Brian Chang
MArch Year 1
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I graduated from the University of Hong Kong, where my final project focused on creating an innovative tectonic system for high-rise residential buildings under flyover highways in Causeway Bay. Post-graduation, I worked for a year at Aedas, contributing to the design of The Ellinikon Commercial Hub in Greece. Responsible for detailed drawings, interior design, and master planning. My passion lies in designing innovative tectonics to solve real-world problems and benefit communities. I am excited about participating in the redesign of Victoria Park with 'Friends of Victoria Park,' I look forward to contributing to this collaborative project.

Skills: Rhino, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Rendering
Posted 5 Mar 2024 12:14
Site & Users

The site is situated in a residential neighborhood in Stretford, Manchester, and is part of the beloved Victoria Park—a widely cherished communal space within the community. Within the park, there is currently an empty grass field serving as a communal garden and a children's playground.

On January 17th, we had the opportunity to meet with Jane from 'Friends of Victoria Park,' an NGO actively involved in the development and planning of the park. This organization not only conducts weekly activities for park users but also operates a cafe that contributes to the financial needs of the office. During our site visit, we explored the park with Jane, gathering insights and information.

Our designated task is to transform the existing grass field located at the south side of the park into a space that is SEN (Special Educational Needs) friendly. The envisioned space aims to incorporate key features such as a community garden, a storytelling area, and a playground specifically designed for SEN users. To better understand the needs and requirements of the park's users, we engaged in discussions with Jane and some other individuals who frequent the park. Thorough notes were taken during these interactions, and our planning process has since commenced, guided by the valuable information gathered from the site visit.
Posted 10 Mar 2024 14:52
First Team Meeting

On February 6th, our group convened for our initial team meeting. Each of us had prepared ideas for the designs related to the specific functions required for the site. These ideas were presented on a screen to ensure that everyone in the group was informed. Towards the conclusion of the meeting, we assigned distinct roles to each team member. Simultaneously, we initiated the planning process for our action week, specifying the time required for each activity and identifying the deliverables due by the week's end.

Once all the details were settled and our plans were in place, we progressed to our subsequent meeting with our tutor. During this session, our tutor provided valuable suggestions for us to incorporate in our upcoming weeks of work.

Posted 10 Mar 2024 15:05