Meet Lex!

Hometown: Harrogate, England

Recent project themes:
BA3 study on “Social & Political Architectures in South America”, Where i explored how different levels of participation were used within social housing projects in South America to understand the overall affect.
MArch RM13 ‘It starts with a Kiss” A study that used modelmaking as method to understand how old and new junctions were designed within re-use buildings. This led to the creation of a 1:20 sectional model of Astley castle that explored these connections.
MArch dissertation study on: “ How has Urban policy affected the regeeration of Ancoats, Manchester & Holbeck, Leeds?”, Looking at how urban policy has evolved post-world war to see how it has affected and influenced the regeneration of each case study to then determine which project has been more successful and which urban policies may have attributed to this.

Interests outside of architecture: Travelling, Cooking, Searching for the best restaurants in Manchester, Sewing, Cocktails

Contact email:
Posted 13 Mar 2023 16:25