Name: Ryan Dinsdale-Round

BA Course: BA (Hons) Architecture, Hull School of Architecture
Atelier: CPU
Interests: Exploring the incorporation of large language models (LLMs) within the architectural realm to streamline tasks and processes, such as documentation, CAD software, and feasibility studies.
Skills: Proficient in Vectorworks, AutoCAD, Rhino3D & Grasshopper, Full Microsoft 365 Suite, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, Procreate, Lumion, & Programming Languages.

Hello, I'm Ryan, a Master of Architecture (MArch) student with experience working on various residential and commercial projects. I completed my BA (Hons) in Architecture with First-Class Honours at Hull School of Architecture and was nominated for the RIBA Bronze Award. My academic research focused on the influence of phenomenology on Steven Holl's design processes and critical thinking. I'm excited to contribute to MSA Live and collaborate with the team on this project, bringing my skills and passion for innovative architectural solutions to the table.
Posted 11 Mar 2024 20:39