I'm Fariba Sadeghi Far, from Iran. I'm thrilled to be studying MA Architecture and Adaptive Reuse at Manchester Metropolitan University. This course really excites me because it allows me to merge historical elements with modern design, which I find fascinating.
My journey in architecture started at Bojnurd University in Iran, where I graduated in Architectural Engineering. But my interests aren’t confined to architecture alone; I also love drawing, making sculptures, and singing. These artistic pursuits enrich my understanding and appreciation of design, adding depth to my architectural work.
Being part of LOL, I bring my passion for architecture's technical and creative sides. My diverse skills and interests help us explore innovative and adaptable design solutions, contributing to our team's dynamic and forward-thinking approach to architecture and adaptive reuse.
Posted 12 Mar 2024 14:29
Day 3 - Physical Model

At the B15 workshop, we translated the plan of the Levenshume Old Library into a base on a physical model. This facilitated a clearer understanding and presentation of proposed designs within the existing context.
Posted 10 May 2024 15:54