Group 12

Students will be helping to design and visualise a new community arts space to the rear of The Tetley centre in Leeds. The museum has been a communal platform for emerging local artists since 2006, holding free exhibitions and providing an integral creative outlet for the local community and beyond. Staffed by volunteers, the centre offers a public platform vital to the arts and culture scene within the UK. Students will use their architectural skills to assist in the creation of further space of significant social value to the local community.

Yoanna B / Darshan V / Max Ferguson F / Jobey K / Kamila B / Angel Maria C

Jobey Keene

Atelier: &rchitecture
BArch: MSA
Experience: 5Plus, AndArchitects
Skills: Adobe, Rhino and Modelmaking
Interested in: Sustainability and socially driven architecture.
Posted 1 Mar 2021 17:32
Darshan Varsani

Atelier: Advanced Practice
BArch: MSA
Skills: Adobe, Lumion, Sketchup, Rhino and Modelmaking
Interested in: How sustainable design can be integrated into architecture without a hindrance to the experience of space. I am also interested in how communities can be integrated into schemes that have long-lasting positive changes.
Posted 1 Mar 2021 17:54
Max Frost

Atelier: &rchitecture
BArch: MSA
Experience: Gagarin Studio
Skills: Photoshop, Illustrator, Hand Drawing
Interested in: Social housing and community focussed projects. I’m really keen on looking at the future of public housing, and architecture’s role in addressing social issues.
Posted 1 Mar 2021 18:30
Yoanna Barzeva

Atelier: &rchitecture
BArch: University of Huddersfield
Experience: LP Design
Skills: Adobe, ArchiCAD, Lumion and Collage Art
Interested in: addressing socio-economic issues through spatial and abstract thinking in architecture & design
Posted 1 Mar 2021 18:41
Kamila Bochenska

Atelier: &rchitecture
BArch: Wroclaw University of Science and Technology
Experience: Interniship at RYSY Architekci
Skills: ArchiCAD, AutoCAD, Adobe, Lumion
Interested in: The community-focused approach to architecture and the relationship between the urban environment and wellbeing.
Posted 1 Mar 2021 18:43
Angel Cunningham

Atelier: USE
BArch: MSA
Skills: Photoshop, InDesign, Sketchup, AutoCAD
Interested in: Approaching design from a user-focussed perspective, to find more exciting solutions to social issues in architecture
Posted 1 Mar 2021 18:57
Meet the Collaborator

The Tetley is an art gallery and social hub on the south bank of the river Aire in Leeds, providing a platform for local artists and workshops for both the local community and visitors to Leeds since 2013. The gallery is based in the 1930s Tetley’s Brewery, hosting a range of free exhibitions, as well as workshop spaces, powering the thriving creative scene in Leeds and West Yorkshire.

The Tetley supports both emerging artists with mentoring, investment, and space to exhibit work. It is also a key creative hub for the local community with arts workshops for kids and adults, a programme of free exhibitions, talks and events, plus a brilliant bar and kitchen!



Contact: Bryony Bond - Director

Posted 1 Mar 2021 19:03
Social Value

The new extension of the Tetley will act as a hub for a new community and will offer opportunities to develop new skills and support mental health and employability. The park, which it extends to, will provide a space for volunteer gardening and will feature sculptures, artist-designed play areas, unusual benches and facilities, creative planting workshops, which will attract the wider city.

The new extension will reflect the Tetley’s long heritage by bringing back brewing and food production on site on a small scale, enabling brewing tours for the community. The new enhanced Bar&Kitchen area will develop a new expertise in food, beverage & hospitality and provide educational programmes for young people and trainees.

By incorporating the social history of the Tetley and the wider South Bank story, the new unique community hub with integrated talent development, learning & training will bring more closely together people from different generations and attract the wider community to more than just contemporary art.
Posted 2 Mar 2021 11:01

Model Making & Sketching

Model making in both physical and digital form and sketching will be a key part of the project to initially understand concepts that really benefit the community.

Research & Srategies

Concepts will be informed from the initial site analysis but also through implementing design strategies that have a positive impact on the environment. There will also be the scope of developing a landscape strategy for the exterior space that connects coherently to the extension.


The presentation will be a major factor in communicating the scheme as this is something that will be used to raise funding for the project. The use of diagrams will be a visual communication device used alongside sketches to help the collaborator understand the direction behind the concept.


There will be an opportunity to develop skills within the Adobe Suite package as well as learning visualisation techniques with Lumion. 3D modelling software such as Sketchup will be used as a way of working with rendering software.

Posted 2 Mar 2021 15:09