Hi, I am Oliver!

Born in Bristol, I moved to Manchester in 2019 to pursue my undergraduate degree at MSA. After working as an Architectural Assistant for Donald Insall Associates in London, I have returned to Continuity in Architecture. My strengths lie in my drawing abilities, much like my fellow Bristolian Banksy.

I have a good understanding of the architectural concepts of reinvention and cultural heritage from my year in London. However, I want to emphasize how Bradford's Cultural Connection project is artistic and creative. I am thrilled to have the chance to collaborate with the team in May to create something that we will be proud to showcase in our portfolios in the future.
Posted 11 Mar 2024 18:15
The poster was crucial for informing people of our project, and we took design inspiration from the project's site itself. When visiting our site, near the entrance of the road, there was a derelict building with an eye-catching facade which had been reimagined with graffiti and paint. Although this was not a conventional reimagining in the architectural sense, we recognised the artistry and power within Bradford's community. If applied correctly, we believe that not just the facade but the entire road could be transformed into something remarkable!

In combining efforts from Bradford Council, the students of Manchester School Of Architecture, The University of Bradford and the Bradford Community, we hope to actualise the 'idea' presented in the poster and create visuals reimagining the Road. This work to then inspire real-world action and a potential reconstruction of the once bustling Great Horton Road!
Posted 4 May 2024 12:09
Day 2

Morning: This morning, everybody had some independent time to do some research in order to develop ideas for their plots on Great Horton Road. People had been getting busy looking at the site's history, analysing their specific section of the street fa├žade, and coming up with some great ideas.

Afternoon: After lunch, we began with a quick overview of the project objectives we had developed previously, then an example of a physical model to inspire our own modelling of the street. We moved on to some, informal presentations of ideas and analysis - discussing any ideas collectively and providing peer feedback on the work. Up next visit to Bradford site!
Posted 9 May 2024 22:51