Karthik Raagav A

Group 08

Hey there!

I am Raagav from the down south of India. Pursuing my first year in Master of Architecture with Continuity atelier. I completed my Undergrad from Manipal School of Architecture, India.

My design approach deals with contemporary style of architecture with a modern brutalist touch that concentrates on lighting and functionalities. I'm also into conservation where I unequivocally believe that history propels originators like me to design something new for society and convenient to the community.

Stepping a bit away from Architecture, I enjoy cooking which makes me refresh and shoves me aside from the routine work and stress. Adding on to that sometimes I love clicking pictures, sketching and to jot down few words that are skeptically euphonic.

I am really counting my days to have maximum fun on the workshop with the children and to guide and learn what’s on the minds of the little future architects that’s going to emerge in real as models and drawings.
Posted 11 Mar 2024 14:57