Group 26

Building upon ownHaus real estate model and their affordable resilient living manifesto, our group is committed to work together towards an intersectional design concept to benefit future living communities. This live project will study the ownHaus token funding model to enable disintermediation of the existing real estate system and to create a more affordable co-living prototype. In the view of evolving content when developing the ownHaus design concept, we are aiming to visually express the emerging work through infographics, diagrams, collages, which can later be of use to our collaborators as well.

Zhe Han L / Aadil N / Irina M / Maria Gorreth TD

ownHaus is a global digitised real estate community providing co-owned co-financed collective living funded through the ownHaus token.
Enabled using blockchain technology and an immutable foundation structure, they aim to provide affordable, liquid, self-organised housing in a system where the interests of users and investors are fully aligned.

Founder Steven Lock is an award-winning Director/Producer & Creative Consultant. He founded ownHaus with partners after critically studying the current housing system, and assessing a blockchain based alternative which doesn't isolate the social side of housing from the funding.
Posted 1 Mar 2021 18:27
Project 3 Architects

Project 3 Architects are an RIBA Chartered practice based in Altringham, they create design centric, bespoke contemporary architecture and work on projects ranging from housing to education.

Lisa Kinch – Senior Architect at Project 3 Architects / Part Time Associate Lecturer at MSA
Lisa previously headed up Farrells’ Manchester office and is now a senior architect at Project3. Her practice expertise is in small and large scale masterplanning, residential developments and film studios.
Lisa is additionally a part time associate lecturer on the MArch Course within the InfraSpace atelier at the Manchester School of architecture.

Rob Evans – Director & Architect at Project 3 Architects
Rob studied architecture at Birmingham School of Architecture, gaining a professional qualification in 1990. Following an early career in the Midlands, Rob worked in London for 7 years, first with CZWG and later with Jestico & Whiles. Rob moved to Manchester in 1995 becoming an Associate with Hodder and Partners and in 1998 moved to Stephenson Bell Architects as Associate Director before founding Project 3 Architects in 2012.
Rob has tutored at a number of the north west’s schools of architecture
Posted 1 Mar 2021 18:37
ownHaus Skills

In the view of evolving ideas together, we aim to grow our knowledge along with our group peers. The emerging ownHaus concept will evolve from a wide range of competencies and will help you acquire collaborative, technical and personal development skills such as:

Design Expression

Developing a design concept involves good technical competencies and within our group you will take your 2D & 3D modelling skills to the next level. You will employ a range of technical software in finding architectural solutions with the help of models and drawings, acquiring knowledge and confidence using AutoCAD and Sketchup.

Researching and Critical Thinking

Carrying out group work will enable your awareness within the real-estate industry and develop your analysing, conceptualising and synthesizing skills. Undertaking project studies will enrich your research management and deepen your understanding of the multidisciplinary subjects you will get involved with, expanding both your personal and professional development.

Presentation and Communication

Our project will evolve your graphic skills with regards to collaging, presenting and creating infographics in communicating your ideas efficiently. Graphic communication programs such as Adobe Creative Suite help you express your vision and contribute towards achieving your creative potential. Co-operation is also key, therefore you will most likely become more receptive to feedback and work more proactively within a group.


Whilst working in this team, we aim to boost your creativity levels through informal talks and sharing culture. Through sharing new-found knowledge and skills with colleagues, we aim to create an open environment to help you generate new ideas. Peer-to-peer feedback is key as it will bring new perspectives to yet another inspiring mind.

Posted 1 Mar 2021 20:33
Name : Aadil Nagdawala
Atelier : InfraSpace
Work experience : ADP Architects
Undergrad : MSA

Hi, this is Aadil. I joined atelier Infra.Space after my Part 1 placement because I like mid-to-large scale projects that consider their impact from immediate context to nationwide effects.

The blockchain aspect of this live project is what interested me- exploiting the potential of a new technology to impact one of our most traditional institutions - housing.
Posted 1 Mar 2021 20:35
Name : Adwoa Botchey
Atelier : Advanced Practice
Work Experience : AEW Architects
Undergrad : MSA

Hi, this is Adwoa! My main interests are in exploring sustainable and inclusive architecture. With a background in art and design I would like to help others explore a more artistic approach to architectural thinking.
Posted 1 Mar 2021 20:36
Name : Daryl Law
Atelier : Continuity in Architecture
Work Experience : Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios ; Ong & Ong 360 Consultancy Sdn Bhd
Undergrad : University of Edinburgh

Hi! this is Daryl. I’ve joined ownHaus because it suits my interest in architecture and technology that bring people together. I’ve developed this interest through higher education, adaptive reuse and volunteering projects. ownHaus allows me to further pursue this interest, in collaboration with developers and architects who are working to make this blockchain-powered housing model a reality in Manchester and the UK.

Joining ownHaus will be a great opportunity for you to sharpen your skills in visually communicating ideas and collaborative working. As we help you grow your skills and creativity, we'll develop housing concepts that overcome spatial and financial limitations of conventional housing models.
Posted 1 Mar 2021 20:37
Name : Henry Mole
Atelier : InfraSpace
Work Experience : Wincer Kievenaar Architects Ltd. (2 Years Out)
Undergrad : University of Lincoln

Henry’s main interests within the architectural discipline are Social Housing, Brutalism and the Architecture of the Early Soviet Union.

His experience during his year out was in the redevelopment of listed buildings and the preservation of architectural elements within.
Posted 1 Mar 2021 20:38
Name : Irina Munteanu
Atelier : Praxxis
Work Experience : DAY Architectural
Undergrad : MSA

Allowing freedom of thought in creative arts field has enabled a mediator thinking in the way I view design. I am an excited individual towards architecture that fosters dialogue and stimulates dynamic interaction.

If you’re eager to investigate topics on affordable housing and creating age-friendly communities, we will get along just great.
Posted 1 Mar 2021 20:38
Name : Maria Tavares Duarte
Atelier : Advanced Practice
Work Experience : Andrew Wallace Architects & Interior Designers
Undergrad : Anglia Ruskin University

Passions : Sustainable architecture and spaces that can strengthen communities.
Experience : Redevelopment of low-rise residential buildings and Villa's proposal
Skills: Visual arts background / Photoshop and Sketchup
Posted 1 Mar 2021 20:39
Social Values:
Co-owned co-financed collective living flexible & sustainable accommodation owned by the community for eternity!

Our project will address the issues of post-covid living, offering a paradigm shift in how we realise city centre living. It's not about density - it's about community!

Create a more affordable, equitable and resilient property structure.
Digital equity through blockchain.

Great combined houses and highly flexible collective living. Enables people to live, work and play in flexible, multi-generational, evolving spaces; emphasises interaction, health, wellness.

It's about the comforts; your stuff; your stories; the connections you make and the memories you create together. every meal, every party, every celebration; every holiday, and every simple Sunday
afternoon leaves its impression, making your home a repository for every experience of a life well-lived.
Posted 13 Mar 2021 20:51