangular form. The sketches and concept models show how the box could be expanded to create an exhibition space.
Posted 17 May 2022 18:16
Day 3

Today we had some very special visitors from Didsbury High school.

We started the morning off by asking the year 8 students to draw pieces of art work that can be displayed in the mobile gallery.

We then moved forward to a designing session in the afternoon where the undergraduates and year 8 students are split into 4 teams to create new proposals for the mobile gallery.
Posted 18 May 2022 22:13
Day 3

Today was a great collaborative day between the year 8 Didsbury high students and MSA students.

Here are some of the beautiful and innovative proposals that the students have produced. Truly a sentiment of designing the mobile gallery for the youths by the youths.
Posted 18 May 2022 22:14
Day 4

The lecture in the morning was given by Clover Lee, who is the director of plusClover. Based in Hong Kong, Clover has worked on various projects ranging from residential interiors to retail design. Collaboration is an essential element in her work, so it was great for her to share her experiences with us. The projects presented were related to the project we are currently developing as they all targeted a younger demographic, so it was beneficial for us to learn about how graphics could be used to reinforce branding.
Posted 19 May 2022 21:07
Day 4

We visited the Whitworth Gallery in the afternoon and we had the pleasure of meeting our collaborators, Dan and Catherine from TASC. They gave us a brief introduction to TASC and showed us projects they have previously worked on. We then had a discussion about the combination of ideas from the previous sessions and focused on the construction of the mobile gallery. It had been an eventful day gathering inspiration from external speakers and sharing ideas.
Posted 19 May 2022 21:08
Day 5

Today was the final day of week 1. This week was filled with collaborative exploration and experimentation for the mobile gallery design.

Today we were finally able to finalise the design, taking forward inputs from the undergraduates and our external collaborators at TASC and Didsbury High School. We have also started exploring construction techniques for the final form.
Posted 20 May 2022 23:41
Day 6

After finalising our design last week, we started preparing drawings for our design manual. There was an Autocad workshop for students to learn about basic Autocad commands. They were then divided, so half of them worked on the plan, sections and elevations, and the other half worked on preparing files for the laser cut model. It took some time at first to get used to the new software, but everyone managed to contribute to the drawings after familiarising themselves with Autocad.
Posted 23 May 2022 18:33
Day 7

Using the orthographic drawings that we had drawn yesterday, we built a 3D model using Sketchup in today’s session. We had a brief tutorial to learn about basic digital modelling in Sketchup, then each student was tasked to build a part of the mobile gallery. They focused on modelling the joint details, which was then put together to form the whole gallery. The final 3D model turned out as we had imagined and we will be using it for our renders.
Posted 24 May 2022 22:46
Day 8

The afternoon session was mainly focused on model making. We took advantage of the laser cutting machine available at Didsbury High School and produced CAD drawings the day before to cut out on site for the students to put together.
Posted 26 May 2022 11:32
Day 8

Today we had the chance to visit and collaborate yet again with our external partners at Didsbury High School.

The morning session consisted of teaching the students how to produce orthographic drawings for the mobile gallery, it was the perfect opportunity to develop the students hand drawing abilities. It was a great teaching experience for the MSA students and the DHS students.
Posted 26 May 2022 12:07
Day 9

During today’s session, we met up with Catherine and Dan at the Whitworth Gallery to finalise our outputs. We presented the drawings and model that were produced with the DHS students, and also showed them our progress this week as we approach the end of the programme. Using our Sketchup model, we generated images that were then compiled together to make a design manual. The design manual acts as a guide to demonstrate how the mobile gallery would be constructed if the opportunity arises to build the gallery in reality.
Posted 26 May 2022 20:42
Day 10

Today was the last day of MSA Live 22. Using the drawings and models we have done over the past week, we created beautiful renders that demonstrate how the gallery would appear on site. The sites included the Whitworth Gallery and All Saints Park. In the span of 2 weeks, we managed to design a mobile gallery, from the concept stage to the detail stage. It had been a great learning experience working as a team and the final outputs showed the collaborative efforts put into the project. Thank you everyone for your participation!
Posted 27 May 2022 16:32