Hey there! I'm Kiran,

I am in my first year of MArch course at MSA. Originally from Derby, I completed my undergrad at the University of Lincoln before embarking on a new experience in London for two years of industry experience.

When I'm not sketching and immersed in the world of design, you'll catch me on hiking trails or finding my zen on the yoga mat.

I am excited to start this collaborative Live project!

Posted 13 Mar 2024 09:41
As a team, we organised our upcoming meeting schedules and outlined our project's overarching objectives. Our initial focus was on generating ideas for our poster, aiming to establish a cohesive identity and theme for our wayfinding strategy. Collaborating in the studio, we collectively sketched concepts for our poster design. Additionally, we are devising a communication plan with our external coordinators to ensure our visions will align.
Posted 17 Mar 2024 09:47
Meeting at the MTC, our team embarked on a creative journey to conceptualise the perfect poster for MSA Live, aimed at enticing prospective students to join our team. From a brainstorming session to playful doodles on paper, each sketch brought us closer to creating our vision. Our poster serves as a narrative, showcasing the pivotal sites our wayfinding strategy aims to connect. Stay tuned as we are inviting others to embark on this exciting adventure with us!
Posted 17 Mar 2024 10:02
Moving forward as a team, we've implemented a strategic division of tasks to ensure a comprehensive scheme while avoiding overwhelming any team members. To maintain organisation, we've used Microsoft Teams, keeping our lines of communication clear. Through regular team meetings, we ensure alignment on our shared vision while allowing individual focus on distinct elements of our project.
Posted 17 Mar 2024 10:09