Site & Client Visit

The Trafford Music Service provides opportunity for children across Trafford to learn how to play music, whether that be orchestral or popular. The Service teaches more than 1000 children, with 400 more on the waiting list. That, as well as 1000’s of instruments, means the Service is starting to outgrow its home.

The Service is excited to work with the MSA to develop a scheme that can support their success. This LIVE group will have the opportunity to visit the home of the Service, the Claremont Centre, and work collaboratively to create a scheme for practice and storage spaces, while developing skills through physical model-making and digital software.

In preparation to the live project, we have been to visit the site and the client to better understand the spaces we will be working in. You will get to visit these spaces as previously mentioned but this is just a preview to some of the spaces you will be designing!
Posted 11 Mar 2024 15:46