Group 42

Temporary site accommodation in the 21st Century is currently not fit for purpose. This project is all about reimagining the way construction site accommodation is provided. Working with This is Change founder, Rob Toon, we are reimagining the way construction projects are delivered at the moment. Thinking about the issues within the construction industry and what it must be like working in current site set ups, we will create a design proposal for a new modular system that will improve the way construction projects are delivered. During this project students will be offered insight into the construction industry as we peel back the curtain and talk to members of the industry as we endeavour to enhance site accommodation for the future.

Tejin P / Daniel C / Henrietta Ffion W / Caitlin B / Hayley Louise S / Laura Jane A

MArch Atelier: USE
Part I Placement: 1yr 6months Hyphen Archi, London
BArch: Manchester School of Architecture (CIA)
Interests: Travel / Gym / Football / Pub
Skills: Autocad / Archicad / Sketchup / InDesign / Photoshop
About: During my placement I worked on a range of projects from retail fit out to data centres, seeing many projects through all stages of design across Europe and the UK, before returning to MSA for the MArch.
Posted 2 Mar 2021 12:46
MArch Atelier: Praxxis
Part 1 Placement: 2yrs - SimpsonHaugh, Manchester
BA: Manchester School of Architecture (USE)
Interests: Running / Reading / Yoga
Skills: Revit / InDesign / Illustrator / Photoshop / Sketchup
About: Worked on residential, co-living and student residential projects in Manchester and London and have an understanding of the planning process in Manchester
Posted 2 Mar 2021 12:53
MArch Atelier: &rchitecture
Part I Placement: 2 yrs - Storah Architecture, Todmorden, West Yorkshire
BArch: Northumbria University, Newcastle
Interests: Rowing / Skiing / Gym / Creating Illustrations
Skills: Vectorworks / Twinmotion / InDesign / Photoshop
About: Worked on various residential and commercial projects within Yorkshire, a number of these being historic and/or listed buildings. Experience working on projects in all RIBA work stages including a vast amount of on-site experience. Developed and submitted numerous Planning and Building Regulation applications throughout the year.
Posted 2 Mar 2021 12:54
March Atelier: USE
Part 1 Placement: 1yr - Garnett Partners, London
BA: Manchester School of Architecture (CIA)
Interests: Photography / Film / Cultural Icons
Skills: 3DS Max / Revit / InDesign / Illustrator / Photoshop
About: Worked on various projects in Central London from retail in Covent Garden to offices in Chelsea Wharf. Living on multiple continents has exposed me to different cultures and styles of architecture.
Posted 2 Mar 2021 12:55
MArch Atelier: &rchitecture
Part I Placement: 1 yr - The Harris Partnership, Wakefield
BArch: Sheffield Hallam University
Interests: Gym / Creating fitness content / Spiritual enlightenment books
Skills: Photoshop / InDesign / Procreate / Autocad / Sketchup
About: I worked on commercial and retail all over the country. I mainly worked on feasibility sketches, CAD plans and planning application drawing packages.
Posted 2 Mar 2021 12:55
MArch Atelier: CIA
Part I Placement: 1yr - 5Plus, Manchester
BArch: Manchester School of Architecture (USE)
Interests: Cycling / Model-making / Exploring new places
Skills: Microstation / Autocad / Revit / Photoshop / Indesign / Illustrator /SketchUp
About: During my experience I worked on commercial and retail projects mainly in Northern England. I particularly enjoyed working on a new restaurant unit during RIBA stages 5-6, where I produced; Co-ordination drawings, interior visualisations and final setting out plans.
Posted 2 Mar 2021 13:02
Founded by Rob Toon, who will be working closely with us, we are working alongside “This is Change”, an event and social media movement that wants to challenge the perception of the construction industry. Rob has a passion for innovation and has a wealth of experience in the construction industry working on a variety of projects. From design management, to corporate strategy, change management, to innovation management and, more recently, digital construction, Rob has always been keen to explore different opportunities and champion change within the industry. Working with the belief that people make construction a great place to work, This is Change looks to celebrate the people that work in the industry whilst pushing for enhancements in social, mental and physical wellbeing in the workplace.

Find out more here:
Posted 2 Mar 2021 13:03
This MSA Live project will pull back the curtain and offer insight on the construction industry. BA and MLA students will work alongside the MArch students in a collaborative effort to redesign construction site accommodation. Despite being online we are offering plenty of opportunities to get stuck in and to learn with hands on work. There will be technical software workshops which will be used to improve and expand on existing presentation and design skills. There will be opportunities for students to engage and communicate with construction professionals, gaining an insight into the work and conditions of on site work. Additionally, throughout the two weeks, the project will be actively supported by the project collaborator, Rob Toon from ‘This is Change’. The aim of the project is to develop an exciting design proposal supported by coherent research and visual outputs, created over the 2 week period, resulting in a scheme which will benefit students but also make a lasting difference within the construction industry. We appreciate that some tasks and the thought of communicating with construction professionals may seem daunting, however, as a group we have a wealth of experience in industry and will help guide you through your first steps into understanding and being a part of the wider construction industry!
Posted 2 Mar 2021 13:04
This project will provide a service to the wider construction industry through the development of a new design for on-site accommodation. The current standards of temporary on-site accommodation do not embody a professional working environment, despite this being the place of work for numerous professionals whilst a project is on site. The construction industry has not evolved and in comparison to other industries there is a significant difference in workplace environments. This project hopes to address the existing issues of on-site accommodation and create a scheme which the whole construction industry and wider community could benefit from. In creating a healthier and overall, more positive working environment this project will foster better relationships and attitudes within the community of the construction industry.
Posted 2 Mar 2021 14:23