Group 04

Homelessness is real. Raising awareness in society is vital. // Working in conjunction with WOAH and Cornerstone, a day centre supporting vulnerable adults, this project will look into the causes and implications of urban homelessness and, over a two week workshop in May, develop creative proposals for the redevelopment of the Cornerstone centre whilst exploring and discussing new ways to tackle homelessness through systemic change and direct action. // It is estimated that over a quarter of a million people are homeless right now in the UK. Over the last 10 years this figure has been consistently rising, aggravated by austerity driven cuts to local services and now further by the Covid-19 pandemic. Individuals in such situations are often left behind by society and struggle to reintegrate; they become forgotten citizens. // It is a significant and continuing problem and Manchester is considerably affected by the issue; rough sleepers can be seen throughout the city, though these people are the tip of the iceberg- approximately 1 in every 102 people in the city are classed as homeless, spanning a wide range of circumstances, often categorised into ‘chronic’, ‘episodic’ and ‘transitional’ in addition to ‘hidden’, which Crisis has estimated makes up to 62% of the figures. // Despite this, local and national authority continues to fail to address the problem in an effective and enduring manner, with most policies acting simply as stop-gaps and charities increasingly relied upon to combat poverty. //

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Sing Hong C / Jake G / Tom C

Name: Evie Richardson

Atelier: Infra.Space
Part 1: University of Nottingham
Practice Experience: Staniforth Architects
Proficiency: Autocad, Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Sketchup, Hand drawing, Model making
Interests: Conservation/preservation, social - wellbeing, architecture and Nature. Other interests include art, cooking and music.
Posted 2 Mar 2021 15:09
Name: Fara Amjad

Atelier: Praxxis
Part 1: University of Huddersfield
Practice Experience: Atelier Mb Urban Architects
Proficiency: Vector Works, Sketch up, Photoshop, Indesign
Interests: Sustainable architecture, adaptive reuse of historic buildings
Posted 2 Mar 2021 15:11
Name: Jake Greenall

Atelier: Infra.Space
Part 1: Leeds Beckett University
Practice Experience: NBDA Architects
Proficiency: AutoCad, Adobe Suite, Sketchup, hand drawing, model making
Interests: Resilient architecture that offers potential solutions to environmental issues and projects aimed at helping society’s most vulnerable people.
Posted 2 Mar 2021 15:13
Name: Lon Y Law

Atelier: CPU:AI
Part 1: Northumbria University
Practice Experience: Aedas Ltd
Proficiency: Adobe Suite, Sketchup, Rhino, Grasshopper, Lumion
Interests: Acquiring new knowledge, reading and imagining the future. Other interests include calligraphy, sketching, music, physics, philosophy, video games, anime, sustainability.
Posted 2 Mar 2021 15:14
Name: Sing Hong Chau

Atelier: &rchitecture
Part 1: University of Edinburgh
Practice Experience: PWD Architecture, Beijing + KplusK Associates, Hong Kong
Proficiency: Photoshop, Rhino
Interests: I enjoyed looking at decommodification of architecture and how housing designs could be interventions towards more social equitable outcomes through different strategies such as flexibility and Co-living. I also look at architecture in a way that’s more than just profit return.
Posted 2 Mar 2021 15:15
Name: Tom Craven

Atelier: Continuity in Architecture
Part 1: University of Lincoln
Practice Experience: Quad Architects
Proficiency: AutoCad, Sketchup, Photoshop, InDesign, detailing, hand drawing and modelmaking
Interests: Experiential/sensory design, physical design processes, social and political implications of architecture.
Posted 2 Mar 2021 15:16
Partners - WOAH

“WOAH (Without a Home) is a non-profit student design collective, predominantly focused on the issue of homelessness and all associated issues surrounding it, such as community, housing and poverty. We mainly consist of architecture students and have worked on both research and design projects alongside charities, ex-homeless artists and architectural firms. WOAH came into existence in 2015 in reaction to the removal of the homeless encampment underneath the Manchester way, opposite the hatch development.”

As fellow students at MSA, the WOAH collective are uniquely positioned in this project to advise us on the current landscape of homelessness in Manchester, and to provide a base of research and action that we can contribute to. Two of our primary contacts representing WOAH are 6th year students who were in the same role as this team last year, and we are confident we will benefit from their experience to bridge the gap between the issues at hand and the process of an MSA Live project. Initial discussions have established an understanding of the potential to continue the project into the future in the same way; making each year’s iteration a new contribution to a cumulative, long term effort to implement real change in how homelessness is discussed and tackled in the city of Manchester.

Twitter: @TheMSSA
Facebook: WOAHWithoutAHome
Instagram: @woahwithoutahome
Posted 2 Mar 2021 15:19
Partners - Cornerstone

Cornerstone is a day centre in Manchester that provides services and accommodation to vulnerable adults. They welcome people from all backgrounds in the hope of increasing the quality of life of their clients. Bringing together vulnerable people helps to form a support system giving many adults a route back into society. Cornerstone is part of the Caritas Diocese of Salford charity that aims to free people from poverty and disadvantaged circumstances in Greater Manchester.

As a charity, Cornerstone are at the forefront of dealing with homelessness and it’s related difficulties. We look forward to learning from their real-world knowledge and approaches to the problems people face on a day-to-day basis. As with most charities though, they are vulnerable to being underfunded and overstretched; Our first discussions have highlighted a pressing need for the improvement of the Cornerstone day centre on Denmark Road, which will likely form part of our design workshops in May. Additionally, we will look into the ways in which Cornerstone and Caritas interacts with other bodies such as local government, the general public and other charities to glean information on how these relationships inform and affect the whole.

Twitter: @CaritasSalford
Facebook: CaritasSalford
Posted 2 Mar 2021 15:22
Social Contribution

The issue this project aims to engage with is a significant one, and at times it may seem overwhelming; numbers are hard to gauge accurately but it is estimated that 1 in every 102 people in Manchester are classed as homeless. It is clear to imagine the extent of the problem simply by walking through the city centre, and the number has been steadily rising over recent years. But the scale of the question should not dissuade us from searching for an answer.

As a team and as collaborators in this project we believe it is our social responsibility to acknowledge the issues and contribute, in whatever small way, to the improvement of the social fabric of this city and of individual lives. We are forced as citizens to step in where local and national government has failed. This is something that affects everyone, not just those without a home; we must question the society we are part of and the systems that shape it. Is this the best we can do? Am I happy to ignore those at the bottom of the ladder? Could this be me one day?

Our approach will be on two levels- micro and macro, we must inspect the issues at differing scales to effectively interrogate the problem to yield potentially real results. What are the current systems in place and where do they fail? But also- What is it on a personal level that a rough sleeper feels is most important to them?
Posted 2 Mar 2021 15:24
Skills & Techniques

The team will engage with a range of varied physical and non-physical analysis and representation techniques. Mapping, data and site analysis skills will be implemented to build up baseline knowledge as a group, before a series of design exercises that will develop conceptualisation and representation through hand drawing, diagramming, model making and software such as Sketchup. As the designs progress they will then be augmented with further programs such as Autocad and rendering plugins, and prepared for presentation through Photoshop and InDesign.

Students will be encouraged to apply the skills that they consider to be their strengths to the project in the context of a large collaborative team as well as embracing and developing areas of their skillset they are not as comfortable with. As this is a cross-course as well as cross-year project, we are looking forward to a diverse range of approaches and perspectives that will produce creative solutions.

In addition to practical skills, we also want to discuss and debate the subject. The continuing existence of homelessness in this country proves there is no simple fix, and that it cannot be addressed through architecture alone; so we are interested in thinking outside the box, venturing beyond architecture, investigating left field ideas and testing their feasibility collectively as a collaborative effort.
Posted 2 Mar 2021 23:09
Day 1
Welcome to Forgotten Citizens!

Today we have welcomed our BA1 and BA2 students to join our team. We have spent some fun time together with some ice breaking activities to get know each other. We also joined Dominic Sagar’s talk on WOAH Workhouse Project. The talk has enriched our team a lot by giving us many interesting ideas on creating social infrastructure to integrate homeless people back in the community. Thank you very much Dominic!

Our team has started to investigate the backgrounds of homeless people. From the reasons for being homeless, demographics backgrounds to existing policies, we have discussed our findings as a team. Further investigations will be continued tomorrow.
Posted 10 May 2021 23:41
Day 2 Schedule:

10:30 - Background Investigation
11:30 - Ideas Presentation from Dominic Sagar
13:30 - Background of WOAH and Issues of Homlessness in Manchester
Presentation from Dominic Sagar
14:30 - Initiatives and Precedents Studies
16:30 - Debrief
Posted 11 May 2021 17:29
Day 2
Research on the Background of Homelessness in Manchester

Our team has split into two groups and investigated four different topics regarding background of homelessness in Manchester. The topics are "Reasons for Homelessness", "Types of Homelessness", "Demographics & Policies" and "Support Networks". Each group has justified their findings and discussed the distribution and needs of homeless people in Manchester generally. We also explored how existing initiatives and regulations to see how the society tackles homelessness issues. The research will be taken into account in our design intervention.

Posted 12 May 2021 23:11
Day 3
Site Analysis of Cornerstone Day Centre

It was great to visit Cornerstone Day Centre. Our team received Patrick's talk about the detail information of existing building. Patrick has explained how the day centre operates everyday and the potential opportunities for reusing some spaces.
Posted 12 May 2021 23:55
Day 4
Site Analysis
Group - Environment

Alex, Jessica and Louis did some research about the environment of built environment. From circulation to climate analysis, they expressed their findings by mappings. The research gives us the idea of site opportunities and constraints for the further design.

Posted 13 May 2021 23:04
Day 4
Site Analysis
Group - History

Abu and Irina have investigated about the history of the Cornerstone Day Centre. They collaborated together and did a timeline diagram to show the past of the building. It clearly showed that the building has been used for supporting disadvantaged groups since the 1940s.
Posted 13 May 2021 23:13
Day 4
Site Analysis
Group - Typologies

Anca, Tak and Tom did some studies about the existing building in regards to the spatial layout, materiality and urban relationship. They also looked at how the staffs and residents occupy and encounter each other inside. By examining the current condition of the building and end-users, we will try to redesign and upgrade part of the building with a cost-effective way.
Posted 13 May 2021 23:26
Day 5
Design Charette 1 - Initial Development

The masterplan group has begun to develop new programmes on the site and tested out different options of spatial layouts. Irina showed her ideas on how the new masterplan responds to the client's brief and site context with her sketches and bubbles diagram. Other BA students also started to look at some precedents and discussed the masterplan ideas as a team.

Posted 17 May 2021 00:58
Day 6

Masterplanning ideas!
The proposals are taking shape as students look to add detail and connect interventions to the surrounding context.
New accommodation, refurbishment to the existing Cornerstone building and growing gardens are being considered.
Posted 17 May 2021 15:18
Day 6

New courtyard and accommodation ideas!
The existing space to the back of the Cornerstone site is being looked at for potential new accommodation and a courtyard to grow food and participate in group activities.
Posted 17 May 2021 15:55
Day 6

Accommodation Designing!
Looking at layouts for new accommodation units as part of the big Cornerstone project.
Posted 17 May 2021 16:47
Day 7

We have started to think about how the interventions in the masterplan could look and feel for the residents that use them. Tom has produced some fantastic modelling ideas for a proposed pavilion structure.
Posted 18 May 2021 12:54
Day 7

More Interventions!

Some very nice sketch and collage combinations to show how the residents could interact with these spaces. As the masterplan develops these interventions will cement themselves within the scheme.
Posted 18 May 2021 12:57
Day 7

In todays afternoon session we have been using Miro to draw simultaneously on our masterplan proposals in order to finalise the design.
Posted 18 May 2021 15:45
Day 8

Day Centre Designing!
Today some of our team have done collages to express the key spaces. Anca has tested out the layout on bedrooms in the day centre whereas Abu focused on the communal spaces.
Posted 20 May 2021 16:26
Day 8

Day Centre Extension Designing!
Irina and Alex both experimented the extension of daycentre and how spaces could be used and expressed in different architectural languages.
Posted 20 May 2021 16:38
Day 9

More Allotment Designs!
In creating looking at the idea of urban farming in more detail, Evie and Tak have created collages to see how the idea can be applied in our site with the self-build tents concept.
Posted 20 May 2021 17:32
Day 9

Chapel Designs!
The chapel has been described as a sacred space in our masterplan and allows resident to join and engage together. It is somehow a destination place where people worship within the neighbourhood. Abu and Irina have looked at different designs of churches and focused on how light interacts with materiality to create a sense of peace and tranquillity.
Posted 20 May 2021 17:44
Day 9

Final Push!
Our team has worked really hard to produce drawings and visualizations for our designs. We showed our idea to our collaborators and presented our two weeks developed masterplan and building layouts to them. Based on their feedbacks, we are now compiling our works to presentation format for publication tomorrow.
Posted 20 May 2021 18:09
Day 10
Submission Day!

Today our team will be working on final presentations and put all our works together for submission. After that we will have short reflection and thoughts discussion. It has been busy in these two weeks and there are many great works. Well done and thank you so much to everyone working on the project.
Posted 21 May 2021 11:13