Hi ! I'm Hiba

I grew up in the UAE where I have completed my BArch at the American University of Sharjah. I also gained my experience at an international consultancy in Dubai where I worked as an architect on large scale architecture & urban design projects across the Middle East and Africa.

Now at MSA, I'm part of the CPU atelier, a place that allows me to use my interest for software, explore adaptive reuse futures, and learn more about sustainable design. Besides architecture, I enjoy hobbies like swimming, hiking, playing piano and knitting.

I'm excited to be working on the Underbanks project at Stockport, and I look forward to bringing new life to the area through innovative design.
Posted 13 Mar 2024 01:30
A deep dive into collaborative research and narrative finding!

On the second day of MSA Live, our team split into three groups, each assigned to explore and revitalize a distinct section of the site. Our focus was to develop low-budget, environmentally conscious interventions tailored to the unique characteristics of the Underbanks route and the two gap sites. We kickstarted with inspirations through precedent studies and mood board presentations, setting a strong direction for our research. After extensive research and analysis, we crafted narratives that will guide our design development in the upcoming days. Using tools like sketches and digital mapping, we envisioned solutions that pay attention to the natural and social fabric of the site. The day wrapped up with a comprehensive exchange of ideas that addressed the design narratives, ensuring a cohesive and impactful design strategy. The input of various perspectives of our team has enriched our approach, and we eagerly anticipate further refining these concepts in the days to come.
Posted 9 May 2024 05:33
Day 4

Turning Our Ideas into Reality!

Everyone had the opportunity to bring their ideas to life through drawings, collages, and 3D modelling. The team experimented with different designs, textures, and materialities, pushing the boundaries of their creativity. During lunch, participants had the chance to network and exchange ideas, with many sharing their visions and aspirations. The break was filled with vibrant discussions, inspiring everyone to refine and expand their approach. After lunch, the excitement continued as participants approached the project by creating 2D and 3D designs that reflected real-world applications. We delved into more advanced 3D modelling techniques, exploring new ways to bring concepts to life. We wrapped up the day with a showcase of the day's work. The variety and quality of the designs were truly impressive, reflecting the hard work and dedication of all involved.

Stay tuned for Day 5 of MSA Live Action Week as we continue to turn our ideas into reality!
Posted 14 May 2024 04:21
Day 7

Preparation & Design Refinement

Day 7 was another milestone in our journey towards revitalising the Underbanks. The team started the day with an informal catch-up session to share updates on progress made and any challenges faced.
Gap Site 1 Progress
The team working on Gap Site 1 made significant strides today. Our concept of creating attachable and detachable pieces for flexible space utilisation was refined further. By focusing on modular design, we ensured that the space can be easily reconfigured to meet various needs while staying within the client’s budget. Meanwhile, the digital 3D model has been completed as well to convey the design concept and dynamic interventions, and the team have now shifted their focus to producing high-quality renders and visualisations.
Gap Site 2 Progress
Over at Gap Site 2, the team continued their impressive work from the previous day. They refined the plan layout, incorporating feedback and ensuring every detail was meticulously accounted for. Their 3D virtual model is now near completion, offering a comprehensive visual representation that will be instrumental for the final presentation. The model is crucial for our final visual presentation of Gap Site 2, demonstrating both aesthetic and functional aspects of the design.
Wayfinding Team progress
The Wayfinding group made significant strides today as well. They finalised the overall plan, ensuring a seamless visual connection between interventions across the scheme. Additionally, the team has been working on the 3D model to get ideas implemented and ready to be there in the final visuals. The team has almost completed the templates for the A5 publication and made substantial progress on the presentation content for SMBC. The progress made is pivotal in conveying the project's vision and goals effectively.

Posted 16 May 2024 11:54