Group 28

This project, in collaboration with Purcell architects, seeks to question the alternative possibilites for our throw away society. With engagement from expert guest speakers, the architect, and a team of MArch students, the task will be to work towards developing a template for how to re-use. A particular focus is on how the MCR Town Hall can reduce the volume of its 'waste' going to landfill. Ultimately, the challenge will be to design an exemplar solution for how the industry can mange its waste problem.

Jordan B / Ismael Z / Jack F / Enis Tan U / Rebecca B

Meet the Collaborator

Vanessa is an Architect who is part of the Purcell team working on the refurbishment of Grade I Listed Manchester Town Hall, where she is also responsible for several educational outreach programmes that add social value to the project, alongside work as a visiting tutor at Manchester School of Architecture.

Prior to her involvement with the Town Hall project, Vanessa worked on a variety of projects spanning across different sectors, specialising in large cultural schemes such as Battersea Power Station and Drapers’ Hall, and smaller scale residential/mixed use projects before relocating to Manchester to undertake her Masters degree, where her joint thesis project was nominated for the RIBA Silver Medal Award (2017).
Posted 1 Mar 2021 22:51
Social Values

As the core of our project is focused on the recycling of materials, our ambitions are to negate the long-term effects of waste, impacting our natural environment.

We look to alter the existing trends of the wasteful disposal from construction sites, often leading to nothing more than landfill. These materials then act as a pollutant to the built environment, and we no longer benefit from the embodied carbon of past construction. By eliminating construction waste, and researching and developing methods in how to sustainably re-use them, we can contribute to the circular economy and look after our planet.

We aim to promote the reuse of seemingly redundant material and foster a dialogue with the community, to encourage others to think beyond day to day recycling.
Posted 1 Mar 2021 23:59
Matthew Galan

Matthew previously studied at the School of Architecture in Leeds, he has worked in practices throughout England whilst moving cities, from Exeter, to Sheffield, to Leeds. He has joined the Manchester School of Architecture and is in the &rchitecture Atelier. Matthew is passionate about reclaiming, reusing, and recycling materials to continue his interest into sustainable design. His skills involve, Drawing, 3d Modelling, Visual Rendering.
Posted 2 Mar 2021 00:28
Ismael Zaman

Ismael previously studied at the University of Portsmouth before working in Buckinghamshire as part of his year out in practice. He is currently in Advanced Practice atelier in the Manchester School of Architecture masterplanning for the North Manchester General Hospital site. The idea of sustainability and creating architecture that not only benefits us now but also looks out for the future is what he tries to portray through his architectural language. In his free time, he also does some freelance photography!
Posted 2 Mar 2021 00:54
Jordan Bartlett

Hello! Welcome to our RE-USE project in collaboration with Purcell architects.

The past two years I have worked in a small practice in St. Ives, Cornwall... where flip flops in the winter is a thing! I have gained experience working with projects such as the renovation of a 52-room victorian hotel, as well as working with larger community driven regeneration schemes.

I have developed over the years, an appreciation for how data management can greatly enhance resilience of architectures. By understanding, and utilising information management, one can begin to predict and design systesms that offer the architect a new stream of design possibilities. It is of the up most importannce in these times to use the tools we have available to be able to design unrestricted, whilst ensuring the industry commits to increasing the sustainability of our growing built environment.

Away from from design, I enjoy reading, learning new languages and getting out and about traveling the world for art and culture. What's your favourite gallery?
Posted 2 Mar 2021 02:12
Enis Tan Ulman

Hey! I'm Enis! Previously I studied my Bachelor's in Özyeğin University, Istanbul, Turkey. After the graduation I worked as an architectural project manager for Nike Turkey HQ project. Currently I'm in the Advanced Practice atelier in MSA. Before I gained some experience on digital modelling, documenting, and surveying the historical built environment from the workshops for historical Kyrenia Castle in Cyprus and a for preserving a historical caravanserai in Istanbul.

I'm very interested in finding solutions by repurposing the existing architectural materials for sustainable architecture. In my free time I like to spend his time sailing, hiking and playing guitar. I'm looking forward to study on this project with you!

Görüşmek Üzere! (See you soon in Turkish)
Posted 2 Mar 2021 08:27
Hi, I’m Becca! I previously studied at the University of Portsmouth before working in London for two years in practice. I am currently in the USE atelier in the Manchester School of Architecture, and am really enjoying the creative style of work we are encouraged to do. I thoroughly enjoy designing through sketching and painting. When not studying I enjoy trying out new things to bake!
Posted 2 Mar 2021 09:24
Hey! I’m Jack! I previously studied at the Portsmouth School of Architecture before moving too London to gain two years of professional experience. I am now studying my masters at the Manchester School of Architecture, in the &rchitecture atelier. I am passionate about the role of heritage in the built environment with the inclusion of sustainable design, and enjoy sketching both in and outside of my work.
Posted 2 Mar 2021 09:26

Model Making.
Students will be testing and developing models choosing the materials found through research whilst also creating examples to show how designs can be tested through the process of model making.

The opportunity to practice presentation skills where students will engage with collaborative practitioners as well as external partners through online platforms such as Zoom.

Students will develop their skills of diagramming and being able to best present their research through a visual manner, contributing to a template output.

An essential skill that is needed within any architectural project! Research will be conducted to understand how the process of 'RE-USE' can be achieved through the Manchester Town Hall project.
Posted 2 Mar 2021 10:40