Hello, I’m Zahra!

My journey into design and architecture started with two years of interior design in my home country ‘Saudi Arabia’, followed by a foundation year and first year of architecture at Dublin School of Architecture in Ireland, and finally completing my RIBA Part 1 in architecture at the Manchester School of Architecture.

After graduating, I worked as a part 1 architectural assistant at a small-scale practice based in London where I was very lucky to be part of an ambitious team and engage in many heritage and community-related projects that match my interests in architecture.

I am excited about being part of a project that is in ‘the City of Culture’ Bradford and engaging in the Bradford Culture Connection project, as well as having the opportunity to participate in making a positive change in Bradford’s community.
Posted 11 Mar 2024 19:02
Ethos Form

As engaging with people in Bradford was an important aspect of developing this project, the ethics application was carefully completed by addressing all parts of the application cautiously.

Communication with the project’s participants was through our gatekeeper and no personal information, other than names was collected from the participants.

We have ensured that our collaborator ‘the gatekeeper’ has provided everyone participating in this project with two main documents; the Participant Information Sheet and the Consent Form to complete before participating.

The two provided documents gave the participants an overview of the project, including the project's general aim, what is expected from them, their right to withdraw at any time, and how their data will be used and managed.

The data collected from them was managed and analysed by the MArch 1 students only to ensure confidentiality.
Posted 7 May 2024 02:54
Day 5
We discussed how the model would represent a walkthrough up and down the street.
The first task was to set the scale for our model, representing the street-built facade at a 1:20 scale.
We proceeded to set up the base drawing, which was based on measurements from the site visit and careful proportioning from images, ensuring the accuracy of our model.
Posted 14 May 2024 16:37